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1. Bruno Delbonnel Bruno Delbonnel Cinematographer, Amélie
2. Virginie Despentes Virginie Despentes Writer, Rape Me
3. Marc de Jonge Marc de Jonge Actor, Rambo III Marc de Jonge was a well respected French actor. He starred in The Empire of the Sun playing as a Frenchman. He is well known for performances in La Moglie Nella Cornice, Je Vous Ferai Aimer La Vie and De Guerre Lasse. He is best known in the United States for his role in Rambo III where he plays opposite Sylvester Stallone as Soviet Colonel Zaysen...
4. Marc Barbé Marc Barbé Actor, La Vie en Rose
5. Ambroise Gayet Ambroise Gayet Miscellaneous Crew, 9
6. Nicolas Philibert Nicolas Philibert Director, To Be and to Have
7. Philippe De Lacy Philippe De Lacy Actor, Peter Pan Born in France during a World War I air raid in which his mother was killed, Philippe was adopted by Mrs. Edith DeLacy, who was associated with the Women's Overseas Hospital. After the war ended, Mrs. Lacy brought Philippe to America where his stunning looks soon made him a sought after model for advertisements and eventually brought him to the screen.
8. Jeanne De Funès Jeanne De Funès Writer, Louis De Funès, la comédie humaine
9. Georges Marchal Georges Marchal Actor, Belle de Jour Georges Marchal was one of the most important lead actors in French cinema in the '50s, together with Jean Marais. He was the lead in various costume dramas and swashbuckling films before taking part in some of the films of Luis Buñuel, a close friend of his. He retired in 1989.
10. Jean-Michel Roux Jean-Michel Roux Director, Les mille merveilles de l'univers
11. Laurent Petitgand Laurent Petitgand Composer, The Salt of the Earth
12. Valérie Hénin Valérie Hénin Actress, Unleashed
13. Chick Ortega Chick Ortega Actor, Delicatessen
14. Tom Novembre Tom Novembre Actor, An American Werewolf in Paris
15. Claude Carliez Claude Carliez Stunts, Moonraker
16. Bernard Rousselet Bernard Rousselet Actor, A Girl in the Sunflowers
17. Claudine Coster Claudine Coster Actress, La prétentaine 1980
18. Madeleine Barbulée Madeleine Barbulée Actress, Forbidden Games
19. Michel Gérard Michel Gérard Writer, To Catch a Cop
20. Clement Gharini Clement Gharini Camera and Electrical Department, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
21. Gisèle Grandpré Gisèle Grandpré Actress, Elevator to the Gallows
22. Ivan Manojlovic Ivan Manojlovic Actor, Burdus
23. Catherine Sauvage Catherine Sauvage Actress, L'âge difficile
24. Rosita Marstini Rosita Marstini Actress, The Big Parade
25. Laurent Marmol Laurent Marmol Director, Vespattitude
26. Georges Vinter Georges Vinter Actor, Aladdin and His Wonder Lamp
27. Denise Bailly Denise Bailly Actress, A Good Marriage
28. Lucien Denni Lucien Denni Soundtrack, Holiday Composer, songwriter and conductor educated at Columbia College, and a music student of Andrew Brown. He was a pianist in vaudeville and night club orchestras, and later, conductor of the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra and music director of the New Amsterdam Theatre in New York. He wrote the stage score for "Happy Go Lucky"...
29. Charlélie Couture Charlélie Couture Composer, So Long, Stooge
30. Hoyon Jung Hoyon Jung Director, Reformation
31. René Marjac René Marjac Actor, Masques
32. Pierre Schaeffer Pierre Schaeffer Self, Love at Twenty
33. Fabrice Dautcourt Fabrice Dautcourt Editor, The Judge Is a Woman
34. Marie Marie Self, Grand Prix R.T.L. International 71
35. Albert Michel Albert Michel Actor, The Army of Shadows
36. Madeleine Cheminat Madeleine Cheminat Actress, Strange Affair
37. Jean-Louis Schlesser Jean-Louis Schlesser Actor, Taxi 2
38. Jacques Bézard Jacques Bézard Actor, Joy House
39. André Heinrich André Heinrich Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Night and Fog
40. Eugène Gigout Eugène Gigout Music Department, Rien que des mensonges
41. Nicolas Drolc Nicolas Drolc Director, Sur les toits
42. Clément Hurel Clément Hurel Art Department, Breathless
43. Edmond de Goncourt Edmond de Goncourt Writer, Élisa
44. Paul Colin Paul Colin Set Decorator, Les Misérables
45. Christine van de Putte Christine van de Putte Director, Si je réponds pas, c'est que je suis mort
46. François Jacob François Jacob Self, Lest We Forget
47. Nicolas Martin Nicolas Martin Camera and Electrical Department, Los bastardos
48. Karine Le Marchand Karine Le Marchand Self, Les maternelles
49. Jérôme Anthony Jérôme Anthony Actor, On va s'aimer
50. Jean-Pierre Lorrain Jean-Pierre Lorrain Actor, Bay of Angels
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