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1. Lec Zorn Lec Zorn Actor, All Good Things Must Come to an End
2. Josh Bear Josh Bear Director, Lumberjack Man
3. Jeff Dickerson Jeff Dickerson Production Manager, Revolution
4. David Graham Phillips David Graham Phillips Writer, Susan Lenox <Her Fall and Rise> The son of a leading figure in 19th-century Madison, WI, David Graham Phillips first made his mark as a reporter in Cincinnati and New York (which included an editorial position at The New York World). Unjustly neglected today, Phillips achieved considerable fame as a muckraker, his most notable piece being "The Treason of the Senate"...
5. John P. Wade John P. Wade Actor, The Open Door
6. William Bullock William Bullock Actor, The Waiter
7. Brewier Welch Brewier Welch Actor, The Ten Avatars Brewier grew up in the hills of Kentucky just outside the little town of Carrollton. In High School he made average grades and played on the basketball team. He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1969 while still in school and left for boot camp at Paris Island soon after graduation. Upon discharge from active duty two years later...
8. Fritzi Jackson Fritzi Jackson Uncategorised Fritzi Bruther Jackson was born in Madison, Indiana on October 9, 1952. After graduation from high school, in 1970, she briefly attended Hanover College and then went to work in a factory. Leaving the workforce, she attended Kentucky Christian University for two years. Fritzi has been married to Denny Jackson since May 30...
9. Bob Tingle Bob Tingle Uncategorised
9 names.