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1. Marija Omaljev Marija Omaljev Actress, Halima's Path Marija Omaljev (Pronounced Maria Omaliev) entered the prestigious Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo where she earned her degree after four years of studying acting. She started her acting career on the main stage of National Theater Sarajevo. She performed plays of Moliere, Gogol, Sidran, Popovic...
2. Nina Senicar Nina Senicar Actress, 8:30 Born in Novi Sad, Serbia, Nina developed a passion for riding horses at an early age and earned the title of National Champion in show jumping in 2001 as well as a position in the national team. She began acting at the age of 14 in her high school drama club after which she won a full scholarship to...
3. Lena Bogdanovic Lena Bogdanovic Actress, A Serbian Film
4. Natasa Stankovic Natasa Stankovic Director, Punam Natasa Stankovic (born in 1977 in Serbia), graduated from the University of Arts, Department of Photography and Video in Bucharest, Romania, in 2001. In 2007, she finished her postgraduate studies in photography at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia. In 2005, Natasa Stankovic and Lucian Muntean founded Lunam Docs...
5. Mihailo 'Misa' Janketic Mihailo 'Misa' Janketic Actor, Vukovar, jedna prica
6. Sonja Damjanovic Sonja Damjanovic Actress, T.T. Sindrom
7. Djordje Balasevic Djordje Balasevic Actor, Celovecernji the Kid
8. Radoslav Milenkovic Radoslav Milenkovic Actor, Coriolanus
9. Boris Isakovic Boris Isakovic Actor, Ordinary People
10. Josif Tatic Josif Tatic Actor, Underground
11. Slobodan Stefanovic Slobodan Stefanovic Actor, Kad bih ti rekao Being a prominent leading actor on the Serbian musical stage, no wonder Slobodan Stefanovic can be seen dancing, singing, acting - a shining star in the artistic heaven of his native country. Slobodan was born on August 21, 1977 in the city of Novi Sad. He attended a reputable grammar school in Sremski Karlovci, after which he enrolled in the Drama & Art Academy, under Professor Vida Ognjenovic...
12. Bojana Ordinacev Bojana Ordinacev Actress, Jelena
13. Dara Calenic Dara Calenic Actress, Doslo doba da se ljubav proba
14. Radmila Tomovic Radmila Tomovic Actress, Where Have You Gone
15. Sanja Mikitisin Sanja Mikitisin Actress, Clip
16. Jovana Stipic Jovana Stipic Actress, Tears for Sale
17. Radoje Cupic Radoje Cupic Actor, Tilva Ros
18. Kristina Radenkovic Kristina Radenkovic Actress, Kraj je pocetak
19. Tanja Pjevac Tanja Pjevac Actress, Will Not End Here
20. Katalin Ladik Katalin Ladik Actress, Berberian Sound Studio
21. Marin Malesevic Marin Malesevic Director, The Heart of the Wise Lives in the House of Sorrow
22. Monica Seles Monica Seles Self, That's Midlife
23. Slobodanka Latinovic Slobodanka Latinovic Actress, Almost Ordinary Story
24. Zoltán Szöke Zoltán Szöke Actor, Episode #1.6125
25. Natasa Bekvalac Natasa Bekvalac Self, Neki novi klinci
26. Slavica Vucetic Slavica Vucetic Actress, Episode #1.2
27. Ivan Klemenc Ivan Klemenc Actor, Occupation in 26 Pictures
28. Zarko Stepanov Zarko Stepanov Actor, Episode #1.18
29. Stojan Matavulj Stojan Matavulj Actor, Povratak Superdrvoja
30. Aleksandar Djurica Aleksandar Djurica Actor, In the Land of Blood and Honey
31. Vladimir Tintor Vladimir Tintor Actor, Sonja and the Bull Vladimir Tintor [last name pronounced Teen-tohr] was born in Novi Sad, Vojvodina, Serbia, on July 18, 1978 to politician Stojan and school teacher Ljiljana Tintor. He has one brother, Vedran, one half-brother, Sasha, one step-brother, Roki and a half-sister, Aleksandra. Vladimir grew up in Novi Sad...
32. Branislav 'Bane' Krstic Branislav 'Bane' Krstic Composer, Zla zena
33. Dario Varga Dario Varga Actor, Rooster's Breakfast
34. Dragoljub Lazarevic Dragoljub Lazarevic Production Designer, Paja i Jare
35. Vidoje Vujovic Vidoje Vujovic Actor, Osisana glava
36. Miroljub Turajlija Miroljub Turajlija Actor, Episode #1.65
37. Goran Bukilic Goran Bukilic Actor, Drustvena igra
38. Karolj Vicek Karolj Vicek Director, Zalazak sunca
39. Ratko Radivojevic Ratko Radivojevic Actor, The Heart of the Wise Lives in the House of Sorrow
40. Vladislav Kacanski Vladislav Kacanski Actor, Good Morning Malignant Cell
41. Bojana Grabovac Bojana Grabovac Actress, Episode #1.4
42. Sasa Popovic Sasa Popovic Actor, Hajde da se volimo
43. Predrag Vranesevic Predrag Vranesevic Composer, Oktoberfest
44. Ksenija Zelenovic Ksenija Zelenovic Actress, Pokondirena tikva
45. Slobodan D. Pesic Slobodan D. Pesic Director, The Harms Case
46. Vera Crvencanin Vera Crvencanin Writer, Covjek, covjeku
47. Gordana Josic Gordana Josic Actress, Nova godina
48. Ksenija Martinov Ksenija Martinov Actress, Siroko je lisce
49. Ljubivoje Tadic Ljubivoje Tadic Actor, Sumanovic - komedija umetnika
50. Verica Nikolic Verica Nikolic Actress, St. George Shoots the Dragon Received first professional engagement during the third year at the Academy in the big-budget Serbian movie "St. George Shoots the Dragon". The same year she realized her first theater roles in the National Theater of Republika Srpska. Graduated as The Student of the Generation 2007/2008 of the Art Academy of the University of Banja Luka.
1-50 of 86 names.