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1. Tate Ellington Tate Ellington Actor, Remember Me
2. Stacy Hall Stacy Hall Actor, Christine Actor/Comedian Stacy Hall got started in his acting career in his home town of Madison, MS at the age of 19 years old. He hasn't given up since. He began appearing in movies and tv commercials. He later moved to Atlanta, GA where he also found a passion for stand-up comedy. It was in the urban neighborhoods that he got his start on stage as a stand-up comedian...
3. Otha Turner Otha Turner Soundtrack, Gangs of New York Otha Turner was born in 1907 to Hollis and Betty Turner, both sharecroppers, in Jackson County, Mississippi. Turner's father left town shortly after he was born, leaving his mother to raise him and his siblings alone. He grew up helping his mother in the fields, and was often put in charge of taking care of the rest of his family...
4. Sammy Winder Sammy Winder Self, Super Bowl XXIV
4 names.