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1. Kristofer Hivju Kristofer Hivju Actor, After Earth
2. Ingrid Bolsø Berdal Ingrid Bolsø Berdal Actress, Chernobyl Diaries Ingrid Bolsø Berdal started studying music and singing in high school and after graduating she continued her music education at the University of Trondheim (NTNU), studying jazz singing and improvisation for two years. She moved to Oslo and was accepted at Oslo National Academy of Dramatic Arts (KHiO), where she studied acting for three years...
3. Natassia Malthe Natassia Malthe Actress, This Means War Natassia Malthe is an accomplished ballet dancer, actress, model, and spokesperson. Natassia started her dance training at the age of 8, when she trained with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Goh Ballet of Vancouver and the Beijing Ballet in China. At age 13 she moved back to her home country of Norway...
4. Thorbjørn Harr Thorbjørn Harr Actor, Reprise
5. Aksel Hennie Aksel Hennie Actor, Headhunters Aksel Hennie is a Norwegian actor, writer and director. He has acted in a number of successful Norwegian movies, and has received several awards. Hennie grew up in Lambertseter in Oslo. In his late teens he was sentenced for tagging, and became an outcast in the community for confessing to the police...
6. Morten Tyldum Morten Tyldum Director, The Imitation Game
7. Lisa Loven Kongsli Lisa Loven Kongsli Actress, Force Majeure
8. Nicolai Cleve Broch Nicolai Cleve Broch Actor, Max Manus: Man of War
9. Marta Kristen Marta Kristen Actress, Lost in Space Marta Kristen was born Birgit Annalisa Rusanen, on February 26, 1945, to a Finnish mother and a German soldier who was killed towards the end of World War II in Europe. Marta was only two months old when she was left in an orphanage. In 1949, Prof. & Mrs. Harold Soderquist of Detroit, Michigan adopted her...
10. Jakob Oftebro Jakob Oftebro Actor, Kon-Tiki Jakob Oftebro (Born 1986, Oslo, Norway) is a charismatic Scandinavian Actor. Oftebro started his education in acting at the reputable Norwegian Academy of Performing Arts in 2008. While studying, he also played a small role in Max Manus: Man of War (2008). He later worked with the same directors of Max Manus in the Oscar-nominated epic Kon-Tiki. (2012)...
11. Tommy Wirkola Tommy Wirkola Writer, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
12. Dennis Storhøi Dennis Storhøi Actor, The 13th Warrior
13. Bjørn Floberg Bjørn Floberg Actor, Kingsman: The Secret Service
14. Joachim Rønning Joachim Rønning Director, Kon-Tiki Growing up in the 1980s in Sandefjord, a small town south of Oslo, Norway, Joachim Roenning and his childhood friend Espen Sandberg spent their free time making short films with Joachim's dad's 30 pounds home video camera - one of few burdens for being the first of the video generation. In 1992 they both attended Stockholm Film School in Sweden...
15. Fridtjov Såheim Fridtjov Såheim Actor, The Art of Negative Thinking
16. Kristoffer Joner Kristoffer Joner Actor, Next Door
17. Anders Baasmo Christiansen Anders Baasmo Christiansen Actor, Kon-Tiki
18. Lillian Müller Lillian Müller Actress, Rosemaries Tochter Lillian Müller was born on August 19, 1951 in a small town by the sea in the South of Norway. Spending her early childhood in the financial turmoil of the post-WWII era, her determination to make something of herself was embedded deep within. Lillian spent her formative years burying her head in books...
19. Ewa Da Cruz Ewa Da Cruz Actress, Bella Ewa was born and raised in Norway. Her name is Portugese, but she is half Norwegian and half Egyptian. She went to American Academy of Dramatic Arts (AADA) in New York. Upon graduation she was invited to join AADA's own Theatre Company and did so for one year where she was a part of four big stage productions such as Ibsens "A Dolls House"...
20. Agnes Kittelsen Agnes Kittelsen Actress, Max Manus: Man of War
21. Jo Nesbø Jo Nesbø Writer, Headhunters Jo Nesbø is a world-renowned crime writer recognized for broadening the scope of modern crime and thriller fiction. His books have garnered countless international awards, sold more than twenty million copies, and been translated into forty-seven languages. In addition to the Harry Hole series he is the author of stand-alone novels Headhunters and The Son...
