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1. Don Novello Don Novello Actor, Saturday Night Live
2. David Kajganich David Kajganich Writer, The Invasion
3. Dimitra Arliss Dimitra Arliss Actress, The Sting Dimitra Arliss's acting career began at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, she first caught audience's eyes appearing in Arthur Kopit's Broadway play "Indians", she played a Native American character who spoke with an Italian accent. While she continued acting on stage, she began to appear in several television and film productions including The Sting...
4. Milica Govich Milica Govich Actress, The Fault in Our Stars
5. Naama Kates Naama Kates Actress, Chloe
6. Toni Morrison Toni Morrison Writer, Beloved
7. John Baumgartner John Baumgartner Director, Hard Pill
8. Frank O'Connor Frank O'Connor Actor, The King of Kings Frank O'Connor was married for 50 years to Ayn Rand, whom he met in 1926 on the set of 'Cecil B. deMille''s The King of Kings, where he had a small part and Rand was an extra. After his acting career ended, he became a painter and was associated with the Art Students League in New York City for many years.
9. Mary Lawrence Mary Lawrence Actress, The Stratton Story
10. Matthew Yuricich Matthew Yuricich Visual Effects, Die Hard
11. Charlotte McGinnis Charlotte McGinnis Actress, Hardcore
12. Joe Campana Joe Campana Actor, Southland Tales
13. Paige Summers Paige Summers Actress, Winding Lane Luscious, busty, and shapely blonde bombshell Paige Summers was born Nancy Ann Coursey on July 21, 1976 in Lorain, Ohio. Her parents were Don and Nina Coursey. Paige had an older brother named Allen and an older sister named Delete. Summers moved with her family to Morganton, North Carolina and grew up on the family farm...
14. Loyal T. Lucas Loyal T. Lucas Actor, The Addams Family
15. Jason Molina Jason Molina Music Department, Dean Quixote
16. Richard Yuricich Richard Yuricich Visual Effects, Resident Evil
17. William Hanley William Hanley Writer, Something About Amelia
18. Kimi Lixx Kimi Lixx Actress, Magic Touch 3
19. Beth Correll Beth Correll Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
20. Heather Shirkey Heather Shirkey Art Department, The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden Heather is a Photo Retouching and Photo Manipulation expert who recently left San Francisco, CA (her home for over 21 years) for the great Pacific Northwest. Heather grew up in Lorain, Ohio, has lived in Tokyo and Chicago, and has enjoyed extended international travels. She is honored to work with photo retouching/alterations for stills and film.
21. Nick Vasu Nick Vasu Cinematographer, Frosty Returns
22. Ellen Hanley Ellen Hanley Self, The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show
23. Jerry Evans Jerry Evans Self, The NFL on NBC
24. Gerald Freedman Gerald Freedman Director, Celebrity Playhouse Author, composer and director, educated at Northwestern University (BA, cum laude, and MA, summa cum laude), and at the Cleveland School of Art and the Mannes School of Music. He was an assistant director of the Broadway musicals "Gypsy" and "West Side Story", and he also directed other Broadway and off-Broadway musicals and plays...
25. Bob Overmyer Bob Overmyer Joined the U.S. Marine Corp in January of 1958. By 1969 he moved to NASA becoming an astronaut. Retired with the rank of Colonel from NASA and the Marine Corps in May 1986. In 1954 he graduated from Westlake High School, moving on to Baldwin Wallace College, graduating in 1958 with a degree in Physics...
26. Ralph Flanagan Ralph Flanagan Self, Music on the Double Bandleader, conductor, pianist, composer, and arranger for the orchestras of Hal McIntyre, Sammy Kaye, Blue Barron, Charlie Barnet, and Alvino Rey. He was educated at Lorain High School, where he was a member of the National Honors Society, the student senate and newspaper staff, Hi-Y and the chorus...
27. Amy Baniecki Amy Baniecki Actress, Hairless
28. Thomas Price Thomas Price Actor, Lady Bait
29. Robert Nagy Robert Nagy Actor, Hitman: Contracts
30. Paul Schremp Paul Schremp Sound Department, Suwarôteiru
31. John Bilancini John Bilancini Sound Department, Dog Eat Dog
32. Scott Munsey Scott Munsey Actor, The Imported Bridegroom
33. Bruce H. Jones Bruce H. Jones Actor, Holiday Blues Syndrome
34. Carman Moore Carman Moore Composer, The Other Side of the Moon
35. Thomas C. Parker Thomas C. Parker Actor, Never Leave Nevada Thomas C. Parker was raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio and became interested in acting as a result of school field trips to the Cleveland Playhouse. After graduating from Bowling Green State University he enlisted in the US Army. His army service saw assignments as a member of the US Modern Pentathlon Team as well as two tours in Vietnam...
36. Pierre De Caillaux Pierre De Caillaux Music Department, The Co-Optimists
37. James C. Taylor James C. Taylor Actor, Thugs Got Game
38. Ernest J. King Ernest J. King Self, Target: Japan
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