41 names.

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1. Karel Reisz Karel Reisz Director, The French Lieutenant's Woman
2. Vera Chytilová Vera Chytilová Director, Daisies Vera Chytilová was born on February 2, 1929, in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). She studied philosophy and architecture in Brno for two years, then worked as a technical draftsman, a designer, a fashion model, a photo re-toucher, then worked as a clapper girl for Barrandov Film Studios in Prague. There she continued as a writer, actress, and assistant director...
3. Ondrej Malý Ondrej Malý Actor, Pouta
4. Norbert Lichý Norbert Lichý Actor, Ve stínu
5. Vladimír Javorský Vladimír Javorský Actor, Most
6. Robert Urban Robert Urban Actor, První republika
7. Nessa Devil Nessa Devil Actress, Sex Carnage 1 Tall (5'8"), busty, and shapely brunette knockout Nessa Devil was born on December 9, 1988 in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia. Nessa started out in explicit hardcore movies for Pierre Woodman and signed up with the top company Woodman Entertainment at age 18 in 2007. Among the other notable companies Devil has appeared in X-rated features for are Private...
8. Slávka Budínová Slávka Budínová Actress, Kolya
9. Miroslav Etzler Miroslav Etzler Actor, Pojistovna stestí
10. Karel Fiala Karel Fiala Actor, Amadeus
11. Helga Cocková Helga Cocková Actress, Neobycejná trída
12. Igor Chmela Igor Chmela Actor, Cesty domu
13. Zuzana Kajnarová Zuzana Kajnarová Actress, Normal
14. Radim Spacek Radim Spacek Director, Pouta Radim Spacek was born in 1973 in Ostrava. When he was five he moved with his parents to Prague and started to play minor parts in radio plays and TV dramas. As a high school he chose Prague conservatory, acting department. Czech director Karel Kachyna offered him main part in his feature film "Little Girls and Crazy Guys" (_Blazni a devcatka (1989)_...
15. Ivan Lendl Ivan Lendl Self, The 1988 US Open Tennis Championships
16. Filip Capka Filip Capka Actor, Cesty domu
17. Borek Slezácek Borek Slezácek Self, VIP zprávy
18. Eva Jakoubková Eva Jakoubková Actress, Tisícrocná vcela
19. Ondrej Veselý Ondrej Veselý Actor, Vyprávej
20. Martin Ucík Martin Ucík Actor, Casino Royale
21. Vilém Kabzan Vilém Kabzan Actor, Cabriolet
22. Otmar Mácha Otmar Mácha Composer, Inzenýrská odysea
23. Ondrej Malý Ondrej Malý Actor, 4teens
24. Martina Adamcová Martina Adamcová Actress, Playgirls II
25. Kamila Janovicová Kamila Janovicová Actress, Tajemství staré bambitky
26. Lubomír Zaorálek Lubomír Zaorálek Self, Partie
27. Oldrich Danek Oldrich Danek Writer, Spanilá jizda
28. Nikola Birklenová Nikola Birklenová Actress, Cetnické humoresky
29. Eva Reznarová Eva Reznarová Actress, Sredni Vastar
30. Ladislav Spacek Ladislav Spacek Self, Obcan Havel
31. Robert Tylecek Robert Tylecek Actor, Der letzte Zug
32. Jana Birgusová Jana Birgusová Actress, Ulice
33. Ctirad Götz Ctirad Götz Actor, Brucio nel vento
34. Roman Hadrbolec Roman Hadrbolec Self, Uvolnete se, prosím
35. Bohdan Pomahac Bohdan Pomahac Self, Boston Med
36. Stepánka Ranosová Stepánka Ranosová Actress, Mesto mé nadeje
37. Ondrej Srámek Ondrej Srámek Producer, Zacátek sveta
38. Zdenek Kaloc Zdenek Kaloc Director, Zbabelec
39. Radka Vidláková Radka Vidláková Actress, Certe, drz se svého kopyta!
40. Natálie Holíková Natálie Holíková Actress, 4teens
41. Katerina Steinerová Katerina Steinerová Actress, Horákovi
41 names.