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1. Topol Topol Actor, Fiddler on the Roof
2. Ralph Bakshi Ralph Bakshi Director, The Lord of the Rings Ralph Bakshi worked his way up from Brooklyn and became an animation legend. Born on October 29, 1938, in Haifa, Bakshi grew up in Brownsville after his family came to New York to escape World War II. Bakshi attended the Thomas Jefferson High School and was later transferred to the High School of Industrial Arts and graduated with an award in cartooning in 1957...
3. Nehemiah Persoff Nehemiah Persoff Actor, Some Like It Hot Born in 1919 (some sources say 1920) in Jerusalem, Nehemiah Persoff immigrated with his family to America in 1929. Following schooling at the Hebrew Technical Institute of New York, he found a job as a subway electrician doing signal maintenance until an interest in the theater altered the direction of his life...
4. Menahem Golan Menahem Golan Producer, The Delta Force Menahem Golan was born Menahem Globus to parents of Polish decent in Tiberias, Israel, in May 1929. In his early years, he was a pilot for the fledgling Israeli Air Force, changing his surname to Golan for patriotic reasons in 1948. A few years later, he took the first step towards his future career by attending the Old Vic Theatre School in London...
5. Boaz Davidson Boaz Davidson Producer, Undisputed 2: Last Man Standing
6. Arnon Milchan Arnon Milchan Producer, Fight Club
7. Avi Lerner Avi Lerner Producer, The Expendables Nu Image, Inc. Co-Chairman and principal Avi Lerner is one of the most experienced, prolific and successful independent filmmakers of our time. A well respected feature film producer and distributor, Lerner's reputation, business acumen and impact on the motion picture industry is known worldwide. Recently labeled The Most Unlikely Movie Mogul by The Hollywood Reporter...
8. Yoram Globus Yoram Globus Producer, Bloodsport Yoram Globus is an Israeli film producer, cinema owner and distributor who is most famous for his association with Cannon Films Inc., a company he ran with his cousin Menahem Golan. In 1978, Globus and Golan moved to Hollywood and purchased the film production company "Cannon" ("The Cannon Group") for $500,000...
9. Vic Tablian Vic Tablian Actor, Raiders of the Lost Ark Vic Tablian was born in Palestine, which was a British Mandate from 1917 to 1948, son of Armenian Genocide descendants. He is an actor, known for Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) in which he had two roles, as Peruvian guide Barranca and the Nazi collaborating "Monkey Man"; Midnight Express (1978); Navy...
10. Gila Almagor Gila Almagor Actress, Munich
11. Godfrey Quigley Godfrey Quigley Actor, A Clockwork Orange
12. Uri Geller Uri Geller Self, Muertos de risa
13. Itzhak Perlman Itzhak Perlman Music Department, Fantasia 2000 Probably the pre-eminent violinist of our time, Itzhak Perlman is known for his brilliant technique, direct interpretation and precision. Mr. Perlman's recordings include not only all standard violin repertoires but those of contemporary composers. He has appeared with every major orchestra in the world...
14. Assi Dayan Assi Dayan Actor, Hofshat Kaits
15. Anne Crawford Anne Crawford Actress, Knights of the Round Table
16. Seth Holt Seth Holt Director, The Nanny Seth Holt began as an assistant editor at Ealing in 1944, graduating to editor (1949), producer (1955) and director (1958).He returned to editing for Charles Crichton's The Battle of the Sexes and for Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Probably his best known film is The Nanny, with Bette Davis. He was working on Blood from the Mummy's Tomb when he died.
17. Shaike Ophir Shaike Ophir Actor, The Policeman Born In Jerusalem Novenber 4th, 1929. Fourth generation Israeli. Educated at "Alliance" school of Jerusalem. In his teens studied at "Haohel" Theatre Studio. at the age of 15 joined the "Palmach" underground forces and participated in safeguarding the convoys to Jerusalem. Also fought at the "Palyam" (Palmach's Naval section)...
18. Ben Astar Ben Astar Actor, 5 Fingers
19. Amos Kollek Amos Kollek Director, Fast Food Fast Women
20. Tsilla Chelton Tsilla Chelton Actress, Tatie Danielle
21. Hanania Baer Hanania Baer Cinematographer, Masters of the Universe
22. Ariel Sharon Ariel Sharon Self, Harab libnan
23. Eli Cohen Eli Cohen Actor, Ha-Kayitz Shel Aviya
24. Sirhan Sirhan Sirhan Sirhan Self, The Killing of America
25. Arik Einstein Arik Einstein Actor, Metzitzim
26. Amos Oz Amos Oz Self, Censored Voices
27. Yehoram Gaon Yehoram Gaon Actor, Sabri Maranan
28. Yusef Bulos Yusef Bulos Actor, Awakenings
29. Moshe Dayan Moshe Dayan Self, Ben Gurion Remembers Born of Ukranian Jewish immigrant parents in Palestine in 1915, Moshe Dayan joined the Haganah (Defense) the underground Jewish army in Palestine in 1929 with aimed to protect Jewish people from harassment and violence from the Muslim Palestinian population with resented Jewish presense in Palestine...
30. Rivka Michaeli Rivka Michaeli Actress, Big Bad Wolves
31. Eddie Carmel Eddie Carmel Actor, The Brain That Wouldn't Die Eddie Carmel's abnormal growth started when he was a teenager. He suffered from acromegaly because of a pituitary gland tumor that was incurable at the time. As an adult, the only work he could find involved exploiting his freakishness. With his best friend, Irwin Sherman, they worked together as stand-up comedians in New York...
32. David Stevens David Stevens Writer, The Sum of Us
33. Carlo Mossy Carlo Mossy Actor, The Man of the Year
34. Ivry Gitlis Ivry Gitlis Actor, The Story of Adele H
35. Ghassan Kanafani Ghassan Kanafani Writer, Al-makhdu'un Ghassan Kanafani was born in Acre, Palestine - while it still was Palestine. His father was a lawyer. Right before the outbreak of the Arab-Israeli War the whole family fled north. After living in a Lebanese village just by the border, in hope of a possibility of returning they moved to Syria after the borders were closed due to the cease fire agreement...
36. Nurith Aviv Nurith Aviv Cinematographer, Paris Was a Woman
37. Ruth Herz Ruth Herz Self, Das Jugendgericht
38. Hanoch Levin Hanoch Levin Writer, Floch
39. Yossi Banai Yossi Banai Actor, The Patriots
40. Dudu Topaz Dudu Topaz Actor, Bubot
41. Yitzhak Rabin Yitzhak Rabin Self, Sigaria Achrona Im Rabin
42. Edward Said Edward Said Self, Edward Said: The Last Interview
43. Oshik Levi Oshik Levi Actor, Giv'at Halfon Eina Ona
44. Ehud Barak Ehud Barak Self, In Search of Peace
45. Tuvia Tzafir Tuvia Tzafir Actor, Sabri Maranan
46. Avni Dilligil Avni Dilligil Actor, Benli Emine
47. Naomi Shemer Naomi Shemer Soundtrack, Schindler's List
48. Yaron London Yaron London Self, London et Kirschenbaum
49. Moti Giladi Moti Giladi Actor, Me'ever Layam
50. Avraham Heffner Avraham Heffner Writer, Ahavata Ha'ahronah Shel Laura Adler
1-50 of 84 names.