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1. Sasha Barrese Sasha Barrese Actress, The Hangover Alexandra "Sasha" Barrese is the daughter of actress and model Katherine Barrese. Katherine was a model when she gave birth to baby Sasha. The two lived in Maui, Hawaii and soon moved to Paris, France. There, Katherine continued to model and take Sasha to work with her. Sasha got a lot of early modeling experience by going to the photo shoots with her mom...
2. Candis Cayne Candis Cayne Self, Making the Boys Candis was born as Brendan McDaniel in Hawaii. Brendan transitioned to Candis Cayne and became one of the United States' most popular and sought-after transgender actresses. Candis first made a name for herself at the famed NYC gay hot-spot "Boy Bar", where her performances drew raves. A classically trained dancer...
3. Destin Daniel Cretton Destin Daniel Cretton Director, Short Term 12
4. Kiana Tom Kiana Tom Actress, Universal Soldier: The Return
5. Richard Loo Richard Loo Actor, The Man with the Golden Gun One of the most familiar Asian character actors in American films of the 1930s and 1940s, Richard Loo was most often stereotyped as the Japanese enemy flier, spy or interrogator during the Second World War. Chinese by ancestry and Hawaiian by birth, Loo spent his youth in Hawaii, then moved to California as a teenager...
6. Mike Stone Mike Stone Stunts, Enter the Ninja
7. Kwan Hi Lim Kwan Hi Lim Actor, Magnum, P.I.
8. Michael Didriksson Michael Didriksson Actor, The Dark Knight Rises
9. Renee DeWitt Renee DeWitt Self, America's Next Top Model
10. Charity Rahmer Charity Rahmer Actress, Cheerleader Massacre
11. Poncie Ponce Poncie Ponce Actor, Hawaiian Eye
12. Rusty Wescoatt Rusty Wescoatt Actor, Atom Man vs. Superman
13. Jim Gaines Jim Gaines Actor, Faster
14. Soo Yong Soo Yong Actress, Sayonara
15. Cedric Ceballos Cedric Ceballos Actor, Space Jam
16. Perigil A. Ilacas Jr. Perigil A. Ilacas Jr. Producer, Jupiter and Mercury
17. Shane Victorino Shane Victorino Self, Sunday Night Baseball Shane plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. He is a switch-hitter and throws right-handed. He has earned himself the nicknames; "The Flyin' Hawaiian" and "The Pineapple Express" because of his Hawaiian heritage and his ability to throw a fast ball. On June 3, 2007 the Phillies celebrated "Shane Victorino Day", with hulas that looked like him and had his father fly in from Maui to help celebrate...
18. Akira Fukunaga Akira Fukunaga Actor, Go for Broke!
19. Dan Aoki Dan Aoki Actor, Beachhead
20. Irmgard Aluli Irmgard Aluli Actress, Hawaii Five-O
21. James Cordeiro James Cordeiro Art Director, The Dead Zone James Cordeiro grew up on Maui in Spreckelsville and Pa'ia when these towns were HC$S plantation neighborhoods with small "local" populations. The close and interrelated community made Maui "no ka oi!". He attended St. Anthony's grade school and high school before entering the University of Hawaii in 1962...
22. Flora Hayes Flora Hayes Actress, Blue Hawaii
23. Gil Amaral Gil Amaral Transportation Department, The Hangover
24. Ian Walsh Ian Walsh Self, Fiberglass and Megapixels
25. Etta Lee Etta Lee Actress, The Toll of the Sea
26. Kendall Grove Kendall Grove Self, UFC 80: Rapid Fire
27. Eddie Aikau Eddie Aikau Self, Five Summer Stories Champion surfer and lifeguard Edward Ryan Makuahanai Aikau was born on May 4, 1946 in Maui, Hawaii. The son of Solomon and Henrietta Aikau, Eddie was the third in a family of six children. Aikau grew up in Lahaina and attended St. Anthony School in Kailua. Eddie began surfing at age eleven and moved with his family to the Hawaiian island of O'ahu in 1959...
28. Megan Finney Megan Finney
29. Robert H. Krewson Robert H. Krewson Actor, Hawaii Five-O
30. Myra English Myra English Actress, Magnum, P.I.
31. Casey Kono Casey Kono Actor, Savage Beach
32. Patricia Pfaeltzer Patricia Pfaeltzer Actress, The Devil's Playhouse
33. Edwin Kinji Ushiro Edwin Kinji Ushiro Art Department, Angel Away from his native region of Maui, Edwin Ushiro moved to California where he attended the Art Center College of Design and graduated Honors with a BFA in Illustration. He has since worked in the amazing world of entertainment as a Production Designer, Visual Consultant, Art Director, Storyboard Artist...
34. Hanzo Hamamura Hanzo Hamamura Actor, Three Little Words
35. Iwalani Kahalewai Iwalani Kahalewai Music Department, Forbidden Island
36. Tandy MacKenzie Tandy MacKenzie Actor, The Hard-Boiled Canary
37. Richard Marks Richard Marks Actor, Molokai
38. Harold Iggy Harold Iggy Self, The Living Curl Harold "Iggy" Ige was born in 1941 in Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. Iggy moved with his family to Oahu at age four and first started surfing at age nine in Waikiki. Harold began shaping surfboards two years later. Following graduation from high school in 1960, Iggy moved to Southern California and worked for both Greg Noll Surfboards and Velzy Surfboards...
39. Kiope Raymond Kiope Raymond Actor, ...wie einst Lili Marleen
40. Rhonda Dawes Rhonda Dawes
41. Ty Suehiro Ty Suehiro Camera and Electrical Department, Back to the Future Part II
42. Patsy Mink Patsy Mink Self, What's My Line?
43. Jim Katugi Noda Jim Katugi Noda Actor, Bus Stop
44. James Tripp James Tripp Self, Blood & Iron: The Story of the German War Machine
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