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1. Victor Cruz Victor Cruz Self, The 54th Annual Grammy Awards
2. Katie Irving Katie Irving Music Department, Carrie Over the course of her short-lived career, breathy-voiced recording artist Katie Irving yielded a very limited amount of material despite her considerable talent. While she never released a solo album, she did contribute two beautiful, ethereal singles ("Born to Have It All" and "I Never Dreamed Someone...
3. Ed Masry Ed Masry Self, Spotlight on Location: Erin Brockovich Edward Masry is Arab-American of Syrian ancestry, and was born in Patterson, New Jersey. Ed was an attorney, actor, football agent, politician, and humanitarian. Edward, along with his legal assistant, Erin Brockovich, won an American history-making $333 million dollar direct action lawsuit, on behalf of Hinkley...
4. Damian Perkins Damian Perkins Actor, Mercy for the Innocent Damian Jean Neptune was born in Paterson, New Jersey, August 24th, to father, Jean Neptune, (born in Haiti) and mother, Patricia Anne Murdoch, (born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and of Scottish/Irish descent). The family moved to Los Angeles while he was still a toddler. At a very young age, Damian showed much interest in being a performing artist...
5. Eric C. Schmitz Eric C. Schmitz Actor, Rage
6. Charles Webster Charles Webster Actor, Photocrime
7. George Lefferts George Lefferts Producer, Ryan's Hope George Lefferts is a Writer/Producer/Director of television dramas,motion pictures,documentaries, and plays, and a former columnist for The New York Observer. He has won three Emmy Awards, for "The Purex Specials for Women", [Best Documentary Series, NBC]; "The Lives of Benjamin Franklin", [Best Miniseries...
8. Joseph Hodge Joseph Hodge Actor, The Siege
9. Edna Buchanan Edna Buchanan Self, Cocaine Cowboys
10. Chris Kreski Chris Kreski Writer, The Daily Show
11. Jason Hanrahan Jason Hanrahan Special Effects, My Super Ex-Girlfriend
12. Sybil Sybil Self, Top of the Pops
13. John Ferraro John Ferraro Director, Higgins Boys and Gruber
14. Reba Phillips Reba Phillips Actress, A Feather in Her Hat
15. Vince Naimoli Vince Naimoli Self, The Top 5 Reasons You Can't Blame...
16. Stretch Stretch Self, Eating the Enemy
17. David Morris David Morris Actor, Cowboy Smoke David grew up in Wappingers Falls, New York with his parents, Robert and Judy and sister, Tracy. He attended Roy C. Ketcham high school before enlisting in the United States Air Force in 1986. He was in the Security Police and stationed in RAF Woodbridge in the UK and Vandenberg AFB in Southern California...
18. Sammy Turner Sammy Turner Soundtrack, American Hot Wax
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