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1. Mary Jane Croft Mary Jane Croft Actress, The Lucy Show Diminutive, blond character comedienne whose strident voice and nervy manner made her the perfect foil to Lucille Ball's madcap antics on TV, at first, occasionally, on I Love Lucy (as "Betty Ramsay" and "Evelyn Bigsby"), then on a regular basis on The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy (as "Mary Jane Lewis")...
2. Ezra Buzzington Ezra Buzzington Actor, Fight Club
3. James Edwards James Edwards Actor, Patton Pioneering actor who was among Hollywood's first - years ahead of Sidney Poitier - to crush the Stepin Fetchit stereotype of black males as shiftless illiterates. Although in some pictures Edwards would portray subservient characters (e.g. "General" George C. Scott's valet in Patton), he delivered true dignity in his performances...
4. Jami Ferrell Jami Ferrell Self, Playboy Video Playmate Calendar 1998 Beautiful, buxom and exquisitely full-figured blonde bombshell Jami Ferrell was born on June 20, 1974 in Muncie, Indiana. Jami hopped a plane to Los Angeles, California shortly after graduating from high school. Ferrell then got a job as a nanny in Malibu. Jami was still working as a nanny when she became the Playmate of the Month in the January...
5. Freddie Joe Farnsworth Freddie Joe Farnsworth Stunts, Captain America: The First Avenger Freddie is the son of Win and Brenda Farnsworth, Freddie was born in Muncie, Indiana & grew up in Pinedale, Wyoming. Freddie Joe Farnsworth was an IPRA bareback and saddle bronco rider, and is an excellent rider in all rodeo events and performs all horse stunts, both Western and English. He joined the USMC in May of 1985...
6. Joe Farrell Joe Farrell Producer, @midnight
7. Gene Brewer Gene Brewer Writer, K-PAX
8. Michelle Baena Michelle Baena Self, Playboy: Hottest Housewives Busty, shapely, and enticing blonde 5'3" bombshell Michelle Marie Baena was born on December 24, 1972 in Muncie, Indiana. Michelle had to travel a lot as a kid because of her father's career: She attended elementary school in Edmond, Oklahoma; resided in Folsom, California in the fifth grade, and lived in Stanley...
9. Rick Sparks Rick Sparks Actor, The Glittering Gate
10. Dave Duerson Dave Duerson Self, Super Bowl XXV
11. Emily Kimbrough Emily Kimbrough Writer, Our Hearts Were Young and Gay
12. John Oak Dalton John Oak Dalton Writer, Among Us John Oak Dalton was born in Muncie, Indiana. He earned a bachelors degree in Telecommunications and a masters degree in Information and Communication Sciences from Ball State University. In 1987, he was the first scriptwriter to win a David Letterman Telecommunications Scholarship from Ball State.
13. Diann Hunt Diann Hunt Writer, For Better or for Worse
14. Matt Painter Matt Painter Actor, Blue Chips
15. Nick Cardona Nick Cardona Actor, The Pistol: The Birth of a Legend
16. Ellen Ross Ellen Ross Actress, The Pirate
17. Jim Nettles Jim Nettles Self, The NFL on CBS
18. Christy Gamble Christy Gamble Actress, Drumline
19. Jerry Darnall Jerry Darnall
20. Stanley Wray Stanley Wray Self, The Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress
21. Dudley Sadler Dudley Sadler Actor, Lone Star
22. G. Allen Johnson G. Allen Johnson Producer, The Waiter
23. Andy Edwards Andy Edwards
24. Andrew Hendrix Andrew Hendrix Miscellaneous Crew, The Dark Knight Rises Andrew Hendrix lives in Brooklyn, New York where he works as a Director, Visual FX Artist and Commercial Cinematographer. As a director he has worked on music videos, short films, commercials and documentaries for a multitude of clients ranging from Samsung Electronics to NASA. His award-winning work has been showcased at various film festivals...
25. Thomas Geren Thomas Geren Camera and Electrical Department, This Is Spinal Tap
26. Roger Partin Roger Partin Actor, Maintenance by Any Means
27. Paul Trietsch Paul Trietsch Actor, Singin' Spurs
28. Roger Kirby Roger Kirby Actor, WWF Superstars
29. C.L. Gregory C.L. Gregory Camera and Electrical Department, WrestleMania 23
30. Robert T. Haines Robert T. Haines Actor, Human Cargoes
31. Jack Beeson Jack Beeson Composer, NET Opera Theater
32. Brandon Gorin Brandon Gorin Self, Super Bowl XXXIX
33. Mike DeBord Mike DeBord Self, ESPN SportsCentury
34. Maurice Douglass Maurice Douglass Self, 1988 NFC Championship Game
35. Brian Emmett Cook Brian Emmett Cook Miscellaneous Crew, The Insider Brian grew up in the small town of Union City, Indiana. Attending the local high school there he participated in high school sports and wrote, produced and directed programs for the local television channel KISS-3. He later attended Ball State University, graduating with a degree in Telecommunications...
36. Ken Trietsch Ken Trietsch Actor, The Arkansas Swing
37. Troy Timmons Troy Timmons Actor, Citi Boyz: Masters' Mates
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