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51. Alejandro Cuétara Alejandro Cuétara Actor, Compadres
52. Alejandro Fernández Alejandro Fernández Soundtrack, Hasta el fin del mundo Alejandro Fernandez was born April 24, 1971 in Mexico City; the son of one of Mexico's best artistS, Vicente Fernandez and Maria Del Refugio Abarca. Alejandro has lived his years in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico., were he was registered by his parents. He was raised between "Los Tres Potrillos" ranch and the city...
53. Alejandro Ferretis Alejandro Ferretis Actor, Japón
54. Alejandro Galán Alejandro Galán Actor, The Legend of Zorro
55. Alejandro Gamboa Alejandro Gamboa Director, Un gancho al corazón
56. Alejandro Giacomán Alejandro Giacomán Composer, Yago
57. Alejandro González Iñárritu Alejandro González Iñárritu Producer, The Revenant His six feature films - Amores Perros, 21 Grams, Babel (comprising the "Death Trilogy"), Biutiful, Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), and The Revenant - have garnered critical acclaim and numerous accolades, including Academy Award nominations and wins. In 2015, Iñárritu won the Academy Award for Best Director...
58. Alejandro Ibarra Alejandro Ibarra Actor, Amorcito Corazón Alex Ibarra was born in Mexico City, Mexico on April the 28th 1973. Son of acclaimed actress Julissa and rocker Benny Ibarra, grandson of Luis de Llano Palmer (a pioneer in Mexican TV) and Rita Macedo (a diva of Mexican film), Alex was born in the middle of the artistic scene. His debut performance was in the theater play "La Casa de Te de la Luna de Agosto" beside his mother in 1979...
59. Alejandro Lago Alejandro Lago Actor, Gatillero
60. Alejandro Lubezki Alejandro Lubezki Writer, De Mesmer, con amor o Té para dos
61. Alejandro Moreno Orozco Alejandro Moreno Orozco Cinematographer, Jonás Alejandro Moreno studied filmmaking in Mexico City (2006-2010). During his studies Alejandro started as cinematographer, and post-producer for TV series, documentary, sports and other media related trades for independent companies. Sometime after he produced next to Luis Bekris with Galactica Films his first feature film along with Fidecine and Imcine (Mexico Film Commision)...
62. Alejandro Pelayo Alejandro Pelayo Director, Miroslava
63. Alejandro Ruiz Alejandro Ruiz Actor, Mañana es para siempre
64. Alejandro Salomon Alejandro Salomon Producer, Hyper 5 Alejandro Salomon was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. He is an entrepreneur with a proven track record, from founding Salomon Investment Partners, a successful investment fund, to managing his own real estate, tech, and numerous other companies. Through his passion for film Alejandro moved to Los Angeles, which lead him to Helios Productions...
65. Alejandro Solar Luna Alejandro Solar Luna Director, El paciente interno
66. Alejandro Springall Alejandro Springall Producer, Santitos Alejandro Springall studied filmmaking at the London Film School (1987-1991). He returned to Mexico City in 1991, and started working with Mexican producer Bertha Navarro. In 1997 he founded Springall Pictures, his production company. Since 1996 he has been working closely with John Sayes, Maggie Renzi and Lemore Syvan...
67. Alejandro Suárez Alejandro Suárez Actor, Mi Corazón Insiste... en Lola Volcán
68. Alejandro Tommasi Alejandro Tommasi Actor, Destilando amor
69. Alejandro de la Madrid Alejandro de la Madrid Actor, Luna, la heredera
70. Alek Carrera Alek Carrera Actor, Beyond the Trophy
71. Alessandra Rosaldo Alessandra Rosaldo Actress, Ni contigo ni sin ti
72. Alex Ruiz Alex Ruiz Actor, ¿Quién es quién?
73. Alex Sirvent Alex Sirvent Actor, Un gancho al corazón
74. Alexa Damián Alexa Damián Actress, Barrera de amor
75. Alexander Acha Alexander Acha Music Department, Teletón XIV
76. Alexander Kirkland Alexander Kirkland Actor, A Face in the Crowd Writer producer stage and screen actor William Alexander Kirkland was born in Mexico City, the son of Robert Gowland Kirkland and Charlotte Megan and the grandson of rear admiral William Alexander Kirkland and Consuela Gowland. As a boy, Kirkland attended the Taft School, a prep school in Watertown...
