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1. Sarah Wynter Sarah Wynter Actress, The 6th Day
2. Sophie Lee Sophie Lee Actress, Muriel's Wedding
3. Rhys Muldoon Rhys Muldoon Actor, Lockie Leonard
4. Gillian Jones Gillian Jones Actress, Mad Max: Fury Road
5. Daniel Johns Daniel Johns Music Department, Beat Bugs In 1994 three young boys of only fifteen years old won Triple J's "unearthed" nationwide competition. Unearthed was respected throughout a Australia as a means of discovering new talent and bringing them to the fore. In 1994 everyone was surprised when three young boys calling themselves Silverchair won the competition by a landslide...
6. Jennifer Hawkins Jennifer Hawkins Self, Australia's Next Top Model
7. Charli Robinson Charli Robinson Self, It's a Hi-5 Christmas
8. Jan Chapman Jan Chapman Producer, The Babadook
9. Dean Waite Dean Waite Actor, Megan Is Missing
10. Brenton Prince Brenton Prince Actor, The Great Gatsby Brenton Prince was born in Newcastle NSW and grew up surfing the city's reef and beach breaks. He started playing Rugby League at the age of 8 and would later become a junior Newcastle representative footballer with a promising future in the sport. After a few setbacks which resulted in a "lack of passion" for the game his mother suggested he should have a try at acting...
11. Mikey Robins Mikey Robins Self, Good News Week
12. Su Cruickshank Su Cruickshank Actress, Young Einstein
13. Jonathan Biggins Jonathan Biggins Actor, A Few Best Men
14. John Foreman John Foreman Music Department, Australian Idol John Gregory Foreman was born in April 1972 in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. John has been interested in music since he was a baby and began learning piano at the age of six. When he was twelve, he won a scholarship to The Newcastle Conservatorium and, by the time he was seventeen, was an associate member of the State Conservatorium of Music...
15. Robyn Gardiner Robyn Gardiner Producer, Fragments
16. Aurelio Sidney Aurelio Sidney Actor, El león
17. Tiffany Wood Tiffany Wood Self, Bardot: The Story Continues
18. Gemma Sanderson Gemma Sanderson Self, Australia's Next Top Model
19. Doug Parkinson Doug Parkinson Music Department, The Outsiders Doug Parkinson is a big part of Australian music and theatrical heritage with past musical hits including 'Dear Prudence', 'I'll Be Around' and 'Unchained Melody', whilst more recent starring roles in musical productions like 'The Wizard Of Oz', 'Happy Days - The Arena Mega Musical' and 'Grease - The Arena Spectacular' have all kept Doug at the forefront of his profession.
20. Peter Timbs Peter Timbs Self, Big Brother
21. Jenny Wilson Jenny Wilson Actress, Moulin Rouge!
22. Aaron Carter Aaron Carter Actor, Blackrock
23. Nick Smith Nick Smith Actor, Bad Romeo
24. Ben Gillies Ben Gillies Soundtrack, Scary Movie
25. Sarah Kendall Sarah Kendall Self, The World Comedy Tour: Melbourne 2001
26. Joan Lord Joan Lord Actress, My Mother Frank
27. Barry Alldis Barry Alldis Actor, Man in the Dark
28. Anthony Hunt Anthony Hunt Actor, The Killing Field
29. Luke Burt Luke Burt Actor, Soldier Soldier
30. Barry Lovett Barry Lovett Actor, Listen to the Lion
31. Chris Joannou Chris Joannou Writer, Silverchair: Live from Faraway Stables
32. Greg Matthews Greg Matthews Self, Live at Five
33. Matt Watters Matt Watters Actor, The Rocky Horror Show
34. Esther Mitchell Esther Mitchell Actress, Our Friends the Hayseeds
35. Alan Hennessy Alan Hennessy Actor, Dirty Deeds
36. David L. Totaro David L. Totaro Camera and Electrical Department, Nine
37. David Yarrow David Yarrow Actor, Blue Lies
38. Marilyn Jones Marilyn Jones Actress, Invitation to the Dance
39. Nan Kenway Nan Kenway Self, Marshal Your Facts Nan Kenway was one half of the famous double act Kenway and Young who were one of the biggest names in British variety during the 1930s and 1940s. She and her husband Douglas Young were often headliners on the powerful Moss Empires variety circuit and they were favourites on radio and television programmes...
40. Gary Ticehurst Gary Ticehurst Miscellaneous Crew, The Matrix Reloaded
41. Colin Dean Colin Dean Director, Stormy Petrel
42. Michael Costa Michael Costa Self, The Bolt Report
43. Libby Hathorn Libby Hathorn Writer, The Echo of Thunder
44. Ross Hannaford Ross Hannaford Actor, High Flyers
45. Andrew Enriquez Andrew Enriquez Actor, Ca-Chi-Pun Born and raised in New South Wales, Australia. Andrew started acting at age 12. With help from his acting Coach and Director Alan Coleman, he received his first role in a commercial for 'Best and Less'. In 2003, Andrew starred in a short film Ca-Chi-Pun, which was judged by Russell Crowe and other professionals...
46. Ross Turnbull Ross Turnbull
47. Robert Arthur Robson Robert Arthur Robson Actor, My Brother Tom
48. Eddie Charlton Eddie Charlton Self, Masters Snooker
48 names.