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1. Audrey Fleurot Audrey Fleurot Actress, The Intouchables
2. Elisabeth Margoni Elisabeth Margoni Actress, Love Actually
3. Josiane Lévêque Josiane Lévêque Actress, The Unbearable Lightness of Being What characterizes Josiane Lévêque best is her sense of derision and self-derision. Accordingly, this very active actress has played mainly comic parts either in traditional plays (Feydeau, Ionesco, Ayckbourn, Anouilh) or in the "café-théâtre" for which she writes her own spectacles. She was awarded the 1977 Prix Courteline for her performances in this theatrical genre...
4. Armand Thirard Armand Thirard Cinematographer, Diabolique
5. Faudel Faudel Actor, Happenstance
6. Jacques Varennes Jacques Varennes Actor, Diabolique
7. Rémy Chourlay Rémy Chourlay Transportation Department, Möbius
8. René Sylviano René Sylviano Composer, Prix de beauté (Miss Europe)
8 names.