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1. Niam Reagan Niam Reagan , Inside Niam was adopted at the age of four, resides in East Brunswick, NJ, USA and is the son of Kim Reagan. His mother is part of an English royal ancestry. He was named after the Arabic word for blessing. He first got into social media in 2012 when he was 13 and made his first Twitter and VSCO account. You have to applaud the kid for his self confidence... 6 October 1998
2. James Loja James Loja 4 April 1998
3. Shakur Stevenson Shakur Stevenson Self, Rio Olympics 28 June 1997
4. Shemar Jonas Shemar Jonas Actor, Perspective Chapter 2: The Misdemeanor Shemar Jonas is An American Actor born in Newark, New Jersey. Born on April 16,1996 to Carlosa Pluck a legal clerk and Elvin Jonas both parents are of Guyanese decent. When Shemar was 2 years old his Mother relocated back to Georgetown,Guyana and he was raised there up until he was 12. Upon return to... 16 April 1996
5. Naim Omari Naim Omari Actor, The Picnic 14 July 1995
6. Mariah Fresse Mariah Fresse Actress, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 6 May 1993
7. Niya Hogans Niya Hogans Self, The Graduates ATL 9 March 1993
8. Laron Wise Laron Wise Actor, Sector 3 Born in Newark, New Jersey, Laron Wise was a child destined for greatness. From the time he first laid eyes on a television screen, Laron Wise knew that entertainment was his calling. First dong music he felt that it didn't portray him in the right light. In 2011, went on 200 auditions determined to make a transition from music into acting... 3 November 1991
9. Richard Nwaoko Richard Nwaoko Actor, The Detour The last born of four, Richard Chuwuemeka Nwaoko also known as Rich Chill was born in Newark, New Jersey, USA. His middle name meaning 'God has done so much". He was division one Track and Field athlete and graduated with his Master's degree in Communications at Fairleigh Dickinson University. His parents Patrick Nwaoko... 26 June 1990
10. Larry A. Peterman Larry A. Peterman 22 March 1990
11. Caroline Fraissinet Caroline Fraissinet Miscellaneous Crew, Curiosity Kills Cat 11 March 1990
12. Enjoli Corréa Enjoli Corréa Director, Queenie Enjoli Corréa is an American screenwriter born 21 September 1989. She attended and graduated New Brunswick High School where she took theatre and theatre production. She later attended ""the most sought-after film instructor in the world" Dov Simen's 2-Day Film School, as well as John Truby's "Anatomy of A Story Master Class". 21 September 1989
13. Sofie Corréa Sofie Corréa Actress, Queenie Sofie Corréa is an American actress, born 21 September 1989 in Newark, New Jersey. She is often recognized for her very long and big curly hair and has previously modeled for the natural hair care product line, Jane Carter Hair Solutions. Sofie has a twin sister Enjoli Corréa, the rock singer. 21 September 1989
14. Bryan Lopes Bryan Lopes Sound Department, Stash Bryan Lopes is a sound designer and audio engineer from Newark, New Jersey. He graduated from Montclair State University where he pursued his B.A. degree in Television and Digital Media with a concentration in Sound Design. He developed a passion for all things sonic and learned during his time in MSU the importance sound design plays in film and television... 12 September 1989
15. Jalil Reddick Jalil Reddick Actor, Dope Fiend Jalil Reddick was born February 3rd in Newark, NJ. He got his start at acting on stage as a child in elementary school. He was a Wolf in 3 lil pigs, Elvis n Blue Suede shoes. Reddick always had a passion for acting, and performing period. On 2008 he got a lead roles as Hakim in a independent Konstantine... 3 February 1989
16. Jaliyl Lynn Jaliyl Lynn Actor, Prince of Central Park Jaliyl Ali Lynn is an American Actor/ Filmmaker. He started his career at the tender age of three years old. Jaliyl has been an active member of SAG- AFTRA Union since 1994. His television roles include Law and Order: Special Victim Unit season two episode "Baby Killer" guest starring as Jamal Morales... 4 December 1988
17. Brittany Underwood Brittany Underwood Actress, One Life to Live 6 July 1988
18. Emile Dillon Emile Dillon 12 February 1987
19. Nira Luna Nira Luna Actress, Bratz 24 December 1986
20. Shakirah Balthazar Shakirah Balthazar Actress, Open Call 22 July 1986
21. Victoria S. Cook Victoria S. Cook Legal, Gwilliam 25 March 1986
22. Usman Ojibara Usman Ojibara Actor, Secret Effect 24 February 1986