22. Espen Sandberg Espen Sandberg Director, Kon-Tiki
23. Trond Espen Seim Trond Espen Seim Actor, The Thing
24. Marian Saastad Ottesen Marian Saastad Ottesen Actress, Gone with the Woman
25. Anna-Lisa Anna-Lisa Actress, The Hat That Huldah Wore
26. Hans Petter Moland Hans Petter Moland Director, Aberdeen
27. Anders Danielsen Lie Anders Danielsen Lie Actor, Oslo, August 31st
28. John Carew John Carew Self, Episode #43.19
29. Ane Dahl Torp Ane Dahl Torp Actress, Dead Snow
30. Kristin Holby Kristin Holby Actress, Trading Places Kristin Clotilde Darnell (born 1951 as Kristin Clotilde Holby in Oslo, Norway) is an American actress and during the late 1970s through the 1980s was a very successful model for Yves St. Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, Chanel and Shiseido. She is married to Dr. James Darnell and is mother to 3 now grown children the youngest are twin daughters Phoebe and Camilla.
31. Lars Arentz-Hansen Lars Arentz-Hansen Actor, The Beach Norwegian actor who after graduating in law at University of Oslo,Norway, went to study drama at The University of Cape Town, South Africa. He obtained a diploma in Speech and Drama and founded with some fellow students The Arena Theatre Company. After some time he moved to London, where he booked the part of Bugs in The Beach...
32. Tova Borgnine Tova Borgnine Self, Ernest Borgnine on the Bus
33. Erik Poppe Erik Poppe Director, Hawaii, Oslo Erik Poppe (born 24 June 1960) is a Norwegian film director, screenwriter and former cinematographer and press photographer. Poppe started his career as a photographer for the newspaper Verdens Gang and Reuters, covering domestic news as well as international conflicts all over the world. He was awarded by the Norwegian press association and World Press Photo...
34. Bent Hamer Bent Hamer Director, Factotum
35. Stian Smestad Stian Smestad Director, Terje, 47 år
36. Marit Velle Kile Marit Velle Kile Actress, Blade II Marit was born on November 13, 1978 in the small town of Ørsta , Norway. She moved to London, England in 1997 to study dance and theatre. Her first taste of film acting came when she was chosen to play the vampire Verlaine, member of a band of vampires teamed with Wesley Snipes in the action-horror film sequel Blade II (2002)...
37. Stig Henrik Hoff Stig Henrik Hoff Actor, The Thing
38. John Voldstad John Voldstad Actor, Forrest Gump Born in Norway but moved to the United States about months after birth. Most remembered for his appearence in the Bob Newhart Show. And in Stripes (1981) as Stillman's Aide.
39. David Menkin David Menkin Actor, Zero Dark Thirty
40. Tommy Karlsen Tommy Karlsen Actor, Døden på Oslo S
41. Henrik Rafaelsen Henrik Rafaelsen Actor, Blind
42. Christian Rubeck Christian Rubeck Actor, Max Manus: Man of War
43. Sonja Henie Sonja Henie Actress, Sun Valley Serenade The daughter of a fur wholesaler in Norway, Sonja Henie received her first pair of ice skates when she was six. At 14 she was the Norwegian Skating Champion. At 15 she would win the Olympic gold medal in Skating, a feat she would repeat in 1932 and 1936. In 1936 she would turn professional and tour with her own ice show...
44. Erik Skjoldbjærg Erik Skjoldbjærg Writer, Insomnia
45. Viktoria Winge Viktoria Winge Actress, Reprise
46. Anni-Frid Lyngstad Anni-Frid Lyngstad Self, ABBA: The Movie During World War II, a German officer had an affair with young Norwegian Synni Lyngstad. Once the war ended, he returned to his home country, unaware of the fact that Synni was pregnant with his child. Anni-Frid Lyngstad (or Frida, as she later became known) was born on November 15th, 1945 in the small town of Narvik in Norway...
47. Alisha Boe Alisha Boe Actress, Paranormal Activity 4
48. Vicky Vette Vicky Vette Actress, The Devil in Miss Jones A couple of decades ago a little blue-eyed blonde named Vicky was born in a country called Norway. Soon thereafter her parents immigrated to Canada where she was educated to become a successful accountant and top level manager. With interests such as skiing, skydiving and motorcycles, it's not hard to understand her restless energy...
49. Charlotte Frogner Charlotte Frogner Actress, Dead Snow
50. Jørgen Langhelle Jørgen Langhelle Actor, The Thing
1-50 of 1,721 names.