40 names.

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1. Mackenzie Crook Mackenzie Crook Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Mackenzie Crook, one of British comedy's best-known faces, who collected Star Wars figurines as a child, is now immortalized in plastic as a six-inch-high pirate action figure. He was born Paul Mackenzie Crook on September 29, 1971, in Maidstone, Kent, England, UK. His father worked for British Airways...
2. Tamsin Greig Tamsin Greig Actress, Shaun of the Dead
3. Tom Riley Tom Riley Actor, I Want Candy
4. Guy Henry Guy Henry Actor, V for Vendetta Guy Henry is a British stage and screen actor. He is best-known for his roles in Rome and John Adams. He trained at RADA (1979-1981). He has done most of his work at the Royal Shakespeare Company. He has appeared in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2. He does work on stage, TV, radio and film.
5. Shaun Williamson Shaun Williamson Actor, The Invention of Lying
6. Noel Howlett Noel Howlett Actor, A Christmas Carol
7. Anna Mountford Anna Mountford Actress, ToCA Race Driver 2 Anna Louise Mountford was born in Kent, UK, in 1973 to John Mountford a school teacher and head master and Joan Mountford. She is an only child. Anna's first professional work was at age eighteen in the hit West End Musical "Starlight Express". Her TV break through role came playing the lead (Suzanne Pryce) opposite Cockney bad boy Keith Allen in BBC prime time drama series "Jack of Hearts"...
8. Danny D Danny D Actor, Episode #2.3
9. Carol McGiffin Carol McGiffin Self, Episode #11.128
10. Samantha Giles Samantha Giles Actress, Episode #1.7065
11. Tony Hart Tony Hart Self, Take Hart
12. Aaron Sidwell Aaron Sidwell Actor, Episode dated 6 December 2007
13. Steven Pinner Steven Pinner Actor, Link
14. Olivia Lumley Olivia Lumley Actress, Outlaw
15. Liv Boeree Liv Boeree Self, Dude! Where's My Music?
16. Guy Fletcher Guy Fletcher Soundtrack, Bedtime Stories
17. Andrew T. Mackay Andrew T. Mackay Music Department, Dhoom:3 Andrew is a classically trained composer, producer, arranger and conductor living and working between London and Bombay. He is also the co-founder alongside Garry Hughes of the popular electronica/world music act Bombay Dub Orchestra. One of his recent music scores was for the feature doc 'Monsoon'...
18. Kenneth Mcreddie Kenneth Mcreddie Actor, Ambassador Status
19. Steven Finch Steven Finch Actor, Little Problems
20. Andy Townsend Andy Townsend Self, The Premiership
21. Nigel G Honey Nigel G Honey Editor, Reflections
22. Jacob Niblett Jacob Niblett Miscellaneous Crew, Gnomeo & Juliet
23. Lucy Leech Lucy Leech Actor, Love Online
24. Robert Fisk Robert Fisk Self, Global Haywire
25. Andrew Michael Jolley Andrew Michael Jolley Miscellaneous Crew, Gangster No. 1
26. David Cromarty David Cromarty Actor, Letters of Service
27. Roger Croucher Roger Croucher Actor, Genghis Khan
28. Brian Gulland Brian Gulland Music Department, Antz
29. Michael Croucher Michael Croucher Producer, Leap in the Dark
30. Elizabeth Arkell Elizabeth Arkell Actress, Murder on the Set
31. Nikolai Tolstoy Nikolai Tolstoy Writer, The Founding of Evil Hold School: Lesson 5
32. Jimmy Godden Jimmy Godden Actor, The Wife's Family
33. Jo Joy Jo Joy Miscellaneous Crew, The Tape
34. Max Oddball Max Oddball Actor, Dainty Dish
35. Stuart Elms Stuart Elms Writer, Falling for Vilma
36. Paul Naylor Paul Naylor Stunts, Planet of the Apes
37. Neil Tomlin Neil Tomlin Camera and Electrical Department, Inception
38. David Parker David Parker Self, Great Expectations
39. Mike Ratledge Mike Ratledge Composer, Riddles of the Sphinx
40. Maurice Kelly Maurice Kelly Actor, The Family Jewels
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