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1. Julia Dietze Julia Dietze Actress, Iron Sky
2. Roxane Mesquida Roxane Mesquida Actress, Rubber Roxane Mesquida grew up in Le Pradet, a little town in the South of France. At the age of 11, while walking with her mother, writer Francoise Mesquida, she was spotted by director Manuel Pradal who cast her in Mary from the Bay of Angels (Marie Baie de Anges). In 1998, she played opposite Isabelle Huppert...
3. Eric Cantona Eric Cantona Actor, Elizabeth Eric Cantona is most known for his skill on the soccer field. Starring at Old Trafford, Manchester United's homeground, Cantona got the nickname "The King". The controversial striker has been praised as the one who brought back the trophies to one of the world's most famous soccer clubs. Cantona is well-known for being banned from playing soccer for 8 months after kicking a fan during a match...
4. France Nuyen France Nuyen Actress, Santa Barbara
5. Louis Jourdan Louis Jourdan Actor, Octopussy Louis Jourdan was born Louis Robert Gendre in Marseille, France, to Yvonne (née Jourdan) and Henry Gendre, a hotel owner. He was educated in France, Britain, and Turkey. He trained as an actor with René Simon at the École Dramatique. He debuted on-screen in 1939, going on to play cultivated, polished...
6. Peter Wyngarde Peter Wyngarde Actor, The Innocents Peter Paul Wyngarde was born at the home of an aunt in Marseille, Southern France, and is the son of an English father and French mother. Owing to his father's work as a member of the British Diplomatic Service, Peter spent much of his early childhood moving from one country to another, and was educated in a number of different schools...
7. Géraldine Pailhas Géraldine Pailhas Actress, Don Juan DeMarco
8. Fernandel Fernandel Actor, The Little World of Don Camillo The apocryphal biography of Fernand Contadin tells the invention of his artistic name Fernandel by his sister-in-law ("Voici le Fernand d'elles"). At the beginning of the thirties he became a typical actor of the comedy genre: popular, common, likable and with a concealed grain of drama. Marc Allégret was the director of his first successful film La meilleure bobonne...
9. Simone Simon Simone Simon Actress, Cat People Diminutive, fiery-tempered Simone Simon was born in France, but spent much of her early childhood in Madagascar, where her father managed a graphite mine. Her schooling was somewhat unsettled, her family moving from city to city (Berlin, Budapest, Turin) before finally establishing themselves in Paris in 1930...
10. Jean Sorel Jean Sorel Actor, Belle de Jour
11. Emmanuel Mouret Emmanuel Mouret Actor, The Art of Love
12. Zinédine Zidane Zinédine Zidane Self, Goal! The Dream Begins
13. Richard Allan Richard Allan Actor, French Erection
14. Robert Guédiguian Robert Guédiguian Producer, Marius and Jeannette
15. Paul Préboist Paul Préboist Actor, The Two of Us
16. Ariane Ascaride Ariane Ascaride Actress, Marius and Jeannette
17. Antonin Artaud Antonin Artaud Actor, The Passion of Joan of Arc
18. Pierre-François Martin-Laval Pierre-François Martin-Laval Actor, Essaye-moi
19. Olivier Widmaier Picasso Olivier Widmaier Picasso Self, Episode dated 16 November 2014
20. Catherine Rouvel Catherine Rouvel Actress, Va Savoir (Who Knows?)
21. Sébastien Japrisot Sébastien Japrisot Writer, A Very Long Engagement
22. Serge Marquand Serge Marquand Actor, The Big Red One
23. Marion Hänsel Marion Hänsel Producer, Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
24. Edmond Rostand Edmond Rostand Writer, Cyrano de Bergerac Edmund Rostand was a prominent French playwright and poet. Rostand, who was born in Marseille on 1 April, 1868, the son of the distinguished economist Eugene Rostand (1843-1915), first achieved success in Paris at the age of twenty with his vaudeville sketch 'Le Gant Rouge". A collection of poems in 1890 entitled "Les Musardises"...
25. Chloé Lambert Chloé Lambert Actress, A Kiss for the World
26. Gérard Meylan Gérard Meylan Actor, Marius and Jeannette
27. Raphaël Nadjari Raphaël Nadjari Director, Avanim Raphael Nadjari (born 1971 in Marseille, France) is a French born writer and director for film and television. In 1993, Nadjari started working for French television as a writer and director. In 1997, he wrote the television screenplay Le P'tit Bleu, which was directed by Francois Vautier for ARTE as part of the TV drama collection Petits Gangsters...
28. Maria Mauban Maria Mauban Actress, Journey to Italy
29. Jacques Rouffio Jacques Rouffio Writer, 7 morts sur ordonnance
30. Gus Leonard Gus Leonard Actor, His Royal Slyness
31. Maria Zulima Job Maria Zulima Job Actress, Ferdinando e Carolina
32. Franck Fernandel Franck Fernandel Actor, Cherchez l'idole Son of french actor Fernandel, Franck Fernandel is better known in France and Quebec as a singer who was very successful from the mid-60's to the early 70's. Major hits: "Les yeux d'un ange", "Bonjour Marie", "Une marionnette" and "L'amour interdit".
33. Alain Emery Alain Emery Actor, White Mane
34. Helena Karel Helena Karel Actress, Éloge de la chair
35. Paul Mauriat Paul Mauriat Soundtrack, Goodfellas
36. Robin Davis Robin Davis Director, J'ai épousé une ombre
37. Daniel Russo Daniel Russo Actor, Life and Nothing But
38. Henri Vilbert Henri Vilbert Actor, Le bon Dieu sans confession
39. Charles Gérard Charles Gérard Actor, Happy New Year
40. Jean-Claude Izzo Jean-Claude Izzo Writer, Lost Seamen
41. János Kende János Kende Cinematographer, Look to the Sky
42. Maurice Béjart Maurice Béjart Miscellaneous Crew, Je t'aime, tu danses
43. Jeannette Batti Jeannette Batti Actress, Four Bags Full
44. Josette Contandin Josette Contandin Actress, Josette
45. Robert Salis Robert Salis Director, Grande école
46. Patrick Fiori Patrick Fiori Self, Episode dated 11 May 2014
47. Lucien Callamand Lucien Callamand Actor, Fan-Fan the Tulip
48. Ginette Garcin Ginette Garcin Actress, Cousin cousine
49. Eddy Matalon Eddy Matalon Director, Cathy's Curse
50. René Allio René Allio Director, La vieille dame indigne
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