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1. George Lopez George Lopez Producer, Lopez Tonight
2. Sarah Aldrich Sarah Aldrich Actress, General Hospital
3. Samantha Bailey Samantha Bailey Actress, Just Add Magic Samantha Ann Bailey was born in California. She started modeling at the age of 2 months in a local scholarship pageant. By 16 months, Samantha was performing in local dance shows with her aunts. At age 3, she won the Little Miss & Mister Hawaiian Tropic West Coast title and did modeling for Hawaiian Tropic and Hollywood Babe clothing...
4. Jeremy Torgerson Jeremy Torgerson Actor, Second Noah
5. Ambrose Schindler Ambrose Schindler Actor, The Wizard of Oz
6. Timothy Lasquade Timothy Lasquade Makeup Department, Gia
7. Jon Torgerson Jon Torgerson Miscellaneous Crew, The Dark Knight Rises
8. Alana Stelling Alana Stelling Transportation Department, Gran Torino
9. Chris Snail Chris Snail Self, Mommy XXX Chris Snail was born on April 29, 1990 in the San Fernando Valley. He is a mix of Italian, American Indian and Dutch. Chris started playing guitar when he was 12 years old and later started playing the drums. Chris is the son of talent manager and former actress Gina Rodriguez and the brother to Actress Brandi Snail...
10. Joann Henrich Joann Henrich Makeup Department, Get Skinny
11. Thomas Baker Thomas Baker Visual Effects, Spirited Away
12. Paul Stewart Paul Stewart Special Effects, Predator
13. Brad Hoffarth Brad Hoffarth Camera and Electrical Department, My Johnny Born in Mission Hills California. Received his BFA in Film Studies from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2008. Studied experimental film at the San Francisco Art Institute under cult filmmaker George Kuchar. He has held many positions in the entertainment industry including Film Editor, Camera Operator, VFX designer, and Director of Photography.
14. Chris Mello Chris Mello Miscellaneous Crew, The Hunger Games
15. Ryan Braun Ryan Braun Self, Rome Is Burning
16. Lauren Lien Lauren Lien Actress, FIVE Lauren Nicole Lien was born in Mission Hills, California. Close to her Puerto Rican heritage, Lauren has kept a strong passion for culture, spirituality and diversity. Lauren went to a small Episcopalian private school in Apple Valley, California, then attended public high school where she starred in her first major theater role as the lead...
17. Tony Pascale Tony Pascale Actor, Eat Cake
18. Sandy Pine Sandy Pine Miscellaneous Crew, American Idol
19. Kevin E. Curry Kevin E. Curry Producer, The Gentleman of the Senate: Oregon's Mark Hatfield Kevin E. Curry is an award-winning and experienced writer and producer known for exceptional creativity and organization. He spent more than a decade using words to keep - or get - politicians and businesses out of trouble before turning those words on fictional characters. He has written or co-written several screenplays...
20. Aaron Nevarez Aaron Nevarez Actor, I Am Joe
21. Logan Alexander Diaz Logan Alexander Diaz Director, On the Scene Logan Alexander Diaz is an American director, writer, producer and actor of Spanish and Mexican descent who lives in Orange County, California. Logan grew up with a passion for movie making and being visual creative, at 21 he began directing and producing a TV property called On The Scene. Originally a pilot for MTV...
22. Andrea Rewal Andrea Rewal Actress, The Last Letter Drea began modeling at the young age of 8. After modeling, she began to grow an interest in acting. As a student in her high school theater department, Drea was able to express her interest and love for acting. She soon crept into the film industry, playing small roles and extras in both minor and major films...
23. Justin Holiday Justin Holiday Self, Rome Is Burning
24. Bobby Jenks Bobby Jenks Self, 2007 MLB All-Star Game
25. Mario Salazar Mario Salazar Actor, Operation Midnight Climax Mario Salazar lives among the most beautiful mountains of Valencia California. Where he lives with his mother and older sister. Born in Mission Hills while raised among different parts of the valley has shown him many different living situations which has made him stronger throughout his life. Not only...
26. John Ditomaso John Ditomaso Camera and Electrical Department, Dumb and Dumber
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