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1. Gary Oldman Gary Oldman Actor, The Dark Knight Rises Gary Oldman was born on March 21, 1958 in London, England, the son of Kathleen (Cheriton), a homemaker, and Leonard Bertram Oldman, a welder. For most of his career he was best-known for playing over-the-top antagonists, though he has recently reached a new audience with heroic roles in the Harry Potter and Dark Knight franchises...
2. Jessa French Jessa French Actress, Sweetzer Jessa French has a gift for deception. This sunny, doe-eyed blond has an innocently magnetic, room-illuminating charm; yet, she has convinced millions of viewers otherwise, amassing a resume that reads like a rap sheet. Addict. Exhibitionist. Gangbanger. Prostitute. Religious fanatic. Arsonist. Murderer...
3. John Bailey John Bailey Actor, The Night Won't Talk
4. R.F. Delderfield R.F. Delderfield Writer, Operation Snafu
5. Terence Frisby Terence Frisby Writer, There's a Girl in My Soup
6. Heddle Nash Heddle Nash Actor, A Tale of Two Cities Leading British tenor. Made his debut in Milan, Italy in 1924, and was still singing thirty-five years later. Thought by some to be Britain's finest-ever tenor. His singing had an appealing simplicity and natural sincerity: his effortless, light timbre is unmistakeable. He sang largely in Great Britain...
7. H.B. Hallam H.B. Hallam Actor, The Divorce of Lady X
7 names.