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1. David Ogden Stiers David Ogden Stiers Actor, Beauty and the Beast David Ogden Stiers was born in Peoria, Illinois, moved with his family to Eugene, Oregon during high school and began his acting career in Northern California, acting in the Actor's Workshop and California Shakespeare Festival. He later moved to New York, where he studied drama at Julliard, and joined the Houseman Acting Company at its outset...
2. Richard Pryor Richard Pryor Self, Richard Pryor: Live in Concert Highly influential, and always controversial, African-American actor/comedian who was equally well known for his colorful language during his live comedy shows, as for his fast paced life, multiple marriages and battles with drug addiction. He has been acknowledged by many modern comic artist's as a key influence on their careers...
3. Tom Irwin Tom Irwin Actor, 21 Grams A native of Illinois, Tom Irwin attended Illinois State University. After graduation, he joined the prestigious Steppenwolf Theatre Company of Chicago. The renowned ensemble of artists - among them Laurie Metcalf, John Malkovich, Gary Sinise and Joan Allen - still work together as often as possible...
4. Amy Weber Amy Weber Actress, Port Charles
5. Frank Wead Frank Wead Writer, Dive Bomber Frank Wilber "Spig" Wead was a US Navy aviator turned screenwriter who helped promote United States Naval aviation from its inception through World War II. Before and after World War I he was an early proponent of pushing the Navy into air racing and speed competitions. This competition, mainly against the United States Army (and their leader James Doolittle...
6. Marshall Thompson Marshall Thompson Actor, Battleground Although he geared himself up for major film stardom throughout the 1950s, it took a leading role on a 1960s TV series opposite a lion and chimpanzee to make Marshall Thompson a genuine household name. Born on November 27, 1925, and named James Marshall Thompson after an ancestor, a famed Supreme Court justice...
7. Steve Vinovich Steve Vinovich Actor, Awakenings
8. Mariclare Costello Mariclare Costello Actress, Santa Barbara
9. Christopher Duddy Christopher Duddy Visual Effects, Total Recall
10. Lisa Matthews Lisa Matthews Self, Playboy Video Centerfold: Playmate of the Year Lisa Matthews Tall (5' 9"), busty and shapely blonde stunner Lisa Matthews was born Lisa Reich on September 24, 1969 in Peoria, Illinois. Because her father was a corporate nomad, Matthews' family kept moving all over America before eventually settling in Los Angeles, California. Lisa was a tomboy growing up who participated in such athletic activities as baseball...
11. James Millhollin James Millhollin Actor, The After Hours Thin, fidgety James Millholin made a career out of playing dyspeptic bureaucrats, nervous hotel clerks and other officious authority types. Somewhat reminiscent of Edward Everett Horton or Franklin Pangborn, Millhollin's pinched face, somewhat pop eyes and flighty mannerisms fit those roles like a glove, one...
12. Cynthia Stone Cynthia Stone Actress, If Tomorrow Be Sad
13. Matthew Metzger Matthew Metzger Actor, One Life to Live
14. Daniel Allar Daniel Allar Actor, Henry II: Portrait of a Serial Killer
15. Virgil W. Vogel Virgil W. Vogel Director, The Mole People Virgil W. Vogel began his career at Universal in 1940 as an assistant editor. He worked as an editor for many years, although by the mid-'50s he had begun to tire of the job and pressed Universal executive Edward Muhl for a shot at directing. Vogel was handed The Mole People with John Agar...
16. Chet Brandenburg Chet Brandenburg Actor, Hats Off
17. Dan Simmons Dan Simmons Writer, A Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites
18. Dan Fogelberg Dan Fogelberg Soundtrack, About Schmidt
19. Harold Goodwin Harold Goodwin Actor, All Quiet on the Western Front
20. Doria Rone Doria Rone Actress, Sensual Friends
21. Elaine 'Spanky' McFarlane Elaine 'Spanky' McFarlane Self, The Mamas and the Papas at the Chanel
22. Lee Garmes Lee Garmes Cinematographer, Scarface One of the most innovative of pioneer cameramen, Lee Garmes started his career on the East Coast with the New York Motion Picture Company, but was soon persuaded by the director Thomas H. Ince to join him in Hollywood. Garmes quickly climbed his way up the ladder, from painter's assistant to prop boy (future director Henry Hathaway shared the same duties at 'Inceville')...
