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1. Tamara Tunie Tamara Tunie Actress, Flight
2. Aline MacMahon Aline MacMahon Actress, One Way Passage Aline MacMahon was born of Irish/Russian ancestry on May 3 1899, the daughter of William Marcus MacMahon and Jennie Simon MacMahon. Her father went on to become editor-in-chief of Munsey's Magazine, while her mother pursued a theatrical acting career from middle-age and lived to the ripe old age of 107...
3. Bette Ford Bette Ford Actress, Sudden Impact
4. Amy Argyle Amy Argyle Actress, Frank & Lola
5. Donna Jean Young Donna Jean Young Actress, ABC Stage 67
6. Libby Aubrey Libby Aubrey Actress, G.I. Joe It was fate and not intention that turned Libby Aubrey from a Beverly Hills housewife into a world class athlete. A Pennsylvania native, Libby's first love was acting, which she began studying at an early age. By the time she was eight, she was performing on the highly respected Bucks County Playhouse...
7. Rudy Ricci Rudy Ricci Actor, Dawn of the Dead
8. Bob Carroll Jr. Bob Carroll Jr. Writer, I Love Lucy Bob Carroll Jr. was born August 12, 1918, in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. At the age of three, Carroll and his family moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. His interest in writing was sparked when as a teenager he entered a radio contest, submitting a script he had written while laid up in bed recovering from a hip ailment; his submission won first prize...
9. Richard Wilson Richard Wilson Director, It's All True
10. Marc Connelly Marc Connelly Writer, Captains Courageous Marc Connelly, the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, is best known as being one of the leading wits of the Algonquin Round Table and for being a collaborator with George S. Kaufman, with whom he wrote many plays, including Merton of the Movies. His Broadway career spanned 65 years, from 1915, when he got...
11. Peggy Maurer Peggy Maurer Actress, Playhouse 90
12. Byron Janis Byron Janis Soundtrack, Hannibal Rising
13. Ted Johnson Ted Johnson Actor, Lincoln
14. Kirk Brown Kirk Brown Actor, Man Against Crime Broadway and television actor, born to a theatrical family and the nephew of Shakespearean actor Kirke Brown, with whom he toured as a child. He had appeared in stock productions with the Poli and Winninger Brothers groups, and was a member of the Lambs and the Catholic Actors Guild of America. He had performed on stage in "Man on Stilts"...
15. Karl Brown Karl Brown Writer, Flames
16. Timothy Deenihan Timothy Deenihan Actor, Batman Begins
17. Gordon Kent Gordon Kent Writer, CBS Storybreak
18. Cheryl McCall Cheryl McCall Writer, Streetwise
19. Steve Klisanin Steve Klisanin Actor, The Wild Women of Wongo
20. Steve Hutsko Steve Hutsko Actor, Night of the Living Dead
21. John Eastman John Eastman Actor, Dollman
22. Roy Barnes Roy Barnes Art Department, Serenity
23. Toni-Leslie James Toni-Leslie James Costume Designer, American Playhouse
24. Bill Robinson Bill Robinson Self, 1975 National League Championship Series
25. Brian Holton Brian Holton Self, 1988 National League Championship Series
26. Kirke Brown Kirke Brown Actor, The Road Between
27. Matthew Wayne Selznick Matthew Wayne Selznick Actor, Hunger
28. Bill Robinson Bill Robinson Self, ESPN SportsCentury
29. Ted Pandel Ted Pandel Soundtrack, Haack: The King of Techno
30. Karl Hendricks Karl Hendricks Self, Weird Paul: A Lo Fidelity Documentary
31. Gary Perich Gary Perich Actor, The Young and the Restless
32. Rob Holmberg Rob Holmberg Self, ESPN's Sunday Night Football
33. Bob Long Bob Long Self, The NFL on CBS
34. Herbert Spiegel Herbert Spiegel Self, Horizon
35. Jim Trimble Jim Trimble Self, 49th Grey Cup
36. Russ Goetz Russ Goetz Self, 1973 World Series
37. Robert Daley Robert Daley Actor, The Nature of Things
38. Ross Fichtner Ross Fichtner Self, The NFL on CBS
39. Brandon Short Brandon Short Self, NFL Monday Night Football
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