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1. Anna Mouglalis Anna Mouglalis Actress, Romanzo criminale
2. Jules Verne Jules Verne Writer, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
3. Claude Perron Claude Perron Actress, Amélie
4. Linda Hardy Linda Hardy Actress, Immortel (ad vitam)
5. Jean-Yves Tual Jean-Yves Tual Actor, Le nain rouge
6. Julien Boisselier Julien Boisselier Actor, Skhizein Like many actors, Julien Boisselier began in theater and then in the series he shot for the first time for television " Group Night " . Noticed in 1996 in the saga summer France 2 " In a large wind flowers", then revealed in the TV movie " Willingly or unwillingly ," the actor had no trouble seducing viewers ...
7. Tanis Chandler Tanis Chandler Actress, The Trap Tanis Chandler was born in Nantes, France on August 20, 1924. Her real name (and birth-name) is Tanis Anne Goldthwaite and she is the daughter of composer/soloist Chandler Goldthwaite. Her early education was at the Chateau de Bure school in Paris, Saint Joseph's in Arizona and The Westlake School for Girls in Los Angeles...
8. Cannelle Carré-Cassaigne Cannelle Carré-Cassaigne Actress, Fais pas ci, fais pas ça
9. Laure Guibert Laure Guibert Actress, Hélène et les garçons
10. Benoît Régent Benoît Régent Actor, Three Colors: Blue
11. Christine and the Queens Christine and the Queens Self, Bercy fête ses 30 ans - Le concert anniversaire
12. Madeon Madeon Soundtrack, The 5th Wave
13. Denys de La Patellière Denys de La Patellière Director, Taxi for Tobruk
14. Philippe Monnier Philippe Monnier Director, A Tale of Two Cities
15. Karine Lollichon Karine Lollichon Writer, Plus belle la vie
16. Jean Brochard Jean Brochard Actor, Diabolique
17. Sylvie Tellier Sylvie Tellier Self, Fort Boyard
18. Marc Rioufol Marc Rioufol Actor, The Special Relationship
19. Marguerite Templey Marguerite Templey Actress, Un mauvais garçon
20. Jacques Legras Jacques Legras Actor, Hibernatus
21. Thierry Jousse Thierry Jousse Director, Je suis un no man's land
22. Yvon Lec Yvon Lec Actor, Murmur of the Heart
23. Alexis Rault Alexis Rault Composer, Quand on a 17 ans
24. Jacques Viot Jacques Viot Writer, Black Orpheus
25. Eddy Debray Eddy Debray Actor, The Rules of the Game
26. Thierry Fortineau Thierry Fortineau Actor, Gabrielle
27. Yann Jouannic Yann Jouannic Production Manager, Lady Chatterley
28. André Mouézy-Éon André Mouézy-Éon Writer, Scarlet Street
29. Lionel Stoléru Lionel Stoléru Self, Vivement dimanche
30. Gustave Gallet Gustave Gallet Actor, Un de la lune
31. Odile Poisson Odile Poisson Actress, The Lacemaker
32. Charles Lavialle Charles Lavialle Actor, Monsieur Gangster
33. Sarah Abitbol Sarah Abitbol Self, Nagano 1998: XVIII Olympic Winter Games
34. Jacques Bizeul Jacques Bizeul Cinematographer, The Mill
35. Yvonneck Yvonneck Actor, The Horse Ate the Hat
36. Lucas Noël Lucas Noël Actor, Terminus
37. Jean Graton Jean Graton Writer, Michel Vaillant
38. Luc Delhumeau Luc Delhumeau Actor, Yoyo
39. Kook Ewo Kook Ewo Miscellaneous Crew, Silent Hill
40. Jean-Jacques Grand-Jouan Jean-Jacques Grand-Jouan Director, Debout les crabes, la mer monte!
41. Jean Sarment Jean Sarment Writer, Le briseur de chaînes
42. Mathieu Honoré Mathieu Honoré Editor, Das Shakespeare Rätsel
43. Julie Demme Julie Demme Self, Loft story, saison 1
44. Gilbert Dupé Gilbert Dupé Writer, Le bateau à soupe
45. Claire Bretécher Claire Bretécher Actress, Roads to the South
46. Aristide Briand Aristide Briand Self, Les funérailles des victimes du 'Pluviôse'
47. Adélaïde Nicvert Adélaïde Nicvert Director, Je suis un sacrifice
48. Rauridh Laing Rauridh Laing Production Manager, Je te mangerais
49. Tristan Noël Tristan Noël Director, Terminus
50. Paul Ladmirault Paul Ladmirault Composer, La Brière
1-50 of 59 names.