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1. Leon Belasco Leon Belasco Actor, Can-Can
2. Maurice Moscovitch Maurice Moscovitch Actor, The Great Dictator Veteran of New York's Yiddish theatre, this putty-faced character actor enjoyed four years in Hollywood, where he appeared in 14 films from 1936 through the year of his death.
3. Ida Kaminska Ida Kaminska Actress, The Shop on Main Street Began her stage career at age five an later played leading roles on stage. Appeared in a handful of films and is better now for her support of the Jewish people. She later moved to Israel.
4. Jerry Austin Jerry Austin Actor, Adventures of Don Juan
5. Frances Chaney Frances Chaney Actress, When Harry Met Sally...
6. Andy Albin Andy Albin Actor, Don't Worry, We'll Think of a Title
7. Mark Donskoy Mark Donskoy Director, The Childhood of Maxim Gorky
8. Fanya Foss Fanya Foss Writer, Why Girls Leave Home
9. Isaak Babel Isaak Babel Writer, Bezhin lug
10. George Sorel George Sorel Actor, Swiss Miss
11. Anna Akhmatova Anna Akhmatova Writer, Fear and the Muse: The Story of Anna Akhmatova Anna Akhmatova was arguably the greatest Russian woman poet. She was born Anna Andreevna Gorenko on June 23, 1889, in Bolshoi Fontan, a suburb of Odessa, Ukraine, Russian Empire. Her father, Andrei Antonovich Gorenko, was a Navy Engineer. Her mother, Inna Erazmovna (nee Stogova), belonged to Russian Nobility...
12. David Victor David Victor Writer, Marcus Welby, M.D.
13. Ilya Ilf Ilya Ilf Writer, The Twelve Chairs Ilya Ilf was born Ilya Arnoldovich Fayzilberg on October 15, 1897, in Odessa, Russian Empire (now Odesa, Ukraine). His father, named Arnold Fayzilberg, was a clerk at a bank. In 1913, he graduated from a Technical School. He worked as a clerk, a telephone technician, and had various industrial jobs in Odessa...
14. Mikhail Rasumny Mikhail Rasumny Actor, For Whom the Bell Tolls The son of a cantor, Rasumny made his stage debut at 14 and toured Europe and South America with the Moscow Art Theatre. Rasumny settled in the U.S. in 1935 and took jobs as a bill collector and dishwasher between acting jobs. His first film appearance was in 1940's Comrade X. He spent the remainder of his career playing several ethnic roles.
15. Nicholas Brodszky Nicholas Brodszky Soundtrack, Sleepers
16. Jacob P. Adler Jacob P. Adler Actor, Michael Strogoff Jacob Adler, the legendary 'Great Eagle' ('adler' is the German word for eagle) of the Yiddish theater, was one of the great American stage actors, ranking with Edwin Booth, John Barrymore and Marlon Brando. Adler also is famous as the patriarch of an acting dynasty that stretched over 100 years from...
17. Mel Tolkin Mel Tolkin Writer, The Last of the Secret Agents?
18. Monia Liter Monia Liter Soundtrack, Fire Maidens of Outer Space
19. Roman Karmen Roman Karmen Director, Grenada, Grenada, Grenada moya
20. Dave Chasen Dave Chasen Actor, Rain or Shine
21. David Burton David Burton Director, Fighting Caravans
22. Lew Brown Lew Brown Soundtrack, Pretty Woman Songwriter ("Beer Barrel Polka", "Sonny Boy", "The Thrill is Gone"), composer, author, publisher and producer, he came to the USA in 1898 and was educated at DeWitt Clinton High School in New York. In 1925, he joined Buddy DeSylva and Ray Henderson as a songwriting team and music publishers. He wrote the Broadway stage scores for "George White's Scandals" (1925...
23. Minerva Pious Minerva Pious Actress, The Edge of Night US actress remembered as a heavily mock-accented "Mrs Nussbaum" on Fred Allen's popular radio series of the 40's.
