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1. Erich Maria Remarque Erich Maria Remarque Writer, All Quiet on the Western Front German novelist Remarque was born in Osnabruck in 1898. His first novel, the anti-war All Quiet on the Western Front, was written in response to his experiences as a soldier in WWI, and published in 1929. He moved to Switzerland until 1939, when he emigrated to the U.S., where he lived and wrote until his death in 1970.
2. Benno Sterzenbach Benno Sterzenbach Actor, La Grande Vadrouille
3. Jost Vacano Jost Vacano Cinematographer, Total Recall
4. Michael Schenk Michael Schenk Actor, Bridge of Spies
5. Jochen Horst Jochen Horst Actor, Balko Jochen Horst finished at the state College in Graz/Austria, the Music Academy of Perfoming Arts with "summa cum laud" in 1986. Because of his bilingual upbringing (his grandfather is from Chicago) he went to London for further training at the Lee Strasberg Institute to deepen his studies in different acting techniques...
6. Andreas Hofer Andreas Hofer Actor, Baader
7. Uwe Fellensiek Uwe Fellensiek Actor, SK Kölsch
8. Sebastian Fahr-Brix Sebastian Fahr-Brix Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Cloud Atlas
9. Mathias Wieman Mathias Wieman Actor, The Blue Light Mathias was born on June 23, 1902. During his long career Mathias starred in more than 50 films and was a veteran of countless stage roles specializing in portrayals of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's Dr. Faust. Of his films, one of the more famous he starred in was the Leni Riefenstahl directed The Blue Light...
10. Peter van Pels Peter van Pels
11. Matthias Klimsa Matthias Klimsa Actor, Berlin, Berlin
12. Herbert Tiede Herbert Tiede Actor, Das schwarze Schaf
13. Jana Klinge Jana Klinge Actress, R.I.S. - Die Sprache der Toten
14. Auguste van Pels Auguste van Pels
15. Markus Bensch Markus Bensch Miscellaneous Crew, Captain America: Civil War
16. Gentleman Gentleman Self, Journey to Jah
17. Gesche Tebbenhoff Gesche Tebbenhoff Actress, Route 69
18. Susanne Bohlmann Susanne Bohlmann Actress, Zeiträume Susanne Bohlmann was born on February 1, 1978 in Osnabrück, Germany. She is an actress, director and author for film and TV. Susanne founded the film production company kreatiFILM in 2004 in Cologne. She published her first book, a collection of mini film screenplays, by the UVK publisher in 2014. She is known for Zeiträume (2010), Allein mit Dir (2010) and Pink Elephants (2014).
19. Herman van Pels Herman van Pels
20. Birgit Möller Birgit Möller Cinematographer, Die Boxerin
21. Walter Warlimont Walter Warlimont Self, The Sorrow and the Pity
22. Marc Minneker Marc Minneker Producer, Nirwana
23. Anneliese von Eschstruth Anneliese von Eschstruth Actress, Die Söhne des Herrn Gaspary
24. Paul Kirchhof Paul Kirchhof Self, Sabine Christiansen
25. Karl Blume Karl Blume Composer, The Heath Is Green
26. Hannelore Marschall-Oehmichen Hannelore Marschall-Oehmichen Miscellaneous Crew, A Rat's Tale
27. Klaus Überall Klaus Überall Director, Herr S. kommt nicht zum Zuge
28. Philipp Moschitz Philipp Moschitz Actor, Beste Feinde
29. Thomas Bellut Thomas Bellut Self, Was Nun?
30. Hilke Altefrohne Hilke Altefrohne Actress, Kommt alles anders
31. Dirk Lange-Mensing Dirk Lange-Mensing Actor, Das richtige Leben
32. Lily Besilly Lily Besilly Actress, Utes Ende
33. Kurt Weitkamp Kurt Weitkamp Actor, Geschwader Fledermaus
34. Christian Hoffmann Christian Hoffmann Self, Richter Alexander Hold
35. Volker Kühn Volker Kühn Director, Hochkant
36. Carsten Steuwer Carsten Steuwer Actor, La musa
37. Mathias Kopetzki Mathias Kopetzki Actor, Minibar
38. Benjamin Geißler Benjamin Geißler Director, Lost Pictures: Lost Memory?
39. Peter Hümmeler Peter Hümmeler Director, Soltau
40. Konrad Thoms Konrad Thoms Actor, Eine Rechnung, die nicht aufgeht
41. Stefan Filipiak Stefan Filipiak Actor, Der kleine Mönch
42. Paul Borgelt Paul Borgelt Actor, Das Märchenschloß
43. Jens Oberwetter Jens Oberwetter Producer, Lotta in Love
44. Rudolf Seiters Rudolf Seiters Self, Der Sturz - Honeckers Ende
45. Otto Busse Otto Busse Actor, Einer steht im Weg
46. Carmen Hentschel Carmen Hentschel Actress, Ein Brudermord
47. Hendrik Schaper Hendrik Schaper Actor, Udo Lindenberg - Stark wie zwei
48. Günter Huster Günter Huster Actor, Teaparty
49. Matthias Hartmann Matthias Hartmann Director, Die letzten Zeugen
50. Peter Kuhn Peter Kuhn Director, Blue Rose Peter Kuhn is a 15 year veteran of entertainment production for Documentary features, Music Videos, Feature Film and Television which overlaps 5 years of European Film Festival organizations and media development, distribution and Marketing. His experiences include wide ranging International and Domestic...
1-50 of 54 names.