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1. Álex de la Iglesia Álex de la Iglesia Director, The Day of the Beast He was born in Bilbao in 1965. At ten he was drawing comics and he acknowledges Alex Raymond, Stan Lee and Vazquez as his spiritual fathers. Wishing to further widen his horizons, he studied at Deusto University where, according to him, he spent most of the time at the bar and in the film society. Determined to join the world of show business...
2. Yon González Yon González Actor, Rage
3. Marta Etura Marta Etura Actress, The Impossible
4. Karra Elejalde Karra Elejalde Actor, Timecrimes
5. Julio Medem Julio Medem Director, Sex and Lucia Julio Medem was born in San Sebastian in northern Spain. As a teenager Medem made short movies with a super-8 camera owned by his father. Some of those films are "El ciego" (1976), "El jueves pasado" (1977) and "Fideos" (1979.) Wanting to know more about the darkest corners of the human mind, Medem studied psychiatry...
6. Jon Kortajarena Jon Kortajarena Actor, A Single Man
7. Asier Etxeandia Asier Etxeandia Actor, The Near East
8. Unax Ugalde Unax Ugalde Actor, Alatriste
9. Juanma Bajo Ulloa Juanma Bajo Ulloa Director, Airbag Juanma Bajo Ulloa was born in Vitoria, a small town in northern Spain where he has set most of his movies. From his childhood he has been in contact with the audiovisual business. His family owns a popular magazine in Vitoria specialized in photography. At 14 he started making short movies in super-8 with his younger brother Eduardo...
10. Bárbara Goenaga Bárbara Goenaga Actress, Timecrimes
11. Javier Aguirresarobe Javier Aguirresarobe Cinematographer, The Others
12. Terele Pávez Terele Pávez Actress, The Day of the Beast
13. Alberto Iglesias Alberto Iglesias Composer, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
14. Víctor Erice Víctor Erice Writer, The Spirit of the Beehive
15. Borja Cobeaga Borja Cobeaga Writer, Friend Zone
16. Pablo Berger Pablo Berger Writer, Snow White
17. Aitor Mazo Aitor Mazo Actor, Spanish Affair
18. Aitor Luna Aitor Luna Actor, Los dos ingleses
19. Enrique Urbizu Enrique Urbizu Director, Box 507
20. Diego San José Diego San José Writer, Spanish Affair
21. Álex Angulo Álex Angulo Actor, Pan's Labyrinth
22. Nagore Aranburu Nagore Aranburu Actress, Flowers
23. Koldo Serra Koldo Serra Director, The Backwoods
24. Jose Mari Goenaga Jose Mari Goenaga Writer, Flowers
25. Savitri Ceballos Savitri Ceballos Actress, The Backwoods
26. Elena Irureta Elena Irureta Actress, Take My Eyes
27. Susana Abaitua Susana Abaitua Actress, Stockholm
28. Anabel Alonso Anabel Alonso Actress, Kika
29. Aitor Gabilondo Aitor Gabilondo Writer, El Príncipe
30. Josean Bengoetxea Josean Bengoetxea Actor, Cell 211
31. Antonio Mercero Antonio Mercero Director, The Phone Box Spanish director, author of great success TV series and several award-winning films. His father, a staff chief in a local tyre factory, was shot by the anarchists in the Spanish Civil War when he was only 6 months old. His mother wanted him to study Law, and that's what he did. He starting studying at the University of Valladolid...
32. Andoni Gracia Andoni Gracia Actor, The Uninvited Guest
33. Itziar Ituño Itziar Ituño Actress, Flowers
34. Anne Igartiburu Anne Igartiburu Self, Episode dated 7 December 2005
35. Gorka Aguinagalde Gorka Aguinagalde Actor, Common Wealth
36. Elías Querejeta Elías Querejeta Producer, By My Side Again
37. Iñaki Dorronsoro Iñaki Dorronsoro Director, The Distance
38. Oskar Santos Oskar Santos Director, Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang
39. Elisabeth Larena Elisabeth Larena Actress, The Goddaughter, Part 2 Elisabeth was born in Bilbao, Spain, and grew up in various areas of Spain and Venice, Italy. She graduated from TAI, a Dramatic Arts School in Madrid and was then accepted into the Master's Program at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Elisabeth is a very accomplished actress, especially given her young age...
40. Iván Zulueta Iván Zulueta Director, Rapture
41. Ainhoa Santamaría Ainhoa Santamaría Actress, Episode #1.8
42. Verónica Moral Verónica Moral Actress, Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang
43. Leyre Berrocal Leyre Berrocal Actress, Éxtasis
44. Miren Ibarguren Miren Ibarguren Actress, Las 13 rosas
45. Blanca Apilánez Blanca Apilánez Actress, When We Leave
46. Almudena Cid Almudena Cid Self, 2011: ¡¿Estamos contentos?!
47. Itziar Aizpuru Itziar Aizpuru Actress, For 80 Days
48. Javier Aguirre Javier Aguirre Director, Tiempo abierto
49. Aitziber Garmendia Aitziber Garmendia Actress, Spanish Affair
50. Torbe Torbe Actor, Beautiful Youth
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