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1. Laura Chiatti Laura Chiatti Actress, The Family Friend
2. Filippo Timi Filippo Timi Actor, Vincere
3. Marco Bocci Marco Bocci Actor, Italo Barocco
4. Giorgio Ferroni Giorgio Ferroni Director, Mill of the Stone Women
5. Claudio Ruffini Claudio Ruffini Actor, Crime Busters
6. Vittorio Amandola Vittorio Amandola Actor, The Last Kiss
7. Franco Balducci Franco Balducci Actor, Two Women
8. Paolo Coni Paolo Coni Actor, Don Carlo
9. Mario Petri Mario Petri Actor, Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon
10. Giancarlo Antognoni Giancarlo Antognoni Actor, Lucignolo
11. Giuliano Giubilei Giuliano Giubilei Self, Episode #14.30
12. Gabriella Genta Gabriella Genta Miscellaneous Crew, La Dolce Vita
13. Michele Riccardini Michele Riccardini Actor, Ossessione
14. Erika Braidich Erika Braidich Self, Grande fratello Erika has always lived with her grandparents, being left motherless. She has no contacts with her father. At the moment, she is single, but had 3 very important relationships in her life. She earned a high school degree as touristic operator and she currently works as an events organizer.
15. Pinturicchio Pinturicchio Art Department, Parajanov: The Last Spring
16. Enzo Bartoccioli Enzo Bartoccioli Editorial Department, Cherry Hill High
17. Gianluca Nicoletti Gianluca Nicoletti Self, Episode dated 19 September 2007
18. Stefano Tacconi Stefano Tacconi Self, Episode dated 14 November 2003
19. Nicolò Paolucci Nicolò Paolucci Actor, Marcellino
20. Marco Balestri Marco Balestri Self, Episode #5.1
21. Sandro Penna Sandro Penna Self, Umano non umano
22. Augusto De Megni Augusto De Megni Self, Grande fratello
22 names.