7 names.

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1. Grover Asmus Grover Asmus Self, Intimate Portrait
2. Bill Raisch Bill Raisch Actor, The Fugitive Raisch was born of German immigrant parents in New Jersey in 1905. After graduating from high school, Raisch took a job at a construction site hauling cement. When he wasn't working, he lifted weights at Sig Klein's Gym in New York City. Raisch was noticed by a society girl looking for a dancing partner and he escorted her to various parties as her date and dancing partner...
3. Tommy Leonetti Tommy Leonetti Music Department, Massacre at Central High
4. Guy F. Tozzoli Guy F. Tozzoli Thanks, Man on Wire
5. Dorothy Chace Dorothy Chace Actress, Parades
6. Kevin M. Boyle Kevin M. Boyle Editorial Department, Architecture School
7. Arthur de Titta Arthur de Titta Cinematographer, The Sorrows of Satan
7 names.