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1. Suzan Anbeh Suzan Anbeh Actress, French Kiss
2. Esther Schweins Esther Schweins Actress, Das Superweib
3. Rebecca Immanuel Rebecca Immanuel Actress, Edel & Starck
4. Christoph Schlingensief Christoph Schlingensief Director, Blackest Heart
5. Heinz Wilhelm Schwarz Heinz Wilhelm Schwarz Director, Daphne Laureola
6. Peter Hart Peter Hart Actor, Blood Cult Born in Oberhausen (Rhineland) Germany, Josef emigrated to Ithaca, New York in 1951 and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1955. His professional career was in broadcasting, retiring as the manager of commercial productions of Channel 2 in Tulsa in 1993. His civic career consisted of work in the Theater Tulsa...
7. Friedhelm Eberle Friedhelm Eberle Actor, Genosse Brüggemann
8. Alf Marholm Alf Marholm Actor, Die Schwarzwaldklinik
9. Sascha Schwill Sascha Schwill Production Manager, Fraulein
10. Sebastian Kroehnert Sebastian Kroehnert Actor, Mein Leben & ich
11. Martin Kessler Martin Kessler Actor, Victor Vran
12. Will Quadflieg Will Quadflieg Actor, Faust
13. Uwe Büschken Uwe Büschken Actor, Dorado - One Way
14. Hedi Kriegeskotte Hedi Kriegeskotte Actress, 23
15. Karlheinz Lemken Karlheinz Lemken Actor, Die Kommissarin
16. Siegfried Jerusalem Siegfried Jerusalem Actor, Siegfried
17. Gerburg Jahnke Gerburg Jahnke Self, Ladies Night
18. Manfred Jung Manfred Jung Actor, Der Ring des Nibelungen
19. Michael Kamp Michael Kamp Actor, Kreuzweg
20. Ludwig Anschütz Ludwig Anschütz Actor, Jeanne oder Die Lerche
21. Vanessa Struhler Vanessa Struhler Self, Deutschland sucht den Superstar
22. Thomas Durchschlag Thomas Durchschlag Director, Allein
23. Sven Thiemann Sven Thiemann Actor, Marienhof
24. Gerhard Schwarz Gerhard Schwarz Writer, Rostock Gerhard was born and raised in Oberhausen, Germany. He moved to Hamburg when his mother, Ingeborg Bartlewski, remarried. After finishing high school and some college he studied acting in Hamburg. He acted in several plays on stage in Hamburg and took small parts in TV productions. Extensive travels...
25. Pater Heinz Perne Pater Heinz Perne Self, Die Drehscheibe
26. Franz Mey Franz Mey Actor, Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast
27. Alex Benno Alex Benno Director, Op hoop van zegen
28. Werner Twardy Werner Twardy Composer, Kinderarzt Dr. Fröhlich
29. Andre Grefer Andre Grefer
30. Dieter Herzog Dieter Herzog
31. Ricarda Lang Ricarda Lang Self, Richter Alexander Hold
32. Tilman Spengler Tilman Spengler Self, Ich. Immendorff
33. Volker Köster Volker Köster Director, Vom deutschen Rand
34. Karl-Heinz Feldkamp Karl-Heinz Feldkamp Self, Die Harald Schmidt Show
35. Leif Thomas Leif Thomas Camera and Electrical Department, The Loneliest Planet
36. Sebastian Schäfer Sebastian Schäfer Actor, Nacht vor Augen
37. Hans-Werner Kirchner Hans-Werner Kirchner Actor, Die Physiker
38. Hanns-Otto Horst Hanns-Otto Horst Actor, Miko - aus der Gosse zu den Sternen
39. Sandy Schmitz Sandy Schmitz Actress, Verurteilt: Anna Leschek
40. Michael Grosse-Brömer Michael Grosse-Brömer Self, Anne Will
41. Peter Kiwitt Peter Kiwitt Actor, Betrogen bis zum jüngsten Tag
42. Markus Seidel Markus Seidel Self, Wetten, dass..?
42 names.