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1. Alyssa-Jane Cook Alyssa-Jane Cook Actress, Room to Move Alyssa-Jane Cook is one of Australia's most respected actors and personalities. While her first love will always be pure acting roles, she is also an accomplished television host, two credits not usually found residing comfortably in the one performer. This rare ability to combine her dual careers as an actor on film...
2. Jeremy Callaghan Jeremy Callaghan Actor, The Great Raid
3. Paul Kelman Paul Kelman Actor, Terra Nova
4. Jessica Miller Jessica Miller Actress, (an)Other
5. Mick Preston Mick Preston Actor, The Playbook
6. Michael Meilander Michael Meilander Producer, Super Cyclone
7. Marina Prior Marina Prior Self, Series 2 Grand Final
8. Toby Allen Toby Allen Self, Episode #2.3
9. Rebekah LaVauney Rebekah LaVauney Self, Grand Final
10. David Gill David Gill Producer, Buster Keaton: A Hard Act to Follow
11. Mal Michael Mal Michael Self, The Footy Show
12. Mari Ellingson Mari Ellingson Producer, Salima
13. Suari Madako Junior Suari Suari Madako Junior Suari Self, Glasgow 2014: BBC Two: Day 1: 13:00-13:45
14. Aruna Inversin Aruna Inversin Visual Effects, The Avengers Interned at NASA - Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland as a Finite Element Analyst using NASTRAN (NASA Structural Analysis System) and tested the dynamic and static responses of the PAMS-STU (Passive, Aerodynamically-Stabilized, Magnetic-Damped, Satellite) canisters. Spent the last six years working in the visual effects field as a compositor...
15. Eve Hannifer Eve Hannifer Actress, Winter: Jude
16. Geraint Jones Geraint Jones Self, Episode #34.11
17. Rachael Sapera James Rachael Sapera James Self, Glasgow 2014: BBC One: Day 1: 09:00-12:00
18. Ho Ah Loke Ho Ah Loke Producer, Blood of Pontianak
18 names.