9 names.

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1. Richard Harrington Richard Harrington Actor, The Contractor
2. Ivor Barry Ivor Barry Actor, Weird Science
3. Antony Smith Antony Smith Producer, King Arthur: Excalibur Rising
4. Ian Watkins Ian Watkins Actor, Guitar Hero World Tour
5. Derek Pollitt Derek Pollitt Actor, Doctor Who: Shada
6. Andrew Oakes Andrew Oakes Director, What Hides Within Andrew Oakes was born and raised in the South Wales valley town of Merthyr Tydfil. Being the son of renowned science fiction, horror, and fantasy illustrator, Terry Oakes, Andrew started drawing and creating comics and stories from a young age, and became a keen film fan before the age of ten. Over the years...
7. Owen Money Owen Money Actor, Pubroom Paranoia
8. John Ninnis John Ninnis Producer, Virgil Vigilante
9. Johnny Owen Johnny Owen
9 names.