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301. Richard Anconina Richard Anconina Actor, La vérité si je mens!
302. Emmanuel Leconte Emmanuel Leconte Director, L'humour à mort
303. Antoine Duléry Antoine Duléry Actor, Camping
304. Sagamore Stévenin Sagamore Stévenin Actor, Romance Sagamore Stévenin began his career in cinema in 1991 in "La Totale" by Claude Zidi (the film that inspired "True Lies"). He then accepted roles both in feature films and TV movies and is rapidly offered starring roles, especially in "La Cible" and "Comme une bête". Sagamore Stevenin became famous in 1999 by playing in the film by Catherine Breillat "Romance"...
305. Mathias Melloul Mathias Melloul Actor, Sexual Chronicles of a French Family
306. Michel Constantin Michel Constantin Actor, Le Trou
307. Eugene Borden Eugene Borden Actor, All About Eve
308. Geoffroy Thiébaut Geoffroy Thiébaut Actor, Same Old Song
309. Caroline Tillette Caroline Tillette Actress, Interview with a Hitman
310. Théo Sarapo Théo Sarapo Actor, Judex
311. André Maranne André Maranne Actor, The Pink Panther Strikes Again
312. Clara Bellar Clara Bellar Actress, A.I. Artificial Intelligence Clara Bellar was born and raised in Paris, France. Other than French, she speaks English, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. Clara is a stage actress who came to the attention of French film director Eric Rohmer during her performance in Sleeping Beauty. This lead to a collaboration between Bellar and Rohmer in their co-writing of a film...
313. Jacques Doillon Jacques Doillon Director, Ponette
314. Nabil Ayouch Nabil Ayouch Producer, Ali Zaoua: Prince of the Streets Nabil Ayouch was born April 1st 1969 in Paris. He works and lives in Casablanca. In 1997, Nabil Ayouch directed his first feature film, MEKTOUB which, like ALI ZAOUA (2000) represented Morocco at the Oscars. Next came UNE MINUTE DE SOLEIL EN MOINS (2003) and WHATEVER LOLA WANTS (2008), produced by Pathé...
315. Caterina Valente Caterina Valente Self, Bon soir, Kathrin! In 1954 Caterina Valente introduced herself to European audiences with her recordings of "Istanbul" and "I love Paris". In 1955 Gordon MacRae presented her on the "Colgate Comedy Hour" as the "Malaguena" Girl. This was followed by the worldwide hit "The Breeze and I". Las Vegas critics raved about...
316. Jean-Daniel Cadinot Jean-Daniel Cadinot Director, Le désir en ballade
317. Pierre Arditi Pierre Arditi Actor, Same Old Song
318. Rick Dufay Rick Dufay Music Department, Lonely Street
319. Joseph Malerba Joseph Malerba Actor, Léon: The Professional
320. Alexandre Sterling Alexandre Sterling Actor, La boum 2
321. Mathieu Demy Mathieu Demy Actor, Tomboy
322. Philippe Mora Philippe Mora Director, Mad Dog Morgan Philippe Mora is a highly talented artist and film-maker with an impressive resume to boast of. He was born in Paris in 1949 to Georges and Mirka Mora, who moved to Melbourne, Australia in 1951. There the elder Moras became very important local artistic and cultural figures. Georges was an art dealer who in 1967 had founded the commercial art gallery Tolarno Galleries...
323. Noël Sorrente Noël Sorrente Actor, La famille Bélier
324. Félix de Givry Félix de Givry Actor, Eden
325. Eric Gautier Eric Gautier Cinematographer, Into the Wild
326. Arnaud des Pallières Arnaud des Pallières Writer, Age of Uprising: The Legend of Michael Kohlhaas
327. Pascale Ogier Pascale Ogier Actress, Les nuits de la pleine lune
328. Jean Becker Jean Becker Director, La tête en friche
329. Ellen Parker Ellen Parker Actress, Kramer vs. Kramer
330. Kim Chapiron Kim Chapiron Director, Dog Pound
331. Gérard Pirès Gérard Pirès Director, Taxi
332. Jean Rouch Jean Rouch Director, Chronique d'un été (Paris 1960)
333. Jacques François Jacques François Actor, The Day of the Jackal
334. Michel Audiard Michel Audiard Writer, Under Suspicion After the Liberation Michel Audiard started a career as a movie magazine writer. Under the pen name of Jacques Potier he worked for short-lived titles such as "L'Etoile du Soir" and "Cinévie". One day, André Hunebelle, the popular French filmmaker, asked him if he thought he could write an adventure story for him. And, well...
335. Pauline Acquart Pauline Acquart Actress, Naissance des pieuvres
336. Georges Lannes Georges Lannes Actor, Moulin Rouge
337. Frédéric Jardin Frédéric Jardin Director, Nuit blanche
338. Pascale Ferran Pascale Ferran Writer, Lady Chatterley
339. André Weinfeld André Weinfeld Director, She Left on a Sunday Born on April 6, 1947 in Paris (France), André Weinfeld is a French and American film and television producer, director, screenwriter, photographer and journalist. After receiving a Master's Degree in Psychology and French Literature at the Sorbonne University, André Weinfeld - the son of Jean Weinfeld...
340. Georges Renavent Georges Renavent Actor, Queen Christina
341. Thomas Langmann Thomas Langmann Producer, The Artist
342. Ludmilla Tchérina Ludmilla Tchérina Actress, The Red Shoes Ludmilla Tcherina, a grande dame of the international dance world, was born October 10, 1924, into Russian aristocracy as the daughter of Prince Avenir Tchemerzine (he was a general) and Stephane Finette, a Frenchwoman. She began dancing at the age of three and by the time she was seven she was showing marks of brilliance...
343. Vanessa Vadim Vanessa Vadim Director, The Quilts of Gee's Bend
344. Adrienne D'Ambricourt Adrienne D'Ambricourt Actress, Saratoga Trunk
345. Alexander Davion Alexander Davion Actor, Gideon C.I.D.
346. Francois Papillon Francois Papillon Actor, Every Woman Has a Fantasy
347. Claude Miller Claude Miller Writer, La meilleure façon de marcher
348. Claude Zidi Claude Zidi Writer, True Lies
349. Miguel Courtois Miguel Courtois Director, El Lobo
350. Gilbert Melki Gilbert Melki Actor, Angel-A
301-350 of 3,634 names.