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1. Janet Leigh Janet Leigh Actress, Psycho Janet Leigh was born Jeanette Helen Morrison on July 6, 1927 in Merced, California, the only child of Helen Lita (Westergaard) and Frederick Robert Morrison. Her maternal grandparents were Danish, and her father had British Isles and German ancestry. Her parents often moved from town to town. Living in apartments...
2. Ray Allen Ray Allen Self, Episode #15.136 Ray Allen was born at Castle Air Force Base, near Merced, California, to Flora (Day) and Walter Allen, Sr. He graduated from Hillcrest High school in Dalzell, South Carolina in 1993 after taking the varsity basketball team (the Wildcats) to the State Championships. He was the 1996 Big East Player of the Year...
3. Summer Bartholomew Summer Bartholomew Self, Episode dated 24 March 1989
4. Rex Pickett Rex Pickett Writer, Sideways Rex Pickett is the critically-acclaimed author of the novel Sideways, upon which the Oscar-winning Alexander Payne film of the same title was adapted. Not only did the film win over 350 awards from major critics and awards organizations and completely change the wine world, the film has continued to garner a worldwide cult following...
5. David Odell David Odell Writer, The Dark Crystal
6. Philip H. Lathrop Philip H. Lathrop Cinematographer, The Pink Panther
7. Cory Williams Cory Williams Self, I Want My Three Minutes Back Cory Williams is a film maker, actor, and YouTube star. He began his internet career in March 2005 when he started streaming videos on "New Grounds", and uploading music to his MySpace profile. By September 2005 Golden Palace Casino was sponsoring him in his blogging and video making. Cory Williams...
8. Rene Finkenkeller Rene Finkenkeller Actress, The Allen House Born in Merced, California while her father was stationed at Castle A.F.B., Rene Marye Finkenkeller spent her entire childhood moving to various remote locations across the USA and Europe. She graduated from Incirlik American High School in Turkey and spent a semester at Pensacola Christian College as a vocal performance major with dreams of entering the contemporary Christian music industry...
9. Katie Gallagher Katie Gallagher Producer, The Next Big Thing: NY
10. Coco Robicheaux Coco Robicheaux Actor, Hotshots
11. Steve Martin Steve Martin Actor, Iron Man
12. Lacy Phillips Lacy Phillips Actress, Maneater
13. Tom Cable Tom Cable Self, San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders
14. Marvin Eastman Marvin Eastman Self, UFC 50: The War of '04
15. David Pearlman David Pearlman Miscellaneous Crew, Phil Touches Flo
16. Bruce Bowen Bruce Bowen Self, Episode dated 5 June 2009
17. Cary Stayner Cary Stayner Uncategorised
18. Alan Seawright Alan Seawright Editor, CTU: Provo
19. Charles Ogletree Charles Ogletree Self, The House I Live In
20. Mario Polanco Mario Polanco Producer, Mamochka: A Russian Folktale Mario Polanco has produced Mamochka: A Russian Folktale Retold, directed by Jody Lee Olhava, starring Cindy Clark and Yuri Fedorko, which won the Best Educational Award at the 2004 Berkeley International Film Festival. This is his debut film for Iris International Film. In addition, it has been honored with the Dove Seal...
21. Dave Henderson Dave Henderson Self, MLB on FOX
22. Chris Housh Chris Housh Producer, Stupid Cupid The director / producer began as an actor and transitioned to behind the camera work in his 20s. He prefers to tell stories of working class characters. Comfortable in all genres. His first film was a romantic buddy comedy, "Stupid Cupid". In 2000, he ran for political office in San Francisco Bay Area and received over 13,000 votes.
23. Mike Alonzo Mike Alonzo Actor, Kiss Her Goodbye
24. Brian Fuentes Brian Fuentes Self, 2007 MLB All-Star Game
25. Jason Ponder Jason Ponder Actor, Eazy
26. Victor Ramirez Victor Ramirez Camera and Electrical Department, Ballad of Jackson
27. Jeffrey M. Parker Jeffrey M. Parker Producer, Celebrity Duets
28. Dwayne Murphy Dwayne Murphy Self, Sliders
29. Thad Tillotson Thad Tillotson Uncategorised
30. Jim Brewer Jim Brewer Self, Game 3
31. Mervyn Fernandez Mervyn Fernandez Self, Los Angeles Raiders vs. Kansas City Chiefs
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