23. Justin Omar Suarez Justin Omar Suarez Director, Loss a Short Film He was born and raised in New Jersey. Throughout his life from a very early age Justin knew he wanted to be in the entertainment business in some fashion. Over the years through different industry related jobs and course of study Justin got an opportunity to direct a series of short films and webseries and he has not looked back since... 23 October 1984
24. Billy Tooma Billy Tooma Producer, A.k.a Jersey Billy Tooma was born in New Jersey and has been a resident of the Garden State his entire life. He holds a BA in English (Literature and Secondary Education) as well as an MA in English (Writing) from William Paterson University. In 2017 he successfully defended his dissertation, earning a Doctor of Letters in Literary Studies from Drew University... 5 September 1984
25. Erin L. Horsey Erin L. Horsey Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Electrical Skeletal 2 August 1984
26. Johnny Lopez Johnny Lopez Art Department, Star Trek: Beyond 5 May 1984
27. Shareefa Shareefa Soundtrack, So You Think You Can Dance 1 January 1984
28. Starlette Miariaunii Starlette Miariaunii Actress, American Hero Her passion is her music, but in 2008 Starlette Miariaunii got a small bite from the acting bug in New Orleans playing a few small parts in the film Mardi Gras: Spring Break with Carmen Electra and Regina Hall. That same year she was in Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, then got a part in Welcome to the Rileys a few months later... 8 November 1983
29. Randy Foye Randy Foye Self, Kent Hrbek Outdoors 24 September 1983
30. Pierre M. Coleman Pierre M. Coleman Producer, Madison's Avenue 18 September 1983
31. Devon Elyse Tutak Devon Elyse Tutak Miscellaneous Crew, What's the Name of That Song 21 December 1981
32. Rosie Ortiz Rosie Ortiz Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Bled 2 November 1981
33. Lady Luck Lady Luck Self, Smack DVD Magazine 4 September 1981
34. Alex Vincent Alex Vincent Actor, Child's Play Alex Vincent was born in New Jersey. At about five years old Alex was in Child's Play and followed it up with three more movies. At 13 years old he did My Family Treasure which he didn't like and called it quits. When he got to high school, he tried to live down the image of a child star but two years later he decided to give acting another try... 29 April 1981
35. Jamil A.C. Mangan Jamil A.C. Mangan Actor, Head Trauma Jamil A.C. Mangan is an American Award Wining Actor; a native of Newark, New Jersey. Mangan has a deep rich velvety voice and with a facility for language he captivates his audience. His face registers a Million emotions ranging from heartbreaking sorrow to wistful happiness, carrying the audience along for the ride... 10 October 1980
36. Mikey Way Mikey Way Soundtrack, Transformers: Dark of the Moon 10 September 1980
37. Sechita McNair Sechita McNair Miscellaneous Crew, House Arrest 25 February 1980
38. Angelina Riposta Angelina Riposta This stunning Italian-American actress Angelina Concetta Riposta (Angela Riposta) was born in Newark, New Jersey on December 18, 1979. Angelina was raised in Melbourne, Florida on Florida's Space Coast after her father relocated the family business to the Southeast. Angelina Riposta attended the University of Florida in Gainesville... 18 December 1979
39. Joner Hall Joner Hall Actor, That's My Daughter 5 December 1979
40. Keshia Knight Pulliam Keshia Knight Pulliam Actress, The Cosby Show 9 April 1979
41. Peter Shaft Peter Shaft Actor, Bare Stage 20 December 1978
42. Hom Hom Actor, 8 Mile 2 November 1978
43. Muslimah Muhammad Muslimah Muhammad Actress, The Leading Man 20 October 1978
44. Alasha Bartley Alasha Bartley Actress, Brooklyn Babylon 5 July 1978
45. Raheem F. Brock Raheem F. Brock Actor, Deep Undercover 10 June 1978
46. J.D. Williams J.D. Williams Actor, Pootie Tang 22 May 1978
47. Franklin Correa Franklin Correa Writer, Mistaken Is of Dominican (Father) and Italian-Irish (Mother) descent. Just promoted to 5th degree black belt in Ninjutsu, under his teacher Dr. Dan McEaddy in November 2016 and also inducted into the Circle of the Masters. Has only one sibling, a brother who is 5 1/2 years younger then him. Usually writes screenplays... 12 May 1978
48. Shane Gill Shane Gill Actor, AfterLife As a child growing up in New Jersey, Shane wasn't able to leave his fenced yard to play with friends. This allowed the five year old the ability to create toys and situations to entertain himself. His parents found out quickly that their son would grow up to be something special. After a split amongst his parents in 1987... 12 January 1978
49. Anthony Zayas Anthony Zayas Actor, The Sopranos 27 October 1977
50. Gerard Way Gerard Way Director, The Aquabats! Super Show! 9 April 1977
1-50 of 487 names.