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1. Cécile De France Cécile De France Actress, Hereafter Cecile de France was born in Namur in Belgium in 1975 and discovered her vocation at the early age of six. As soon as she was seventeen, she was off to Paris with the ambition of beginning a career on the stage. She studied drama with Jean-Paul Denizon, actor and assistant to Peter Brook, before being admitted to the Ecole National Supérieure des Arts et Techniques du Théâtre...
2. Benoît Poelvoorde Benoît Poelvoorde Actor, Man Bites Dog
3. Olivier Gourmet Olivier Gourmet Actor, The Son
4. Lucas Belvaux Lucas Belvaux Actor, On the Run
5. Rémy Belvaux Rémy Belvaux Actor, Man Bites Dog
6. Lorelei Lanford Lorelei Lanford Writer, Guy Bodart's All Hallows Eve Lorelei L. Lanford was born on March 27 in Namur, Belgium. The daughter of filmmaker Guy Bodart and fashion designer Chantal di Bastini, Lorelei's grandparents were actors/singers at the Royal Theatre in Brussels. Lanford received her education in Belgium and Tahiti, French Polynesia. A professional dancer since the age of eleven...
7. Thierry Zéno Thierry Zéno Director, Des morts
8. Fernand Guiot Fernand Guiot Actor, The Wing or Thigh?
9. Pascal Degrune Pascal Degrune Art Department, The Fifth Estate
10. Julie Taton Julie Taton Self, Splash
11. Xavier Diskeuve Xavier Diskeuve Writer, La chanson-chanson
12. Stéphan Carpiaux Stéphan Carpiaux Writer, Red Ants
13. Pauline Paquette Pauline Paquette Actress, Bluff
14. Evelyne Axell Evelyne Axell Actress, La terre est ronde
15. Jean-Claude Pirotte Jean-Claude Pirotte Self, Episode dated 21 November 2013
16. Nathalie Loriers Nathalie Loriers Music Department, The Artist
17. François Maniquet François Maniquet Actor, Mon cousin Jacques
18. Henri Michaux Henri Michaux Writer, Ecuador
18 names.