24. Charles Neider Charles Neider Writer, One-Eyed Jacks
25. Max Terr Max Terr Music Department, The Gold Rush
26. Bud Barsky Bud Barsky Producer, The Coast Patrol Born Isador J. Barsky in the Ukraine in 1891, Bud Barsky emigrated to the US as a young man, gained experience in the film business with various production companies in New York, made his way to Hollywood, and by the time he was in his 20s had already become an independent producer. His career was interrupted by military service in World War I...
27. Gregory Stone Gregory Stone Music Department, Carnegie Hall Gregory Stone was considered to be a brilliant pianist and composer, as can be seen by his many credits. Born in Odessa, Russia in 1900, he migrated to the United States around 1917 after the Russian Revolution. He lived in worked in New York, where he worked for the T. B. Harms Publishing House, creating many arrangements for Broadway shows...
28. Maurice Moiseiwitsch Maurice Moiseiwitsch Writer, The Flamingo Affair
29. Sarah Adler Sarah Adler Actress, Sins of the Parents
30. Mura Dehn Mura Dehn Director, The Spirit Moves: A History of Black Social Dance on Film
31. Edmund Morris Edmund Morris Writer, Walk on the Wild Side
32. Rita Gould Rita Gould Actress, The Big Combo
33. L. Wolfe Gilbert L. Wolfe Gilbert Soundtrack, Reds Songwriter ("Green Eyes", "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee", "Ramona", "The Peanut Vendor"), author and publisher who came to the US in 1887 and was educated in local public schools, and then became a singer in amateur-night contests, and later a vaudeville and cafe entertainer. He toured with John L...
34. Emil Coleman Emil Coleman Self, Emil Coleman and His Orchestra
35. Leonid Trauberg Leonid Trauberg Director, Yunost Maksima
36. Zorz Skrigin Zorz Skrigin Director, Tito - Zapisi filmskog snimatelja
37. Jacques Belasco Jacques Belasco Composer, Princesse Tam-Tam
38. Sam H. Stept Sam H. Stept Soundtrack, The Master
39. Ernst Konstantin Ernst Konstantin Actor, Kein Interview mit Rokowsky
40. Sam Perry Sam Perry Music Department, The Hunchback of Notre Dame Sam A. Perry, born Samuel A. Perlstein in Odessa, Russia in 1884. His education included: University of Odessa,and Royal Academy of Musical and Theatrical Arts, Vienna. He was a concert pianist who toured throughout Europe. Sam spent 12 years as general musical director and recording manager for Conorized Music Co...
41. Emil Gilels Emil Gilels Self, Leningrad Concert Hall
42. Sidney M. Goldin Sidney M. Goldin Director, Good Luck
43. Toscha Seidel Toscha Seidel Music Department, The Wizard of Oz
44. Alex Alexander Alex Alexander Music Department, Ben-Hur Alexander Borisoff was born in Odessa, Russia. He attended the Russian Conservatory of Music where he majored in Composition and Cello. He graduated with a Doctorate in Music and performed as a concert cellist in a series of highly successful appearances throughout Europe before coming to America. While touring the United States...
45. Phil Spitalny Phil Spitalny Self, Big City Fantasy
46. Dori Dorika Dori Dorika Actress, Signori si nasce
47. Leonid Utyosov Leonid Utyosov Actor, Moscow Laughs Leonid Utyosov was a popular singer and band-leader in the Soviet Union who is best known for the leading role in 'Vesyolyye rebyata' (1934). He was born Lazar Iosifovich Weissbein on March 21, 1895, in Odessa, Russian Empire (now Odesa, Ukraine). His father was a small business owner and his mother was a homemaker...
48. Hedda Nova Hedda Nova Actress, The Woman in the Web Hedda Nova was born in 1890 in Odessa, Russia by the Black Sea. She was a silent film actress for 17 years with the "Universal Film Studios Company". She did not transfer to talking films most probably because of her thick Russian accent.
49. Michael Vavitch Michael Vavitch Actor, Two Arabian Knights
50. Leonid Leonidov Leonid Leonidov Actor, Seeds of Freedom
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