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1. Frank Vincent Frank Vincent Actor, The Sopranos "Go home and get your shine box....", so said ill-fated Billy Batts in Goodfellas. However, Billy Batts is better known to a legion of crime-film fans as the talented actor, musician, and comedian Frank Vincent. Multi-talented Vincent was born in North Adams, Massachusetts, but was raised in the Greenville section of Jersey City...
2. Van Hansis Van Hansis Actor, As the World Turns
3. Martin Melcher Martin Melcher Producer, Pillow Talk
4. Peter Laird Peter Laird Writer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5. Harry C. Browne Harry C. Browne Actor, Scandal
6. Paul Farmer Paul Farmer Self, Bending the Arc
7. Will Durant Will Durant Self, Reds Will Durant was the left-wing philosopher-historian who labored on his epic, multi-volume "The Story of Civilization" by himself, and then with his wife Ariel, for half a century. The son of French Canadian immigrants from Quebec, Durant first planned to study for the priesthood, but an interest in socialism and biology thwarted those plans...
8. Ben Raymond Ben Raymond Miscellaneous Crew, American Wedding
9. Mary Newcomb Mary Newcomb Actress, Frail Women
10. James H. Dargie James H. Dargie Visual Effects, The Matrix Reloaded James Dargie has been involved in CG production since 1995. Receiving a degree in Industrial Design in June of 1995, he was hired by Take Two Interactive where he eventually became a lead artist and technical director on full motion Video Games and PC titles. His talent for visual story telling naturally lead him to film production where he was a lead artist on Square Pictures' CG film...
11. Marshall Goldberg Marshall Goldberg Writer, The Critical List
12. Jody Kordana Jody Kordana Actress, A Stranger Within
13. Marcia Manners Marcia Manners Actress, Caught
14. Charles A. Levine Charles A. Levine Self, Farewell Message of Mr. Levine and Captain Hinchcliffe, Just Before Their Departure on Their Return Flight to America
15. Travis Pinsonnault Travis Pinsonnault Visual Effects, X2
16. Martha Coakley Martha Coakley Self, On the Record w/ Brit Hume
17. Amy Lee Amy Lee Music Department, Jimmy Buffett: Mini Matinee #1
18. Chip Radaelli Chip Radaelli Art Department, 2 Guns
19. Ira Menard Ira Menard Actor, Eastbound & Down
20. Thomas McLarnie Thomas McLarnie Actor, The Blindness of Virtue
20 names.