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1. Tamlyn Tomita Tamlyn Tomita Actress, The Day After Tomorrow
2. Brian Tee Brian Tee Actor, The Wolverine Brian Tee is a Los Angeles native and mixture of multiple Asian descents. He was a star football captain at his Glen A. High School in Hacienda Heights, California. During high school he worked at Blackjack Pizza where fellow Hacienda resident Fergie AKA "Fergie" frequently visited. After completing his training in Dramatic Arts at the University of California in Berkeley...
3. Leisha Hailey Leisha Hailey Actress, All Over Me
4. Merle Dandridge Merle Dandridge Actress, The Last of Us Merle was born in Okinawa, Japan to a mother of Korean and Japanese descent and an African-American father serving in the U.S. Air Force. After graduating high school in Papillion, Nebraska, she attended the Theatre Conservatory at Roosevelt University in Chicago on a full-ride scholarship and graduated with a BFA in Theatre...
5. Gackt Gackt Actor, Bunraku Gackt Camui, was born in Okinawa, Japan. His father was a music teacher, and his mother also a teacher. He is the second of three children, with an older sister and younger brother. His musical education began early, and he started learning classical music theory and piano from the age of three. After exposure to rock music during his teenage years he practiced electric guitar and drums intensely...
6. James Carroll Jordan James Carroll Jordan Actor, Days of Our Lives
7. Akira Lane Akira Lane Actress, Fairway to Heaven Akira Lane, an extraordinarily beautiful young lady born to a Hawaiian father and Japanese mother, is one of the rising model/actresses in the business today. She grew up in Japan, attending American schools on the islands of Okinawa, before moving to the United States at the age of eighteen. First settling in Norfolk...
8. Meisa Kuroki Meisa Kuroki Actress, Vexille
9. Yukie Nakama Yukie Nakama Actress, Shinobi: Heart Under Blade Nakama Yukie is a Japanese actress born on October 30, 1979 in Urasoe City, Okinawa, Japan. She is one of the rare few young Japanese celebrities that have been able to break free from their teeny-bopper image and emerge as one of the country's most popular and well-respected actresses. She appeared in bit roles until she appeared in "Love & Pop (1998)"...
10. Hikari Mitsushima Hikari Mitsushima Actress, Love Exposure
11. Phillip Wolf Phillip Wolf Actor, Butcher Boys
12. Kenta Miyake Kenta Miyake Actor, Otogi zôshi
13. Sasa Handa Sasa Handa Actress, Undead Pool
14. Yû Yamada Yû Yamada Actress, Gekijô ban Kanna san daiseikô desu!
15. Robert Griffin III Robert Griffin III Self, Episode #20.145
16. J.C. Bonnin J.C. Bonnin Actor, Bagets
17. Rino Nakasone Rino Nakasone Actor, You Got Served
18. Fûko Fûko Actress, Kagayakeru chichi onna to uruwashi no shiri onna
19. Lieko English Lieko English Self, Playboy Playmates: The Early Years Beautiful, buxom and shapely brunette Lieko English was born on June 3, 1947 in Okinawa, Japan. Her family moved from Okinawa to Oklahoma City when she was twelve. Lieko represented Okinawa in the Miss Universe pageant in 1965. She worked as a Bunny at the Playboy Club in Atlanta, Georgia. Lieko was the Playmate of the Month in the June...
20. Eri Hamasaki Eri Hamasaki Actress, Chigyaku dai-man'nyû
21. Randall Wayne Hillger Randall Wayne Hillger Actor, A Fading Afternoon Randall Hillger was born in Okinawa, Japan. His parents are Billy Joe Hillger and Valerie Ann Duganitz. Both of his parents were United States Air Force, but his mother got out shortly after having her first son. Randall has two older brothers, Nathan Daniel Hillger and Matthew James Hillger. After living in Okinawa for two years...
22. Susan McClung Susan McClung Actress, Birch Interval
23. Kurara Chibana Kurara Chibana Self, Miss Universe 2006
24. Ben Shepherd Ben Shepherd Soundtrack, S.F.W.
25. Y. Eileen Traub Y. Eileen Traub Miscellaneous Crew, The End Is Just the Beginning Born in Okinawa, the child of an American WWII veteran and Japanese mother, Eileen grew up in Old Ripley/Pocahontas, a small farming community in Southern Illinois where her father was raised. This same area later became the birthplace of country music artist, Gretchen Wilson. After the death of her father...
26. Cocco Cocco Actress, Kotoko
27. Lawrence Howard Williams Lawrence Howard Williams Editorial Department, Casino Royale Born an Air Force brat in Okinawa Japan; and thus so being well traveled; Lawrence deeply believes his worldly experiences gives him an unlimited amount of ideas and makes him a natural filmmaker. His passion began at the age of 8, when he released, by watching a behind the scene documentary on Star Wars...
28. Jason McKee Jason McKee Visual Effects, The Ward
29. Erika Oda Erika Oda Actress, After Life
30. Lydia Morales Lydia Morales Self, Big Trek, Big Trouble, Big Surprise
31. Masane Tsukayama Masane Tsukayama Actor, Steamboy
32. Jay Kabira Jay Kabira Actor, Suite Dreams
33. Yûya Tokumoto Yûya Tokumoto Actor, Erotibot
34. Gori Gori Actor, Memories of Matsuko
35. Yoshiaki Yoza Yoshiaki Yoza Actor, Summer Time Machine Blues
36. Mitchi Love Mitchi Love Actress, Sister Street Fighter, Fifth Level Fist
37. Kenji Haga Kenji Haga Actor, Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
38. Maki Onaga Maki Onaga Actress, 26 Years Diary
39. Eric A. Stillwell Eric A. Stillwell Miscellaneous Crew, Star Trek: Insurrection Eric most recently worked at FOX Broadcasting Company in the Alternative Entertainment department and works on shows including American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, The X Factor, the 2011 Primetime Emmys, the 2nd Annual American Country Awards and other specials and reality shows which air on the FOX television network...
40. Rina Chinen Rina Chinen Actress, Doraemon: Nobita and the Winged Braves
41. Stephen Cobb Stephen Cobb Actor, The Gundown
42. Shozo Uehara Shozo Uehara Writer, Zaido: Pulis pangkalawakan
43. Aisa Senda Aisa Senda Actress, L-O-V-E.
44. Sana Ichimiya Sana Ichimiya Actress, Captive Files III
45. Rino Higa Rino Higa Actress, A Yell from Heaven
46. Michiko Ameku Michiko Ameku Actress, Bang!
47. Julissa de Jesus Julissa de Jesus Production Manager, Minty: The Assassin
48. Christina Beaumont Christina Beaumont Miscellaneous Crew, Star Trek Into Darkness
49. Yûko Gibu Yûko Gibu Actress, Eiga! Tamagotchi: Uchû ichi happy na monogatari!?
50. Tamaki Nakanishi Tamaki Nakanishi Actress, Poca-Poca mori no Rascal
1-50 of 67 names.