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1. Marcin Dorocinski Marcin Dorocinski Actor, Jack Strong Marcin Dorocinski (born June 22, 1973) is a Polish film, television and stage actor. He is well known for his portrayals of conflicted, troubled characters: Despero in "Pitbull" (2005), Jacek Mroz in "OFFsiders" (2008). Otter in "Manhunt" (2012) as well as his debonair leading man roles, handsome, virile...
2. Anna Volska Anna Volska Actress, Behind the Legend Anna Volska has been a fixture in Australian theatre for the past 20 years, working alongside her husband John Bell in the Sydney-based Bell Shakespeare Company. She has done little or no film and TV work in recent years, devoting herself to touring Australia presenting Shakespearean plays in concert with her husband...
3. Robert Brzezinski Robert Brzezinski Stunts, Three Colors: White
4. Katarzyna Pakosinska Katarzyna Pakosinska Actress, Twoja twarz brzmi znajomo
5. Jan Mayzel Jan Mayzel Actor, Three Colors: White
6. Krzysztof Baumiller Krzysztof Baumiller Production Designer, Miasto prywatne
7. Jolanta Czaplinska Jolanta Czaplinska Actress, Zemsta
8. Antoni M. Kowalczyk Antoni M. Kowalczyk Editor, Photon Born in Poland. In his high school years he became a passionate filmmaker, making many independent, underground films which he directed, edited and even acted. Obtained a degree in editing at the Film and TV Direction Department in the Lodz Film School. During his professional career as an editor he worked on many TV shows for the leading broadcasters in Poland - TVP...
9. Wlodzimierz Szpak Wlodzimierz Szpak Director, On, ona, oni
10. Michal Arabudzki Michal Arabudzki Director, Zamien mnie w dlugiego weza
11. Maria Mastalinska Maria Mastalinska Editor, Upal
12. Danuta Scibor-Rylska Danuta Scibor-Rylska Writer, Ziemia
12 names.