77. Alexis Castanares Alexis Castanares Actor, The Summer of Miss Forbes
78. Alfonso André Alfonso André Actor, Crónica de familia
79. Alfonso Arau Alfonso Arau Actor, Romancing the Stone Alfonso Arau has had a long and fruitful career both in front of and behind the camera and is one of the most prominent filmmakers of the Latino community in Hollywood. He was a drama disciple of Seki Sano--a Japanese teacher, classmate of Lee Strasberg with Konstantin Stanislavski in Russia--and traveled the world from 1964 to 1968 with his one-man show...
80. Alfonso Cuarón Alfonso Cuarón Writer, Gravity Alfonso Cuarón Orozco was born on November 28th in Mexico City, Mexico. From an early age, he yearned to be either a film director or an astronaut. However, he did not want to enter the army, so he settled for directing. He didn't receive his first camera until his twelfth birthday, and then immediately started to film everything he saw...
81. Alfonso Herrera Alfonso Herrera Actor, La dictadura perfecta Alfonso (Poncho) Herrera was born in August 28th of 1983 in Monterrey, Mexico. He is a Mexican actor and singer known primarily for performances in Mexican telenovelas. He is also a member of the telenovela-derived music group RBD. As a kid, Alfonso, or Poncho as his friends call him, dreamed of becoming a pilot and wanted to move to San Antonio...
82. Alfonso Mejía Alfonso Mejía Actor, The Young and the Damned
83. Alfonso Rosas Priego hijo Alfonso Rosas Priego hijo Producer, El homicida
84. Alfonso de Anda Alfonso de Anda Director, Soy tu doble
85. Alfredo Joskowicz Alfredo Joskowicz Director, El caballito volador
86. Alfredo Ripstein hijo Alfredo Ripstein hijo Producer, El crimen del Padre Amaro
87. Alfredo Salazar Alfredo Salazar Writer, La momia azteca contra el robot humano
88. Alfredo Zacarías Alfredo Zacarías Writer, Demonoid: Messenger of Death
89. Alicia Bonet Alicia Bonet Actress, Hasta el viento tiene miedo
90. Alicia Montoya Alicia Montoya Actress, Retrato de familia
91. Aline Blanc Aline Blanc Actress, Lokas
92. Aline Hernández Aline Hernández Actress, Al norte del corazón
93. Alma Delia Fuentes Alma Delia Fuentes Actress, The Young and the Damned
94. Alma Muriel Alma Muriel Actress, Principessa
95. Alonso Alvarez Alonso Alvarez Writer, Crescendo I Alonso Alvarez Barreda was born in Mexico City and raised in the Mexican town of Tampico Tamaulipas. After being rejected from several film schools, he enrolled at the Universidad Autónoma DE Tamaulipas to study International Commerce, but after two years dropped out to pursue his dream of filmmaking...
96. Alonso Mejía Alonso Mejía Cinematographer, I migliori sentimenti After attending Mexico City's Tec de Monterrey (B.A. in Communication, graduated with honors in 2002) and a summer course in documentary filmmaking at the EICTV in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba. Alonso has been working as a Cinematographer for the better part of this century. His career in advertising began in 2006...
97. Altair Jarabo Altair Jarabo Actress, En nombre del amor Mexican actress, born August 7th, 1986. Started her career as a model. Has participated in several soap operas such as Inocente de ti (2004), El amor no tiene precio (2005), Código postal (2006) and Lola, erase una vez (2007). She finallly got recognition in the soap opera Al diablo con los guapos (2007-2008)...
98. Amparo Arozamena Amparo Arozamena Actress, El diario de Daniela
99. Ana Alicia Ana Alicia Actress, Falcon Crest Born in Mexico City, Mexico on December 12, 1956, Ana Alicia became the third of four children to Carlos Celestino Ortiz and Alicia Torres Ortiz. She grew up in El Paso, Texas from age 6 after the passing of her father. There, she lived with her grandmother, widowed mother, her uncle Louie and three siblings in a house her father had purchased for her grandmother...
100. Ana Isabel Esqueira Ana Isabel Esqueira Actress, Suave patria
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