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1. Hugo Becker Hugo Becker Actor, Breathe In Hugo was born on May 13 1987. Brought up in Metz, France he graduated from both the French Conservatory of Dramatic Art and RADA and in 2010 received the Young Cannes Talent Award. His breakthrough role came in the American comedy series 'Gossip Girl' as Prince Louis of Monaco but, being bilingual, has appeared in films and TV on both sides of the Atlantic...
2. Jean-Marie Straub Jean-Marie Straub Director, The Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach
3. Régis Wargnier Régis Wargnier Writer, Indochine
4. Jacques Charrier Jacques Charrier Actor, The Third Lover
5. Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince Director, Roundhay Garden Scene Le Prince is considered the pioneer of the motion picture. His father was an intimate friend of Louis Daguerre (1787-1851), the famous pioneer of photography, who gave his son some early lessons in the art. In 1875 he saw a series of photographs taken by Eadweard Muybridge at Palo Alto, California. Le Prince was attracted to the idea of producing a series of photographs i.e...
6. Eliska Cross Eliska Cross Actress, Rose, c'est Paris
7. Charles David Charles David Director, Lady on a Train
8. Monique Messine Monique Messine Actress, Vivre Sa Vie
9. Jacqueline Roman Jacqueline Roman Actress, L'affaire du Grand Hôtel
10. Wolf Ackva Wolf Ackva Actor, Taxi 4012
11. Jutta Jol Jutta Jol Actress, Vacation from Marriage
12. Michaël Schaack Michaël Schaack Camera and Electrical Department, Hysteria
13. Valerie Bergere Valerie Bergere Actress, It's Love I'm After
14. Séverine Barré Séverine Barré Production Manager, I've Loved You So Long
15. Micheline Boudet Micheline Boudet Actress, L'auberge de la licorne
16. Hans Christian Rudolph Hans Christian Rudolph Actor, Stammheim - Die Baader-Meinhof-Gruppe vor Gericht
17. Charles Willy Kayser Charles Willy Kayser Actor, Waterloo
18. Thomas Collignon Thomas Collignon Camera and Electrical Department, A Prophet
19. Angela Nanni Angela Nanni Self, Loft story, saison 2
20. Claude Santelli Claude Santelli Writer, L'héritage
21. Stany Cordier Stany Cordier Director, Paris Music Hall
21 names.