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1. Edward Van Halen Edward Van Halen Soundtrack, Twister
2. Renée Fokker Renée Fokker Actress, Blind Date
3. Joris Ivens Joris Ivens Director, A Tale of the Wind
4. Daphne Deckers Daphne Deckers Self, Big Brother
5. Kitty Courbois Kitty Courbois Actress, Spijkerhoek
6. Liza Seneca Liza Seneca Actress, The Following
7. Annelies van Woerden Annelies van Woerden Editor, Midden in De Winternacht
8. Sabine Pfeifer Sabine Pfeifer Actress, Axel! wills wissen
9. Paul Driessen Paul Driessen Animation Department, The Boy Who Saw the Iceberg
10. Maike Meijer Maike Meijer Actress, The Dress
11. Will van Kralingen Will van Kralingen Actress, Belle van Zuylen - Madame de Charrière
12. Nadja Hüpscher Nadja Hüpscher Actress, Simon
13. Frederick Vogeding Frederick Vogeding Actor, Ulbo Garvema Began his career as a singer and actor in Germany, returned to the Netherlands in 1915, and left for the USA in 1920.
14. Howard van Dodemont Howard van Dodemont Actor, Simon
15. Sjoerd Martens Sjoerd Martens Director, Childporn Sjoerd Martens (1993) grew up in the countryside near Nijmegen. Lived for his education in Valencia where the wonderful medium of film was discovered. Back in the Netherlands he explored this further by doing a several internships in Amsterdam and continued to live there. Now Martens is studying video art at University of the Arts Utrecht.
16. Frank Boeijen Frank Boeijen Self, Barend en Van Dorp
17. Maya Hakvoort Maya Hakvoort Actress, Elisabeth
18. Miron Bilski Miron Bilski Actor, De verbouwing
19. Arnold Louis Arnold Louis Actor, Rubber
20. Han Kerckhoffs Han Kerckhoffs Actor, Wereld van stilstand
21. Machteld Stolte Machteld Stolte Actress, Het laatste glas melk
22. Rixt Leddy Rixt Leddy Actress, Black Book Leddy was born in 1976, May 5th. She is a daughter of actor John Leddy and his second wife Jannig Greijdanus . She has an older brother and an older sister, Roos. Arne also works in television as an art director. Older sister Rose is a sculptor. After high school Rixt studied at the Theatre School of Utrecht ...
23. Ilia ten Böhmer Ilia ten Böhmer Editor, Frank
24. Gaby Milder Gaby Milder Actress, Spangas
25. Peter Holland Peter Holland Director, Bouquetje Romantiek
26. Daphne Bolt Daphne Bolt Actress, De ratelrat
27. Joris Linssen Joris Linssen Self, De wereld draait door
28. Floris Beijersbergen Floris Beijersbergen Actor, Fopsnor
29. Jeroen van der Boom Jeroen van der Boom Self, The Voice of Holland
30. Tim Wijbenga Tim Wijbenga Editor, Een dag in 't jaar Tim Wijbenga is a freelance film editor based in Amsterdam (the Netherlands). He graduated in 2008 from the Dutch Film and Television academy located in Amsterdam. In his last year of college he worked on six graduation projects. The three short graduation films Daylight, Pyotr - letters from the Gulag...
31. Maxim Hamel Maxim Hamel Actor, Rififi in Amsterdam
32. Maud Mulder Maud Mulder Self, Idols!
33. Bas van Nieuwland Bas van Nieuwland Director, Mysteria
34. Esther Gerritsen Esther Gerritsen Writer, Nena
35. Bas Heijne Bas Heijne Self, Zomergasten
36. Ferd Sterneberg Ferd Sterneberg Actor, Willem van Oranje
37. Jesse Wouda Jesse Wouda Actor, Cartel
38. Claudia Ruiz Claudia Ruiz Director, Trans
39. Paul Scheffer Paul Scheffer Self, Buitenhof
40. Fenneke Wekker Fenneke Wekker Actress, Hoe overleef ik...?
41. Sylvia Bouts Sylvia Bouts Art Department, Onderweg naar morgen
42. Gregoire Verweijen Gregoire Verweijen Visual Effects, Theeb
43. Eefke Mulder Eefke Mulder Self, Goud
44. Max van Boxel Max van Boxel Composer, Tough Morning
45. Peter Natrop Peter Natrop Producer, Balance: The Experience
46. Sharon Gesthuizen Sharon Gesthuizen Self, Pauw & Witteman
47. Bernhard van Oranje Bernhard van Oranje Self, Eva Jinek op zondag
48. Norman Bonink Norman Bonink Composer, De Achterkant: BLØF in het theater
49. Kees Vendrik Kees Vendrik Self, De wereld draait door
50. Sigrid Groothuis Sigrid Groothuis Art Department, The Moving True Story of a Woman Ahead of Her Time
1-50 of 61 names.