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1. Andrew McCullough Andrew McCullough Director, The Donna Reed Show
2. Johnny Walsh Johnny Walsh Actor, The World Is Ours
3. Gene Ruggiero Gene Ruggiero Editor, Around the World in Eighty Days
4. Cynthia Lindsay Cynthia Lindsay Writer, American in Paris
5. Charles Waldron Jr. Charles Waldron Jr. Actor, For You I Die
6. Richard Taylor Richard Taylor Actor, Unicorn Richard Taylor lives in Denver, Colorado, currently making Horror/Comedy films as well as music videos with his production company Bizjack Flemco. Sometimes credited as Ben "Bizjack", being an "inside" joke to a high school basketball player on the schools wall of fame with the same name, and led to the production company "Bizjack/FlemCo" which he runs with partner/buddy Zack Beins...
7. Alan Wilson Alan Wilson Writer, Hockshop Blues
8. Cynthia Hobart Cynthia Hobart Actress, Thin Ice
8 names.