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1. Katsuhiro Ôtomo Katsuhiro Ôtomo Writer, Akira Began to work as an animation artist in 1973.
2. Shunji Iwai Shunji Iwai Writer, New York, I Love You Most recently, Iwai has been splitting his time between Tokyo and Los Angeles, developing international projects. The remake rights to his award-winning film, Love Letter, have just been licensed by New Line Cinema. In 2008 he served on the World Dramatic Competition Jury for the Sundance Film Festival...
3. Kôichi Yamadera Kôichi Yamadera Actor, Ghost in the Shell Yamadera is a famous Japanese voice artist and actor, born 17 June 1961 in Miyagi, Japan. A graduate from Tohoku Gakuin University's economics school, he is affiliated with Across Entertainment. Before that, he was affiliated with the Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society. He is very prolific voice artist that specializes in video games, television, animation theater and others...
4. Kôji Wakamatsu Kôji Wakamatsu Director, United Red Army
5. Bunta Sugawara Bunta Sugawara Actor, Spirited Away
6. Kanata Hongô Kanata Hongô Actor, Gantz
7. Yôko Kanno Yôko Kanno Composer, Cowboy Bebop
8. Kankurô Kudô Kankurô Kudô Writer, Go
9. Sôjin Kamiyama Sôjin Kamiyama Actor, Shichinin no samurai
10. Shôtarô Ishinomori Shôtarô Ishinomori Writer, Kikaida: Android of Justice Ishinomori Shotaro was born on January 25, 1938 in the town of Ishinomori, Miyagi prefecture as Onodera Shotaro. As one of the most prolific comic artist in history, his works encompasses over 770 titles exceeding 128,000 pages. Being one of the early pioneers of Japanese "manga" or comics, he was one...
11. Isshin Chiba Isshin Chiba Actor, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
12. Mayo Suzukaze Mayo Suzukaze Actress, Samurai X: Trust & Betrayal
13. Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu Writer, Go, Go Second Time Virgin
14. Masatoshi Nakamura Masatoshi Nakamura Actor, Hinokio: Inter Galactic Love
15. Makoto Togashi Makoto Togashi Actress, Guilty of Romance
16. Kyôka Suzuki Kyôka Suzuki Actress, Welcome Back, Mr. McDonald
17. Mika Doi Mika Doi Actress, Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai
18. Minako Ogawa Minako Ogawa Actress, Mansei hatsujô furin-zuma
19. Jun Tatara Jun Tatara Actor, Shichinin no samurai
20. Bin Amatsu Bin Amatsu Actor, Samurai Wolf II
21. Mitsuo Miura Mitsuo Miura Cinematographer, Where Chimneys Are Seen
22. Hirohiko Araki Hirohiko Araki Writer, Jojo no kimyô na bôken: Ôgon no kaze
23. Erika Mori Erika Mori Actress, Masked Rider: The Next
24. Ryûnosuke Tsukigata Ryûnosuke Tsukigata Actor, Sanshiro Sugata
25. Yutaka Abe Yutaka Abe Director, Taiyo no ko
26. Yoshitaka Asama Yoshitaka Asama Writer, The Twilight Samurai
27. Tamaki Komiyama Tamaki Komiyama Actor, Wife to Be Sacrificed
28. Tôru Yuri Tôru Yuri Actor, After Life
29. Hana Kino Hana Kino Actress, Vital
30. Yûna Natsuo Yûna Natsuo Actress, Exte: Hair Extensions
31. Jun Mizuki Jun Mizuki Actress, Ojamajo Doremi
32. Sena Sena Actress, Alter Ego
33. Hiroko Shino Hiroko Shino Actress, Kitsui yatsura
34. Hirotaka Tashiro Hirotaka Tashiro Director, Afureru atsui namida
35. Jun Senoue Jun Senoue Soundtrack, Sonic Generations
36. Sayaka Andô Sayaka Andô Actress, Tetsudô musume - Girls be ambitious!
37. Atsushi Narasaka Atsushi Narasaka Actor, After the Flowers
38. Eijirô Hisaita Eijirô Hisaita Writer, High and Low
39. Hachiro Tako Hachiro Tako Actor, The Yellow Handkerchief
40. Motosuke Takahashi Motosuke Takahashi Animation Department, Rumik World: Faiyâ torippâ
41. Junichi Sugawara Junichi Sugawara Actor, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
42. Ranko Sawa Ranko Sawa Actress, Kanashiki shuyu Sawa was born in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, in 1903. In 1919 she joined the young girl's theater group of Takarazuka under the stage name of Izumi Ranko. After passing through Shochiku Kamata, Sawa joined Nikkatsu Mukojima in 1923. In 1924 she moved to Teikoku Cinema's Ashiya Studios, where she became a leading actress...
43. Kazuaki Hankai Kazuaki Hankai Actor, Satorare
44. Kyohei Kaneko Kyohei Kaneko Actor, Pole Toppling
45. Osamu Miura Osamu Miura Producer, Hey Japanese! Do You Believe Peace, Love and Understanding? 2008
46. Takashi Saitô Takashi Saitô Self, 2007 MLB All-Star Game
47. Kazushige Aizawa Kazushige Aizawa Actor, Requiem of Darkness
48. Man Kato Man Kato Actor, The Ramen Girl
49. Yasuyuki Konno Yasuyuki Konno Self, Japan - Greece
50. Akemi Ohmori Akemi Ohmori Actress, Japan's Tragedy
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