20 names.

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1. Emma Fitzpatrick Emma Fitzpatrick Actress, The Social Network
2. Taya Parker Taya Parker Actress, Beach Massacre at Kill Devil Hills
3. Jonathon E. Stewart Jonathon E. Stewart Writer, Cars 3
4. Robert F. Slatzer Robert F. Slatzer Director, The Hellcats
5. Eve Curtis Eve Curtis Actress, Weapon of Mass Destruction Eve Curtis, born and also known as, Lisa Eve McKim, is originally from Marion, Ohio. From her earliest years, she was known to family and friends as a natural performer and leader. Her eighth grade teacher wrote in an autograph book that she expected to see "(Lisa's) name in lights, or as the first female President"...
6. Jeb Burris Jeb Burris Actor, Pathology
7. Larissa Thurston Larissa Thurston Actress, Happy Hour
8. Jim Gallant Jim Gallant Actor, Who Framed Roger Rabbit
9. Vera Van Vera Van Actress, I'm Much Obliged
10. Michael James Dukes Michael James Dukes Actor, Duellum
11. John McClain John McClain Writer, Lady Be Good
12. O.J. McDuffie O.J. McDuffie Self, NFL Monday Night Football
13. Aubrey Huff Aubrey Huff Self, Sunday Night Baseball
14. Bill Sims Bill Sims Self, An American Love Story
15. Jed Ackerman Jed Ackerman Producer, The Daily Buzz
16. Grelun Landon Grelun Landon
17. Erik Flesher Erik Flesher Writer, 3-South
18. Maggie Task Maggie Task Actress, The Verdict
19. Norman Thomas Norman Thomas Self, The Passaic Textile Strike
20. Florence Kling Harding Florence Kling Harding Self, Redskins Pay Tribute to Big Chief Harding
20 names.