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1. Alan Young Alan Young Actor, The Time Machine Alan Young was born in Northern England in 1919, but his Scots father moved the family to Edinburgh, Scotland, when Young was a toddler and then to Canada when Young was about 6 years old. As a boy, he suffered from severe asthma, which kept him bedridden for long periods of time but encouraged his love of radio...
2. Neil Tennant Neil Tennant Soundtrack, Lethal Weapon 2 Neil Francis Tennant was born on July 10th in North Shields, Northumberland. In 1975, Neil plays in a group in Newcastle called Dust: Their most popular song is a preposterous affair he has written called "Can you hear the dawn break?". They are heavily influenced by The Incredible String Band. "We were convinced we would become terribly famous...
3. Michael Rodd Michael Rodd Self, Screen Test
4. Iyesha Iyesha Actress, Cumstains 3
5. Hilton Valentine Hilton Valentine Self, Ready Steady Go, Volume 1
6. Stella Rivers Stella Rivers Make-Up Department, Superman
7. Kevin McDaid Kevin McDaid Self, Episode #18.1
7 names.