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1. Marie Osmond Marie Osmond Self, Donny and Marie
2. Gedde Watanabe Gedde Watanabe Actor, Mulan
3. Donny Osmond Donny Osmond Producer, Donny and Marie Donald Clark "Donny" Osmond was born December 9, 1957 in Ogden, Utah, to Olive Osmond (née Davis) and George Osmond on . He was the seventh of eight brothers and has one sister. When Donny was young, his family went to see Lawrence Welk in California. They were unable to meet with him so they decided to take a vacation to Disneyland...
4. Hal Ashby Hal Ashby Director, Being There Hal Ashby was born the fourth and youngest child in a Mormon household in Ogden, Utah, on September 2, 1929. His father was a dairy farmer. After a rough childhood that included the divorce of his parents, his father's suicide, his dropping out of high school, getting married and divorced all before he was 19...
5. R.D. Call R.D. Call Actor, Waterworld R. D. Call is an American actor, best known for his roles in films by Walter Hill. He was born and raised in Utah and attended the Utah State University and Weber State University. Call moved to Los Angeles in 1976 and began training with Lee Strasberg. His first Role was in Barnaby Jones, a TV series directed by Leo Penn...
6. Byron Foulger Byron Foulger Actor, Sullivan's Travels One of those wonderfully busy character actors whose face is familiar if not his name, mild-mannered actor Byron Foulger began performing with community theater, and stock and repertory companies after graduating from the University of Utah. He met his future wife, character actress Dorothy Adams, in one of these companies. The marriage lasted nearly five decades and ended only with his death...
7. Moroni Olsen Moroni Olsen Actor, Notorious Even his more courteous, somewhat friendlier types gave one pause for concern. The tall, beefy, balding, icy-eyed character actor Moroni Olsen was one of Hollywood's more popular and imposing performers of film during the late 1930s, 1940s and early 1950s. The versatile player was born Moroni Olsen and raised in Utah to Mormon parents (Edward Arenholt Olsen and Marsha Holverholst)...
8. Cynthia Brimhall Cynthia Brimhall Actress, Guns Gorgeously voluptuous, buxom and shapely knockout Cynthia Brimhall was born on March 10, 1964 in Ogden, Utah. She was raised in Utah and attended public schools in her home state. Cynthia eventually moved to Hollywood, California. Brimhall first gained widespread public attention as a Playmate of the Month in the October...
9. Gage Munster Gage Munster Makeup Department, The Taking of Deborah Logan
10. William Wright William Wright Actor, Reveille with Beverly Handsome actor William Wright's mid-film 1940s career was pushed with a wave of Columbia Studio publicity promoting him as World War II's answer to Clark Gable. The push ultimately did not work and Wright's rather obscure career faded within a decade. The Utah-born actor moved to California after his schooling and studied at the Pasadena Playhouse...
11. Leon Janney Leon Janney Actor, Another World
12. James Cruze James Cruze Actor, The Covered Wagon Coming from a Mormon family in Utah, James Cruze was reportedly part Ute Indian. He worked as a fisherman to pay his way through drama school. Among his former wives were actresses Betty Compson (also from Utah) and Marguerite Snow. He was also married to Alberta McCoy (died on July 7, 1960), who is interred in the Columbarium at Hollywood Forever Cemetery (unmarked)...
13. Virl Osmond Virl Osmond Self, Inside the Osmonds
14. Howard Jarvis Howard Jarvis Actor, Airplane!
15. William W. Norton William W. Norton Writer, The Scalphunters William Norton was born into a family of Utah Mormon pioneers. He is a life-long writer and political activist. After serving in combat in World War II, he did construction work and was a State Park ranger in California. His early writings were for the small literary magazines such as California Quarterly...
16. Jay Osmond Jay Osmond Self, The Andy Williams Show
17. Wayne Osmond Wayne Osmond Self, The Andy Williams Show
18. Spanky Dustin Ward Spanky Dustin Ward Writer, Mr. Rist
19. Alan Osmond Alan Osmond Self, The Andy Williams Show
20. Marguerite Clayton Marguerite Clayton Actress, His Regeneration
21. Tom Osmond Tom Osmond Producer, Donny and Marie
22. Merrill Osmond Merrill Osmond Self, The Andy Williams Show
23. Sue Rowe Sue Rowe Actress, An Evening with My Comatose Mother Sue Rowe, a dramatic actress with depth and strength. Her exotic classic look has led her to be cast in award winning period and modern day projects. Her passion for acting shows through her charismatic, unique character development that is full of life. She is an actress with a wide range of projects in Print...
24. Parker Jacobs Parker Jacobs Actor, The Cavanaughs
25. Thomas Little Thomas Little Set Decorator, All About Eve
26. Kevin P. Manning Kevin P. Manning Stunts, Hidalgo
27. Hazel Dawn Hazel Dawn Actress, Under Cover
28. Arthur Guy Empey Arthur Guy Empey Writer, The Midnight Flyer Real life Hero in World War I, Arthur Guy Empey was born in Utah in 1883. Actor/writer who starred in his first film role as a soldier in 'over the Top' which he also directed from his best-selling book, about his own experiences as an American soldier in the British Army during World War 1. made at Vitagraph Film Company...
29. Addi Crue Addi Crue Actress, Truly Nice Tits 9
30. Red Nichols Red Nichols Self, Red Nichols & His World Famous Pennies
31. Amanda Jordan Amanda Jordan Actress, Boogie with the Undead
32. Kent James Kent James Actor, Hellbent
33. Christian Mitchell Christian Mitchell Actor, Snafu
34. Bryan Duncan Bryan Duncan Music Department, Left Behind: The Movie Bryan Duncan started his career in Contemporary Christian Music in 1973 with the Sweet Comfort Band, and 1985 marked the beginning of his solo career. Bryan has sold in excess of 1 million records, released 17 solo albums, as well as 2 compilation CDs. He has appeared on several compilation projects with other artists...
35. Lily Smith Lily Smith Actress, The Jerk Theory
36. Helene Lam Helene Lam Actress, Nowhere Safe
37. Lee Scott Lee Scott Miscellaneous Crew, I Love Lucy
38. Lowell Manfull Lowell Manfull Actor, On the Yard
39. Robin Westover Robin Westover Producer, Proper Manors
40. Kaesi Belen Soto Kaesi Belen Soto Actress, Christmas in the Clouds
41. Dalonne Jackson Dalonne Jackson Miscellaneous Crew, Minnie and Moskowitz
42. Phil Stokes Phil Stokes Composer, Falling Phil Stokes is an American composer, songwriter, and music producer who works full-time from his home studio. Phil has been writing music since he was 8 years old and has been recording since he was 12. Phil plays the piano, guitar, drums, and clarinet. He has little to no formal training. An interesting fact about Phil is that he has Tourette Syndrome...
43. John Neal John Neal Sound Department, The Hollywood Palace
44. May Cruze May Cruze Actress, Whistling Hiram
45. James W. Payne James W. Payne Set Decorator, The Sting
46. John Neal John Neal Music Department, Close Encounters of the Third Kind
47. Devin Carter Devin Carter Producer, Age of the Dragons
48. Ray Briem Ray Briem Actor, The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case
49. Gayliann Harvey Gayliann Harvey Miscellaneous Crew, Star Trek: Voyager
50. Stan Larsen Stan Larsen Art Department, The Last Sin Eater
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