8 names.

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1. Tristan Thomas Tristan Thomas Actor, Guiding Light
2. Donald Foster Donald Foster Actor, The Jungle
3. Raymond Guth Raymond Guth Actor, BioShock
4. Woody Jackson Woody Jackson Music Department, Ocean's Thirteen
5. Josephine McKim Josephine McKim Actress, Lady Be Careful
6. Barry Conners Barry Conners Writer, The Patsy Barry Conners (1882-1933)--actor, playwright, attorney and screenwriter--was born and raised in Oil City, PA, the son of a country doctor. Although he later graduated from law school, he never established a practice. Instead, he joined the theater as an actor with an eye to learning stagecraft well enough to become a playwright...
7. Seena Jon Seena Jon Actor, Death of a President
8. Billy Durkin Billy Durkin Actor, The Final Comedown
8 names.