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1. Skeet Ulrich Skeet Ulrich Actor, As Good as It Gets
2. Anthony Clark Anthony Clark Actor, The Rock
3. Bennie Arthur Bennie Arthur Actor, Bidet of Lies
4. J. Eddie Peck J. Eddie Peck Actor, Lambada
5. Chuck Carrington Chuck Carrington Actor, The List
6. Carl Anderson Carl Anderson Actor, Jesus Christ Superstar
7. Deborah Adair Deborah Adair Actress, Lincoln Deborah Adair was born in Lynchburg, Virginia on May 23, 1952 to a father who was a Navy officer and a mother who was a Spanish teacher. She grew up with her brother Ashley and sister Ann. Her major influences were her mother and grandmother who always taught her to have confidence and self-assurance by telling her that she can have any job she wanted...
8. Ryan Case Ryan Case Editorial Department, Over the Hedge
9. Denice D. Lewis Denice D. Lewis Actress, End of Days
10. Eli Harris Eli Harris Actor, Asspen Eli Harris is an award winning actor in the film industry. Originally from Lynchburg, Virginia, he started his career at age 6 doing theater for the Cherry Tree players. He did theater throughout his school years. He later joined the military to serve his country. He got out in 1998 after the loss of his mother...
11. Jerry Falwell Jerry Falwell Self, Why Won't They Listen?: The Power of Creation Evangelism
12. Bryce Wagoner Bryce Wagoner Actor, Jupiter Landing Bryce Wagoner is a director, producer, writer, and actor originally hailing from Richmond, Virginia. While in high school at Fork Union Military Academy, Bryce was an officer, a 3 sport letterman, and the AAU Mr. Teen USA champion bodybuilder. After graduation, he attended East Carolina University and began his studies as a Sports Medicine and Political Science double major...
13. Phil Vassar Phil Vassar Self, Episode #15.162
14. Matthew J. Parker Matthew J. Parker Producer, Igor Matthew Parker is president of Codex Media. Matt started out as a production assistant and has worked in film, television and commercial production. His impassioned pursuit of independent financing for feature film development and production is his hallmark as a creative producer. As an associate producer of animated films...
15. Rob Bradford Rob Bradford Actor, The Graduates
16. Shirley Slater Shirley Slater Actress, Why Would I Lie?
17. Kira Willoughby Kira Willoughby Miscellaneous Crew, Dragonfly
18. Megan Hurst Megan Hurst Actress, Hard to Be Me
19. Pamela Davis Pamela Davis Actress, Where Evil Lurks
20. Jason Carden Jason Carden Producer, The To Do List
21. Karla Jean Davis Karla Jean Davis Director, Golgotha Karla Jean Davis grew up in Lynchburg, Virginia, the youngest of five girls born to Kayward and Glenda Davis. Karla's parents encouraged her early interest in writing and drawing. When a fifth grade teacher took notice of her stories, Karla began reading them aloud to entertain her class before recess...
22. Thomas B. Mason Thomas B. Mason Actor, Mississippi Burning
23. David Tennenbaum David Tennenbaum Art Department, Road to Perdition
24. Desmond T. Doss Desmond T. Doss Self, The Conscientious Objector
25. Mary Beth Wood Mary Beth Wood Actress, Uncommon
26. Dallas Morgan Dallas Morgan Producer, Emily Carter
27. Roberta Alexander Roberta Alexander Actress, Jenufa
28. Robbie Winston Robbie Winston Actor, Propel
29. Chuck Taylor Chuck Taylor Self, Donny and Marie Osmond Entertainment journalist Chuck Taylor served as a writer, editor and critic for Billboard magazine in New York for more than a dozen years, where his roles included Senior Editor/Talent, Senior Writer, Radio Editor, AirWaves columnist and Single Reviews Editor. In addition, he co-launched and hosted the Billboard Radio weekly online countdown from 1998 to 2006...
30. Helen McGehee Helen McGehee Self, Martha Graham: An American Original in Performance
31. Casey Glaser Casey Glaser Actor, The Apocalypse
32. Charlie Glaser Charlie Glaser Actor, The Apocalypse
33. Spence White Spence White Actor, Narcosis
34. Brandon Inge Brandon Inge Self, Managing Success
35. Zeb Turner Zeb Turner Soundtrack, Hollywood Barn Dance
36. Emily Bruce Emily Bruce Self, The Miss Teen USA Pageant
37. Tyler Sutton Tyler Sutton Actor, My Saving Grace Tyler Sutton was born in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1991. Even at a young age Tyler began putting on shows for his family and friends with his brother and sisters. Tyler began acting in his school musicals at the age of 11. He started with The Sound of Music where he portrayed the character Kurt. By the age of 13 he was played the Mayor of Munchkin City in the popular show the Wizard of Oz...
38. Mike Barr Mike Barr Self, Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers
39. Angelique Ashton Angelique Ashton Actress, Almost a Woman
40. Walt Winfrey Walt Winfrey Actor, Confinement
41. Rebecca Yancey Williams Rebecca Yancey Williams Writer, The Vanishing Virginian
42. Greg Booker Greg Booker Self, Colorado Rockies vs. San Diego Padres
43. Zona Jaguar Zona Jaguar Actress, Kuffs
44. Cameron David Stewart Cameron David Stewart Actor, Confinement Cameron David Stewart is the son of filmmaker David Lee Stewart. He starting acting at age 6 months. Cameron has appeared in many shorts and several features. He is gaining more an more experience on the Low Budget filmmaking level. He even directed his own short at age 6.
45. Zeida Coles Zeida Coles Actress, The Doctors
46. Romeo Crennel Romeo Crennel Self, Super Bowl XXXVIII
46 names.