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1. Sarah Rafferty Sarah Rafferty Actress, Suits Sarah Rafferty's character Donna on USA network's hit show "Suits" is one of the most formidable minds at their law firm, Pearson Hardman. With her razor sharp wit and knowledge of all the firm's happenings, Donna is admired and feared by everyone there, and she's not afraid to wield that power when it suits her needs...
2. Adam Kaufman Adam Kaufman Actor, Altered Adam is an American actor, who is best known for his roles as Lucas Newsome in the NBC series State Of Affairs, Charlie Keys in the Steven Spielberg produced mini-series Taken, Parker Abrams on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Ethan on Dawson's Creek where his and Kerr Smith's characters shared the first gay kiss on a one-hour drama in network history...
3. John Antonini John Antonini Actor, Zero Dark Thirty
4. Stan Green Stan Green Animation Department, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
5. Tripp Swanhaus Tripp Swanhaus Director, Cover Shot
6. Melanie Torres Melanie Torres Actress, Candid
7. Max Cavanaugh Max Cavanaugh Editorial Department, Better Than Something: Jay Reatard
8. Michael Swanhaus Michael Swanhaus Director, Pigeonholed
8 names.