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1. Azura Skye Azura Skye Actress, Bandits
2. Veronica Berry Veronica Berry Actress, Rock of Ages Veronica's earliest memories were of the times spent watching movies and going to the theater with her family. American classics such as Gone with the Wind, Love Story and the Godfather were just a few of the family's favorites. Her mother also shared an appreciation for the arts. Tyrone her father was a small Business Liaison Officer and buyer for Honeywell Avionics...
3. Crystal Ray Crystal Ray Actress, High Desert Pirates
4. Terri Messina Terri Messina Actress, Single Room Furnished Terri Jean Messina was a lovely and captivating brunette actress who popped up in a few movies and several TV shows during her regrettably brief acting career. Terri was born in 1946. She first began acting in episodic television in 1967. Messina gave an especially fine and engaging performance as Maria...
5. Sydney Urshan Sydney Urshan Actor, The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!
6. Shannon Simone Miller Shannon Simone Miller Self, All's Fair
7. Daniel J. Johnson Daniel J. Johnson Music Department, Gran Torino Born and schooled in the San Fernando Valley; aspired early on to a career in athletics while playing football at the high school and small college levels from 1970 to 1983. Beginning in Chatsworth pop warner leagues to Encino Crespi High, to Los Angeles Pierce and Los Angeles Valley Colleges and ending with a last-ditch tryout for USFL's Los Angeles Express in 1982...
8. Veronica Flint Veronica Flint Animation Department, Hero Factory Veronica Anna Marie Flint was born on January 14, 1989. She grew up in North Hollywood for 11 years and moved to Palmdale in late 2000. Her dad Morris Flint was an actor and appeared in commercials while her mom was a full time nurse. Veronica went to 6 different schools including Pete Knight High School.
9. Jacqueline Garza Jacqueline Garza Actress, Can't You See?
10. Tracie Nealy Tracie Nealy Actress, Automatic
10 names.