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1. Richard Marner Richard Marner Actor, The African Queen A Russian-born stage and screen actor who usually plays a military man in lots of spy thrillers and war films, Alexander Molchanoff was born in Petrograd in 1921. He was the eldest son of Colonel Paul Molchanoff, of the Semionovsky regiment. In 1924 his family left Russia via Finland and Germany finally ending up in London,where Alexander's grandmother had a house in Harley Street...
2. Lila Kedrova Lila Kedrova Actress, Torn Curtain
3. John Arnatt John Arnatt Actor, Whistle Down the Wind John Edwin Arnatt was born in Petrograd on the eve of the Russian Revolution, the son of a manager for Vauxhall Motors. Forced to leave Russia during the turmoil, his family returned to England where John was schooled at Epworth College and later trained for acting at RADA. On stage from 1936, he made his debut at the London West End in 1938 (in the revue "Happy Returns")...
4. Marina von Ditmar Marina von Ditmar Actress, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
5. Irina Baronova Irina Baronova Actress, Toast to Love
6. Georgiy Vitsin Georgiy Vitsin Actor, Gentlemen of Fortune
7. Maria Britneva Maria Britneva Actress, A Room with a View
8. Georgi Zhzhyonov Georgi Zhzhyonov Actor, Ekipazh Georgi Zhzhyonov was a popular Russian actor who survived 18 years of imprisonment under the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin. He was born Georgi Stepanovich Zhzhonov on March 22, 1915, in St. Petersburg (then Petrograd), Russia. He was the seventh of ten children of Stepan Philippovich Zhzhonov and Maria Fedorovna Shchelkina...
9. Marik Vos-Lundh Marik Vos-Lundh Costume Designer, Cries & Whispers
10. Georg Ots Georg Ots Actor, Valgus Koordis
11. Nathalie Krassovska Nathalie Krassovska Actress, The Gay Parisian Russian-born Nathalie Krassovska trained as a ballerina in Paris, and at age 19 joined the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. She appeared in numerous productions in Europe, and made a few appearances in U.S. films, but when she was offered a contract by producer David O. Selznick, she turned it down in order to continue her ballet career...
12. Valentin Berezhkov Valentin Berezhkov Self, The Road to War Valentin Berezhkov was the last living man who personally dealt with Hitler, Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill at the times of the Second World War. He was born Valentin Mikhailovich Berezhkov on July 2, 1916, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Young Berezhkov was interested in history and languages. He graduated from Kiev University in 1938...
13. Nikolay Boyarskiy Nikolay Boyarskiy Actor, Katerina Izmailova Nikolai Boyarsky was a Russian character actor known as Kozlevich in the popular comedy If I Had a Million Rubles, and as leading stage actor with the Theatre of Komissarzhevskoi in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was born Nikolai Aleksandrovich Boyarsky on 10 December 1922, in St. Petersburg, Russia. His father...
14. Sergey Boyarskiy Sergey Boyarskiy Actor, Zemlya, do vostrebovaniya Sergei Boyarsky was a Russian character actor at the Theatre of Komissarzhevskoi in St. Petersburg, Russia. He was born Sergei Aleksandrovich Boyarsky on 31 December 1916, in St. Petersburg, Russia. His father, Aleksander Boyarsky, was a Russian Orthodox priest who was executed by the communists during the Great Purge of 1937 under the dictatorship of 'joseph Stalin'...
15. Kauko Käyhkö Kauko Käyhkö Actor, Radio tekee murron
16. Vera Altayskaya Vera Altayskaya Actress, Frosty
17. Pavel Kadochnikov Pavel Kadochnikov Actor, Ivan the Terrible, Part II
18. Yevgeni Vesnik Yevgeni Vesnik Actor, Tema
19. David Mir David Mir Actor, The Matinee Idol
20. Lyudmila Makarova Lyudmila Makarova Actress, Khanuma Lyudmila Iosifovna Makarova was born on October 20, 1921, in St. Petersburg (then Petrograd), Russia. Young Makarova was fond of ballet and theatre. In 1937 she was admitted to the Acting Studio of Bolshoi Drama Theatre (BDT) in Leningrad. She studied acting under Boris Babochkin and graduated from the Acting Studio of BDT in 1941...
21. Fyodor Shmakov Fyodor Shmakov Actor, Mirgorod i ego obitateli
22. Viktor Shulgin Viktor Shulgin Actor, Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future
23. Vladislav Strzhelchik Vladislav Strzhelchik Actor, Tchaikovsky Vladislav Strzhelchik was a Russian actor known for his portrayal of Napoleon in the epic film War and Peace by director Sergey Bondarchuk. He was born Vladislav Ignatyevich Strzhelchik on January 31, 1921, in Petrograd (St. Petersburg), Russia. His father, Ignat Strzhelchik, was interned in Petrograd (St...
24. Tatyana Sytina Tatyana Sytina Writer, Nepoddayushchiyesya
25. Anna Marly Anna Marly Soundtrack, The Escapist
26. Pavel Pankov Pavel Pankov Actor, Rasputin
27. Léon Zitrone Léon Zitrone Self, The Eurovision Song Contest Léon Zitrone was born in Russia in 1914 and around 1920 he moved to France with his family. He graduated from Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Paris in 1948 and in 1959 he joint RTF. He was best known for hosting "Intervilles" alongside Guy Lux, commentating on the Tour de France on 6 times...
28. Tatyana Pankova Tatyana Pankova Actress, A Cruel Romance
29. Arnold Vitol Arnold Vitol Writer, Lyubov Yarovaya
30. Grigori Frid Grigori Frid Composer, Lenin in Paris
31. Olga Szaniawska Olga Szaniawska Director, Gniewko, syn rybaka
32. Elisaveta Elisaveta Actress, Elvis! Elvis!
33. Katya Sorina Katya Sorina Actress, Behind Office Doors
34. Valentina Kovel Valentina Kovel Actress, Heart of a Dog Valentina Pavlovna Kovel was born on January 23, 1923, in Petrograd (now St. Petersburg), Russia. She survived of the Siege of Leningrad during the Second World War. In 1946 she graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Theatre, Music, and Cinematography. From 1946-1956 she was an actress of Puskin Drama Theatre in Leningrad...
35. Isai Kuznetsov Isai Kuznetsov Writer, Moskva-Kassiopeya
36. Aleksandr Vlasov Aleksandr Vlasov Writer, Armiya Tryasoguzki
37. Pantelejmon Krymov Pantelejmon Krymov Actor, The Lady with the Dog
38. Maria St. Just Maria St. Just Self, Tennessee Williams: Orpheus of the American Stage
39. Georgi Kapralov Georgi Kapralov Writer, Strannaya istoriya doktora Dzhekila i mistera Khayda
40. Galina Ustvolskaya Galina Ustvolskaya Composer, Devochka i krokodil
41. Ilya Olshvanger Ilya Olshvanger Director, Ego zvali Robert
42. Mikhail Devyatkin Mikhail Devyatkin Actor, Po imeni Baron
42 names.