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1. Shin Koyamada Shin Koyamada Actor, The Last Samurai Shin Koyamada is an actor known for bringing more than physical action skills to the set. He brings the same determination and focused work ethic that he used to train and hone his martial arts and athletic skills to every aspect of his acting performance, all while staying good natured, friendly, and a pleasure to work with...
2. Nagisa Ôshima Nagisa Ôshima Director, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence Nagisa Oshima's career extends from the initiation of the "Nuberu bagu" (New Wave) movement in Japanese cinema in the late 1950s and early 1960s, to the contemporary use of cinema and television to express paradoxes in modern society. After an early involvement with the student protest movement in Kyoto...
3. Hideo Nakata Hideo Nakata Director, Ring
4. Jô Odagiri Jô Odagiri Actor, Shinobi: Heart Under Blade
5. Tomu Uchida Tomu Uchida Director, A Fugitive from the Past
6. Tesshô Genda Tesshô Genda Actor, Akira
7. Etsuko Shihomi Etsuko Shihomi Actress, Sister Street Fighter
8. Hôchû Ôtsuka Hôchû Ôtsuka Actor, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
9. Kenji Nomura Kenji Nomura Actor, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
10. Yôichi Numata Yôichi Numata Actor, Ring
11. Shin Takuma Shin Takuma Actor, Godzilla 1985: The Legend Is Reborn
12. Yukari Shiomi Yukari Shiomi Actress, Yôkai: Mureika
13. Kazumi Zatkin Kazumi Zatkin Actress, Ode in Blood
14. Yasuhiro Takato Yasuhiro Takato Actor, Sailor Moon R the Movie: The Promise of the Rose
15. Shimako Iwai Shimako Iwai Actress, Imprint
16. Matsunosuke Onoe Matsunosuke Onoe Actor, Jiraiya the Hero As a young actor in a small traveling Kabuki group, he was discovered by Makino Shozo and made his debut as the main character in Goban Tadanobu in 1909. Later he acted in parts both as a hero and kyokyaku (a professional gambler in the Edo period, often romanticized as a chivalrous 'Robin Hood' figure) one after another...
17. Takashi Nagase Takashi Nagase Self, To End All Wars
18. Megumi Megumi Actress, Episode #2.8
19. Toshiaki Tsushima Toshiaki Tsushima Composer, Battles Without Honour and Humanity
20. Reijiro Koroku Reijiro Koroku Composer, Godzilla 1985: The Legend Is Reborn
21. Kôjirô Hongô Kôjirô Hongô Actor, Daikaijû kûchûsen: Gamera tai Gyaosu
22. Takeshi Ôbayashi Takeshi Ôbayashi Actor, Godzilla 2000
23. Kenji Yamamoto Kenji Yamamoto Composer, Dragon Ball Z Kai
24. Nobuo Yana Nobuo Yana Actor, Izakaya yurei
25. Kôtarô Yoshida Kôtarô Yoshida Actor, Kids Return
26. Hidetoshi Kageyama Hidetoshi Kageyama Actor, Ju-on: The Grudge 2
27. Junichi Kôuchi Junichi Kôuchi Director, Chongire hebi
28. Hyakken Uchida Hyakken Uchida Writer, Madadayo
29. Masahiro Kômoto Masahiro Kômoto Actor, Memories of Matsuko
30. Asuka Kataoka Asuka Kataoka Actress, Kokkuri-san: Gekijô-ban
31. Junnosuke Yoshiyuki Junnosuke Yoshiyuki Writer, Yûgure made
32. Katsuya Terada Katsuya Terada Animation Department, Blood: The Last Vampire
33. Hiroaki Fujii Hiroaki Fujii Producer, Fires on the Plain
34. Renzaburô Shibata Renzaburô Shibata Writer, Kiru Graduated in Literature for the Keio University. Debuted as a writer in 1938 with "Elegy", but the II World War cut his career until 1949, when he resumed his activity. In 1951 he was finalist in the Akutagawa Prize (which he won next year) for his novel "Death Mask". From 1956 his novels were made into movies...
35. Kyôko Tongû Kyôko Tongû Actress, Dâti pea: Nôrandia no nazo
36. Yukiko Takaguchi Yukiko Takaguchi Actress, Poca-Poca mori no Rascal
37. Sachiko Ôguchi Sachiko Ôguchi Writer, Ace Attorney
38. Minoru Uchida Minoru Uchida Actor, Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal
39. Hiroshi Hikida Hiroshi Hikida Art Department, Beppin no machi
40. Megumi Fujii Megumi Fujii Self, VTJ 3rd
41. Suidôbashi Hakase Suidôbashi Hakase Self, Sôgô Shinryôi Dr. G
42. Kiyoshi Shigematsu Kiyoshi Shigematsu Writer, The Blue Bird
43. Daisuke Odera Daisuke Odera Actor, The Man Who Stole the Sun
44. Jun'ichi Kômoto Jun'ichi Kômoto Self, Episode dated 14 September 2012
45. Zen Kajiwara Zen Kajiwara Actor, Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald
46. Joji Tsubota Joji Tsubota Writer, Children in the Wind
47. Shintarô Mimura Shintarô Mimura Writer, Journey of a Thousand and One Nights
48. Nobuhiro Kuroishi Nobuhiro Kuroishi Cinematographer, Nagoya no kissaten
49. Hisaichi Ishii Hisaichi Ishii Writer, My Neighbors the Yamadas
50. Yûshi Yasuda Yûshi Yasuda Actress, Episode #1.4
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