23. Joe Girardi Joe Girardi Self, Game 3
24. Billy Mauch Billy Mauch Actor, The Prince and the Pauper 1930s US child actor who usually appeared on screen with his twin, Robert J. Mauch.
25. Bert E. Friedlob Bert E. Friedlob Producer, The Star
26. Dee Green Dee Green Actress, Brideless Groom
27. Robert J. Mauch Robert J. Mauch Actor, The Prince and the Pauper 1930's US child actor who usually appeared on screen with his twin, Billy Mauch.
28. Kathryn McGuire Kathryn McGuire Actress, Sherlock Jr.
29. Ashley Degenford Ashley Degenford Actress, Perfect 10 Model Boxing
30. Josephine Miller Josephine Miller Actress, Cactus Jake, Heart-Breaker
31. Charles J. Correll Charles J. Correll Writer, The Amos 'n Andy Show
32. Steve Christopher Steve Christopher Actor, Shadows
33. Gary Richrath Gary Richrath Soundtrack, Paul Blart: Mall Cop
34. Andy Kreiss Andy Kreiss Actor, Mr. Deeds
35. Steve Osunsami Steve Osunsami Self, Episode dated 14 August 2015
36. Martin Kenna Martin Kenna Actor, Wake the Witch
37. Dorothy Dix Dorothy Dix Actress, The Nevada Buckaroo Dorothy Dix was the sister of 'western' character film actor Tex Harding. She was approximately 10 years older than her brother. She stopped making films in 1936.
38. Steve Calvert Steve Calvert Actor, The Seven Souvenirs Calvert worked as a bartender at the famed Sunset Boulevard nightclub, Ciro's, taking his professional last name from the brand name of Calvert whiskey. His real last name was Stevens. Calvert was the stand-in for actor Robert Lowery. Lowery helped get Calvert into the Screen Actors Guild. In 1948...
39. Shaun Livingston Shaun Livingston Producer, Next Day Air
40. Richard A. Whiting Richard A. Whiting Soundtrack, Amélie Richard A. Whiting was born in Peoria Illinois to a very musical family. After attending Harvard Military Academy Whiting went on to have a long song writing career. In the teens and early 20's Whiting wrote such hits as "Ain't We Got Fun?," "Till We Meet Again," "The Japanese Sandman," "Sleepy Time...
41. David Joseph Wesley David Joseph Wesley Music Department, Vanished Acres Grammy Award nominated composer David Joseph Wesley is one of the most prolific composers working in film, TV, and video games today. The composer for Fox's "Firefly" video game (2015) based on Joss Whedon's groundbreaking TV series, Dave has also collaborated on the music for Seth MacFarlane's "Family Guy" which has allowed him to work with the largest live orchestra in television history...
42. Steve Doubet Steve Doubet Actor, General Hospital
43. Betty Friedan Betty Friedan Self, Women's Lib
44. Marian Jordan Marian Jordan Actress, Heavenly Days The daughter of a coal miner, Marian was born to Daniel and Anna Driscoll in Peoria, Illinois. As a young adult, Marian gave music lessons and sang in the choir at her Catholic church. She married her childhood sweetheart Jim Jordan on August 31, 1918. They were to have two children, Kathryn and James...
45. Howard A. Smith Howard A. Smith Editor, Breakfast at Tiffany's Howard A. Smith came to Los Angeles in 1935 to work at the Hal Roach Studios. Smith worked with Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel and on the "Our Gang" films. He continued a lengthy feature film editing career and before retiring he worked at CBS editing the classic Gunsmoke.
46. Fred Wallace Fred Wallace Actor, Doubting Thomas
47. Richard Powell Richard Powell Actor, Treasure Island
48. Deidee Deionne Deidee Deionne Actress, Sweet Home Alabama Deionne hails from Atlanta, Georgia. It was in Atlanta where she impressed local casting director Shay Griffin so much she signed on to manage her. Deidee won a substantial role in Sweet Home Alabama but her scenes were deleted. She moved to Los Angeles and with Shay Griffin's help quickly landed an agent...
49. Josh Gibson Josh Gibson Cinematographer, Find Me In his hometown of Peoria, Illinois, Josh studied theatre and television production at Illinois Central College. After three years of working for a steel factory, he left his job to take a position at a local NBC affiliated television station. A year later, Josh moved to Chicago to study film and graduated with a BA in Cinematography from Columbia College Chicago...
50. Nicholas Ellingsworth Nicholas Ellingsworth Miscellaneous Crew, Big Hero 6
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