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1. Maria Grazia Cucinotta Maria Grazia Cucinotta Actress, The World Is Not Enough
2. Adolfo Celi Adolfo Celi Actor, Thunderball Sicilian born actor / writer / director was very popular with European audiences, but largely unknown to the west apart from his portrayal of the villainous SPECTRE agent "Emilio Largo" in the spectacular James Bond film Thunderball. However, due to his heavy accent, Celi's voice was dubbed by Robert Rietty...
3. Giuseppe Sulfaro Giuseppe Sulfaro Actor, Malèna
4. Nino Frassica Nino Frassica Actor, The Tourist
5. Antonino Bruschetta Antonino Bruschetta Actor, L'uomo in più
6. Tano Cimarosa Tano Cimarosa Actor, Cinema Paradiso
7. Guido Caprino Guido Caprino Actor, I vicerè
8. Francesca Chillemi Francesca Chillemi Actress, Cado dalle nubi
9. Mario Landi Mario Landi Director, Patrick vive ancora
10. Anna Kanakis Anna Kanakis Actress, 2019: After the Fall of New York
11. Lorenzo Crespi Lorenzo Crespi Actor, Porzûs
12. Rosario Barbera Rosario Barbera Visual Effects, Human Capital
13. Santi Scinelli Santi Scinelli Actor, Jab Tak Hai Jaan
14. Vincenzo Tripodo Vincenzo Tripodo Director, Heart of Spider
15. Giacomo Rondinella Giacomo Rondinella Actor, Napoli terra d'amore
16. Carlo Ausino Carlo Ausino Director, Don't Look in the Attic
17. Vittorio Sindoni Vittorio Sindoni Director, Amore mio non farmi male
18. Simone Tringali Simone Tringali Director, La gabbia della società He was born on December 22nd, 1995 in Messina. Since always with a passion for cinema, begins to experience of the art of storytelling through motion pictures with his sister Floriana with which he produced about 12 short films, including, to 11 years, with a old camera gives birth at his first short film: "Il mistero del Signor Rossi"...
19. Marco Dentici Marco Dentici Production Designer, Vincere
20. Gabriele Greco Gabriele Greco Actor, Una sera d'ottobre
21. Giuseppe Vittorio Sampieri Giuseppe Vittorio Sampieri Director, L'albergo della felicità
22. Oreste Palella Oreste Palella Writer, Il richiamo nella tempesta
23. Marina La Rosa Marina La Rosa Actress, Esperança
24. Daniela Conti Daniela Conti Actress, Il Bi e il Ba
25. Antonio Micciulli Antonio Micciulli Writer, Tempo di Reazione
26. Ernesto Almirante Ernesto Almirante Actor, The White Sheik
27. Michele Cimarosa Michele Cimarosa Actor, In the Name of the Italian People
28. Paolo Lombardo Paolo Lombardo Writer, Un alibi per morire
29. Umberto Benedetto Umberto Benedetto Actor, Eutanasia di un amore
30. Emilio Fede Emilio Fede Self, Episode #16.14
31. Francesco Calogero Francesco Calogero Writer, Nessuno
32. Turi Vasile Turi Vasile Writer, Legs of Gold
33. Fortunato Misiano Fortunato Misiano Producer, Marechiaro
34. Gino Buzzanca Gino Buzzanca Actor, Easy Years
35. Celeste Brancato Celeste Brancato Actress, The Stolen Children
36. Mario Sesti Mario Sesti Director, The Lost Ending Mario Sesti (born 1958), has worked as specialist in film restoration of Italian postwar cinema, as film critic for Italian news-magazines and newspapers, as film programmer for TV network. He realized and directed films about Pietro Germi, Federico Fellini and the restoration process, which was shown at MoMA...
37. Carlo Tricoli Carlo Tricoli Actor, The Children of Alda Nuova
38. Lucia Aliberti Lucia Aliberti Self, Michael Bolton: My Secret Passion - Live from Catania
39. Febo Mari Febo Mari Actor, Il Fauno
40. Enrico Fulchignoni Enrico Fulchignoni Director, I due Foscari
41. Beniamino Joppolo Beniamino Joppolo Writer, The Carabineers
42. Nicuzza Nicuzza Actress, Who Is Happier Than I?
43. Giuseppe Zucca Giuseppe Zucca Writer, Ridi pagliaccio!
44. Peppe Ruggeri Peppe Ruggeri Producer, Zoas: Burlesque
45. Alberto Verso Alberto Verso Costume Designer, Ripley's Game
46. Anna Capodaglio Anna Capodaglio Actress, Fatto di cronaca
47. Angela Buscemi Angela Buscemi Costume Designer, Metronotte
48. Ricky Portera Ricky Portera Self, Banana republic
49. Alfredo Miserocchi Alfredo Miserocchi Miscellaneous Crew, Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
50. Andrea Quartana Andrea Quartana Actor, La vita rubata
1-50 of 55 names.